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Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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3. bera (verb)

‘bear, carry’
ONP (prose citations):2630721868
SkP: 313127911 (prose):22781392394

forms: berask, barkat, bark, bart, bôru, bôru, borit, beraz, borna, bornar, beriz, börum, bartu, berk, bôruð, bær, berkak, bôrum, bôrut, bôrusk, beranda, bærisk, bara, barsk, beruma, barz, Bar nom m sg pret, Barst sg 3rd pret, Ber nom m sg 3rd pres, Beri, Bárust, barst sg, berandi, berar, berast pl 3rd pres infinitive, beraði, berir sg pres, berist sg 3rd pres, berst sg pres, berð sg 2nd, berðist sg 3rd pret, borin pret participle, borist , borið nom n sg pret, bárust pl 3rd pret, bærust pl 3rd pret, Borinn, bart*, Bera, Bôru, Bôrum, Berr, borin*, Beraz, Berk, ba=r, Borit, burin, burn?, Bara, beran acc m sg, bert n sg, Berum, Berið, boren, ber, beri, berið, bárum, bornir, ber, berum, bar, bǫro, bęrı, báru, bæri, berr, borinn, bera, Báru, Bárum, bornum, barstu, boriɴ, beʀ, beʀ, bornom, bárv, baro, barſc, beriþ, bóriɴ, barom, bár, borin, boriþ, baro, barvz, bórin, bvrɴo, bǫ́ru, bærak