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Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Codex Regius of the Poetic Edda: an electronic edition (Edd.)

ed. Haraldur Bernharðsson;

not in Skj

prose works

Guðrúnarkviða I (Guðr I) - 26

Guðrúnarkviða I

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6 — Guðr I 6

Cite as: Not published: do not cite (Guðr I 6)

The following text is from a superseded edition and is not the work of the editor(s) named on this page. It is included for reference only. Do not refer to this site when using this text but rather consult the original edition (Skj where relevant).

Þá kvað það Herborg,
Húna lands dróttning:
Hefi ek harðara
harm að segja:
mínir sjau synir
sunnan lands,
verr inn átti,
íval fellu;
faðir ok móðir,
fjórir bræðr,
þau á vági
vindr of lék,
barði bára
við borðþili.
Sjálf skylda ek göfga,
sjálf skylda ek götva,
sjálf skylda ek höndla,
herför þeira;
það ek allt um beið
ein misseri
svá að mér maðr engi
munar leitaði.   (eddic or germanic)

(Then said Herborg, queen of the Huns’ land:
‘I have a heavier harm to speak of:
my seven sons, in the south-lands,
my husband, as the eighth, all fell in slaughter;
father and mother, four brothers,
the wind played wickedly with them on the waves,
the waves surged against the gunwale.
‘I myself had to lay them out, I myself had to bury them,
I myself had to handle their journey to Hel;
all that I endured in one half-year,
thus no man could ever give me any joy.

editions: Skj Not in Skj;


GKS 2365 4° (R) 33v, 23 - 33v, 28 (Edda)  image  image  
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