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Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Vol. II. Poetry from the Kings’ Sagas 2: from c. 1035 to c. 1300

C. Indices of Names and Terms

1. Ethnic Names (KEG)
2. Indigenous Terms (KEG)
3. Mythical and Legendary Names (KEG)
4. Nicknames (KEG)
5. Personal Names (KEG)
6. Place Names (KEG)
7. Miscellaneous Names (KEG)

(Vol. II. Poetry from the Kings’ Sagas 2: from c. 1035 to c. 1300 > C. Indices of Names and Terms > 4. Nicknames)

4. Nicknames (KEG)

(for full information, see Personal Names)

Aðalsteinsfóstri ‘Foster-son of Aðalsteinn’, Hákon inn góði — Sigv Berv 5/5, 8

berfœttr ‘Barelegs’, Magnús Óláfsson — Anon Nkt 43/1, 66/3

blóðøx ‘Blood-axe’, Eiríkr Haraldsson — Anon Nkt 10/3

breiðskeggi see breiðskeggr

breiðskeggr ‘Broad-beard’, Þorleifr, Norw. royal pretender (d. 1191) — Blakkr Breiðdr 1/2, 2/2

inn digri ‘the Stout’, Óláfr Haraldsson — Sigv Berv 16/3, ÞjóðA Magn 1/2, Arn Hryn 13/7, Anon Nkt 28/4, Anon (HSig) 9/2

fǫruskeifr ‘Shore-skewed’, Árni — Þstf Lv 3/2, 3/7

af Fljóðum ‘from Fløan’, Ívarr — ESk Lv 1/7

fóstri ‘Fosterer’, Þorkell Sumarliðason, a man from Orkney —  Ív Sig 2/7

inn fróði ‘the Learned’, Sæmundr Sigfússon — Anon Nkt 36/8

inn gamli ‘the Old’, Rǫgnvaldr Eysteinsson — Arn Þorfdr 16/8

gapamunnr ‘Gaping-mouth’, Erlendr — ESk Lv 2/4

gilli(-kristr) ‘Servant (of Christ)’, Haraldr Magnússon — Anon Nkt 55/2

glæsirófa ‘Show-tail’, Styrkárr — Ív Sig 28/4

inn góði ‘the Good’, Magnús Óláfsson — Anon Nkt 34/4

inn góði ‘the Good’, Óláfr Magnússon — Anon Nkt 46/2

gráfeldr ‘Grey-cloak’, Haraldr Gunnhildarson (Eiríksson) — Anon Nkt 16/5

inn grenski ‘the one from Grenland’, Haraldr Guðrøðarson — Anon Nkt 28/6

Gull-Haraldr ‘Gold-Haraldr’ Knútsson — Anon Nkt 16/10

hárfagri ‘Fair-hair’, Haraldr Hálfdanarson — Anon Nkt 4/4

hrísi ‘Illigitimate’, Sigurðr Haraldsson — Anon Nkt 38/2, 38/6

Hvinngestr ‘Thief-guest’, father of Þórir, the half-brother of Magnús inn góði — Mgóð Lv 1/2, Hharð Lv 3/4

kringluaugi ‘Round-eye’, Kálfr — Ív Sig 31/6

kyrri ‘the Quiet’, Óláfr Haraldsson — Anon Nkt 40/4, 42/2

kœna ‘Little-boat’, Frírekr — Þskakk Erldr 3/3

mǫrstrútr ‘Lump of Lard’, Hákon Serksson — Þstf Lv 2/8

inn prúði ‘the Proud’, Hugi, Hugh of Shrewsbury — Bkrepp Magndr 11/4

inn rauði ‘the Red’, Auðun — Rv Lv 26/4

inn ríki ‘the Mighty’, Knútr Sveinsson, Cnut the Great — Anon Nkt 29/2

Rípa-Úlfr, Úlfr of Ribe, a Dane, one of Sveinn svíðandi’s counsellors — ESk Lv 3/8

inn skakki ‘the Tilting’, Erlingr Kyrpinga-Ormsson — Anon Nkt 61/6

skalpr see skálpr

skálpr ‘Sword-sheath’, Símun Hallkelsson — ESk Eystdr 2/4

skeifr see dǫruskeifr

Steigar-Þórir, Þórir of Steig, Þórir Þórðarson — Anon (Mberf) 1/4

svarti ‘the Black’, Hálfdan Guðrøðarson — Anon Nkt 3/6

svarti ‘the Black’, Þorbjǫrn — Oddi Lv 4/4

Svína-Grímr ‘Pig-Grímr’, a Norwegian — Ív Sig 29/4

sýr(r) ‘Sow’, Sigurðr Hálfdanarson — Mgóð Lv 1/5, Hjǫrtr Lv 1/3, Anon Nkt 38/7

Torf-Einarr, ‘Turf-Einarr’ Rǫgnvaldsson, son of Rǫgnvaldr jarl of Møre, jarl of Orkney — Arn Þorfdr 25/4,

ullstrengr ‘Wool-band’, Sigurðr, Norw. chieftain — Anon (Mberf) 3/1

Vatn-Ormr ‘Water-Ormr’ Dagsson, son of Dagr Eilísson, brother of Grégóríus — Anon (Hsona) 1/2

þambarskelfir ‘Paunch-shaker’(?), Einarr Eindriðason — Hharð Lv 6/3

þúfuskítur ‘Hillock-shit’, Ingi Magnússon — Anon (Sv) 5/3

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