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Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Vol. II. Poetry from the Kings’ Sagas 2: from c. 1035 to c. 1300

1. Sagas of the kings of Norway after 1035

1. Ágrip af Nóregs konunga sǫgum (Ágr) (KEG)
2. Fagrskinna (Fsk) (KEG)
3. Flateyjarbók (Flat) (KEG)
4. Hákonar saga Hákonarsonar (Hák) (KEG)
5. Hákonar saga Ívarssonar () (KEG)
6. Hauksbók (Hb) (KEG)
7. Heimskringla (Hkr) (KEG)
8. Hulda and Hrokkinskinna (H-Hr) (KEG)
9. Morkinskinna (Mork) (KEG)
10. The Legendary Saga of S. Óláfr Helgisaga Óláfs konungs Haraldssonar (ÓHLeg) (KEG)
11. The Separate Saga of S. Óláfr Óláfs saga helga in sérstaka (ÓH) (KEG)
12. Óláfs saga Tryggvasonar by Oddr Snorrason (ÓTOdd) (KEG)
13. Sverris saga (Sv) (KEG)

(Vol. II. Poetry from the Kings’ Sagas 2: from c. 1035 to c. 1300 > 8. Introduction > 4. Sources for Skaldic Poetry Cited in the Kings' Sagas > 1. Sagas of the kings of Norway after 1035 > 6. Hauksbók (Hb))

6. Hauksbók (Hb) (KEG)


Hb:          Hauksbók, AM 371 4° (371), AM 544 4° (544), AM 675 4° (675) (Icelandic, c. 1290-1350). Hemings þáttr Áslákssonar (Hem) is preserved in 544. The beginning is lost, but a copy was made by Ásgeir Jónsson while the ms. was more complete (AM 326 b 4°ˣ = 326bˣ).

Facsimile and editions: Hb  1960; Hb 1892-6, Fellows Jensen 1962 (Hem).

Hauksbók (Hb) is a compendium that belonged to—and was in part written by—the Icelandic lawman and scholar Haukr Erlendsson (d. 3 June 1334). For a summary of his life, see Hb 1892-6, i-v. The compendium contains numerous sagas and þættir concerning Iceland and Norway (see SkP I, IV, V and VIII), as well as geographical and scientific material, such sagas as Breta sögur and Trójumanna saga and the poems Merlínusspá (GunnLeif MerlVIII) and Vǫluspá (see Finnur Jónsson’s detailed discussion of the content in Hb 1892-6, lxiii-cxxxvi). The parts of Hem that include poetry edited in SkP II deal with the events that led up to Haraldr harðráði Sigurðarson’s expedition to England in 1066, as well as the battle of Stamford Bridge (25 September 1066) and its aftermath.


Hem preserves four lausavísur that are not recorded elsewhere (Hjǫrtr Lv 1-3; Anon (HSig) 7), three anonymous lausavísur from HSig (Anon (HSig) 6, 8-9), Haraldr harðráði’s final two stanzas (Hharð Lv 13-14) and Þjóðólfr Arnórsson’s last lausavísa (ÞjóðA Lv 11).

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