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Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Óláfr hvítaskáld Þórðarson, The Third Grammatical Treatise, 9 in AM 757 b 4°

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transcr.Hlíoꝺ þat er verꝺꝛ aꝼ líꝼlo᷎ſvm hlutum er ſumt ugꝛeínílıgt. Sem vínꝺa gn ẏrr eꝺꝛ vatna þẏtur eꝺꝛ reıꝺar þrumur Check this abbreviation plus the one earlier on this line and the one at the end of 1r/13. · Enn ſumt hlíoꝺ er úgreínılígt eptır natturlígrí ſamhlío ðan þrı er phıloſophı ko᷎lluꝺu muſıcam Ok uerꝺꝛ þat hlıoꝺ hít eꝼzta ok hít æzta aꝼ hræ̨ng hrınga þra er ſol ok tungl ok ꝼımm mer kı ſtíoꝛnur ganga J þæ̨r er planete heıta ok heı ter þat celeſtıs armonía· Þeſſar ſtío᷎ꝛnur ſagꝺí plato haꝼa lıꝼ ok ſkẏn ok uera oꝺauꝺl ıgar ·
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