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Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Vol. I. Poetry for Scandinavian Rulers 1: From Mythological Times to c. 1035

3.3. Other sources

1. Snorra Edda (SnE)
2. Laufás-Edda (LaufE)
3. The First, Third and Fourth Grammatical Treatises (FGT, TGT, FoGT)
4. Árni Magnússon’s anthology, AM 761 a-b 4°ˣ
5. Other sagas and þættir

(Vol. I. Poetry for Scandinavian Rulers 1: From Mythological Times to c. 1035 > 8. Volume Introduction > 3. Sources for skaldic poetry cited in the kings’ sagas: manuscripts, facsimiles and editions > 3.3. Other sources > 1. Snorra Edda (SnE))

1. Snorra Edda (SnE)


R:        Codex Regius, GKS 2367 4° (c. 1300). A copy of a late C13th ms.

:       Codex Trajectinus, Traj 1374ˣ (c. 1595). A copy of a ms. from the second half of the C13th related to R.

W:       Codex Wormianus, AM 242 fol (c. 1350). W has a lacuna at fols 121-38 that was filled in from by Sveinn Jónsson in the C17th.

U:        Codex Upsaliensis, DG 11 (c. 1300-25). Also contains a text of Skáldatal.

A:        AM 748 I b 4° (c. 1300-25). Twenty-two leaves.

B:        AM 757 a 4° (c. 1400). Fourteen leaves. The ms. is now very difficult to read because of its poor condition and hence is supplemented by:

744ˣ:    AM 744 4° (early C18th, by Jón Ólafsson). A copy of B made when it was more legible than it is now. Used selectively in this volume to confirm or supplement B readings.

C:        AM 748 II 4° (c. 1400). Thirteen leaves.

Facsimiles and editions: R 1940, Tˣ 1985, W 1931, U 1962-77, A 1945, C 1945; SnE 1848-87, I-III, SnE 1931, SnE 1998, I-II [Skáldskaparmál], SnE 2005 [Prologue & Gylfaginning], SnE 2007 [Háttatal].

It is very difficult to establish a stemma for the mss of SnE (see SnE 2005, xxviii-xxxi), and the order of mss given above reflects the order of mss in the SkP editions.


As a treatise on poetry and mythology containing over seven hundred skaldic citations, SnE is of unique importance in the history of skaldic poetry. The majority of this poetry, most of it cited as single helmingar, is edited in SkP III (Poetry from Treatises on Poetics), but where stanzas clearly belong to panegyric poems preserved mainly in the kings’ sagas they are edited in SkP I or II. Apart from Þhorn Harkv 11 in Gylfaginning (Gylf), all of the poetry from SnE edited in SkP I is contained in Skáldskaparmál (Skm), and most of it is also recorded in the kings’ sagas. The following are found in SnE only: Þhorn Harkv 12, Jór Send 1, Eyv Hál 1, 3, 6, 13, Glúmr Gráf 1, 5, 13, Eskál Vell 1-4, 33-4, 36, Edáð Banddr 9, ÞKolb Eirdr 17, Sigv ErfÓl 28, Ótt Hfl 2, 5, Þloft Tøgdr 8. The following are found only in SnE and LaufE (LaufE; see below). Further, Bjbp Jóms 1-40 is preserved in the SnE ms. R, but not in association with the SnE text. The R text is damaged in places, and there it is supplemented by AM 65 folˣ (65ˣ) and printed texts: see Introduction to Jóms. For poetry preserved in SnE and edited in SkP II, see SkP II, lxxvii.

For a full discussion of SnE, see Introduction to SkP III.

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