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Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Dictionary headwords relevant to the editions

This material is incomplete and is for reference only: it has not been checked and quality-controlled and should not be cited. References are to the new edition and may not correspond to the text of Skj.

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hǫfuð (noun n.)

ONP (prose citations):379722581
SkP: 103127911 (prose):8191392394

forms: hǫfðum, haufuð, hǫfða, haufði, hǫfuðs, hǫfuðit, Höfuð nom n sg, Höfuðin, Höfuðið, höfuðin n pl, höfuðið n sg, höfuðs gen n sg, höfuðsins, höfðinu dat n sg, hofoþ, Hǫfuð, ḥọf̣ṿdit, hǫfði, hǫfuð, höfðum, höfuð, höfði, Höfði, Höfðum, haufdinu, hꜹfvþ, hꜹfvþs, hꜹfði, hofvþit, hꜹfda, hꜹfdi, hǫfdi, hꜹfvþ, hꜽfvþ, hofvþ, hꜹfvþſ, hofþi, hofði, hꜹfðom, hꜹfþi, hꜹfþi, hǫfuðin, hǫfðinu