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Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Heimskringla (Hkr)

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prose works

Ynglinga saga (Yng) - 105

Ynglinga sagaYngII

Not published: do not cite (YngII)

7672 — HkrIIIˣ

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lemmatised words

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abbadís (noun f.) [°-ar, dat. -i/-, acc. -i; -ar/-ir] ‘[abbess]...’ — HkrIIIˣ

af (prep.) ‘from...’ — HkrIIIˣ

afar (adv.) ‘exceedingly...’ — HkrIIIˣ

affaradagr (noun m.) ‘°last day (of a feast or church festival...’affara-dag HkrIIIˣ, affaradag HkrIIIˣ

afkvæmi (noun n.) [°-s; -] ‘°offspring, lineage, descendant...’ — HkrIIIˣ

afla (verb) [°-að-] ‘to gain, earn, procure, acquire...’ — HkrIIIˣ

1aflag (noun n.) [°; gen. -a] ‘°***; unlawfully...’ — HkrIIIˣ

afleitr (adj.) ‘°despicable, reprehensible, unseemly, ug...’afleitt HkrIIIˣ

afllítill (adj.) [°compar. ·minni] ‘°(physically) weak; having little power,...’ — HkrIIIˣ

afnám (noun n.) ‘°(subtraction ɔ:) setting (sth.) aside (...’ — HkrIIIˣ

afrek (noun n.) [°-s; -] ‘°feat, memorable deed; exceptionally...’ — HkrIIIˣ

afrœkja (verb) [°-kð-] ‘°neglect, spurn; neglect, disdain, show ...’ — HkrIIIˣ

afspringi (noun n.) [°-s; -] ‘[offspring]...’ — HkrIIIˣ

aftrhvarf (noun n.) [°-s] ‘°(possibility of) return, journey back, ...’aptrhvarfs HkrIIIˣ

aftrlausn (noun f.) [°-ar] ‘°(right to the) buying back/redemption (...’aptrlausnar HkrIIIˣ

agasamligr (adj.)agasamligt HkrIIIˣ

agi (noun m.) [°-a] ‘[seas, turmoil]...’aga HkrIIIˣ, HkrIIIˣ

agnhǫttr (noun m.) [°dat. -] — HkrIIIˣ

aka (verb) [°ekr; ók, óku; ekinn/akiðr(Búal³ 34¹‰)] ‘drive...’ — HkrIIIˣ

akkeri (noun n.) [°-s; -] ‘[anchor, anchors]...’ — HkrIIIˣ

akrgerði (noun n.) ‘°enclosed field...’ — HkrIIIˣ

aldauði (adj.) [°indecl.] ‘°completely and utterly dead...’ — HkrIIIˣ

aldr (noun m.) [°aldrs, dat. aldri; aldrar] ‘life, age...’ — HkrIIIˣ

aldrigi (adv.) ‘never...’ — HkrIIIˣ

aleiga (noun f.) [°-u] ‘°everything a person owns...’aleigunni HkrIIIˣ

1aleyða (noun f.) [°-u] ‘°devastation, elimination...’aleyðu HkrIIIˣ

algera (verb) [°-rð-; præt. part. ·gǫrr, ·gerr, ·gørr, ·gerðr, ·gørðr] ‘°make perfect; carry out impeccably, ful...’ — HkrIIIˣ

allr (adj.) ‘all...’ — HkrIIIˣ

allsherjarlið (noun n.) ‘°army of men subject to military levy...’allzherjar lið HkrIIIˣ

almenningr (noun m.) [°-s, dat. -i/-; -ar] ‘[host, All people]...’almenningi HkrIIIˣ

almæli (noun n.) [°-s; -] ‘°what everybody says, the general opinio...’ — HkrIIIˣ

1altari (noun m.) [°-a] ‘°altar; of a victory monument)...’altera HkrIIIˣ

2altari (noun n.) [°-s/-(fx. HómNo¹² 67¹¹); -] ‘altar...’ — HkrIIIˣ

altarisklæði (noun n.) [°-s; -] ‘°antependium, altar-cloth...’altáris HkrIIIˣ, altáris-klæðit HkrIIIˣ

alþingi (noun n.) [°-s; dat. ·þingum] ‘[Althing]...’ — HkrIIIˣ

1alþýða (noun f.) [°-u] ‘all the people...’alþýðu HkrIIIˣ

alþýðligr (adj.) [°compar. -ri] ‘°common, shared; simple, common (of the ...’alþýðligir HkrIIIˣ

alþýðulof (noun n.) ‘°public acclaim...’alþýðu lof HkrIIIˣ

alþýðumál (noun n.) ‘°what everybody says, the general opinio...’alþýðu mál HkrIIIˣ, alþýðu-mál HkrIIIˣ

alþýðuvegr (noun m.) ‘°common highway, usual route, main route...’alþýðu-veg HkrIIIˣ

alþýðuvinátta (noun f.) [°-u] ‘°affection of the people...’alþýðu vináttu HkrIIIˣ

ambi (noun m.) — HkrIIIˣ

andróði (noun m.) [°-a] ‘°rowing against wind and current, having...’andróðann HkrIIIˣ

andviðri (noun n.) [°; -] ‘°headwind, unfavourable weather...’ — HkrIIIˣ

2apa (verb) ‘make a monkey of...’ — HkrIIIˣ

aptann (noun m.) [°aftans, dat. aftni; aftnar] ‘evening...’aptan HkrIIIˣ

arftekinn (adj.) ‘°inherited...’arftekit HkrIIIˣ

arla (adv.) ‘(suffix=...’ofarla HkrIIIˣ

1armr (noun m.) [°-s, dat. -i; -ar] ‘arm...’arminn HkrIIIˣ

armskapaðr (adj.) ‘°misshapen; miserable...’armskǫpuð HkrIIIˣ

askr (noun m.) [°-s, dat. -i/-; -ar] ‘ash, ash-tree, ash-ship...’ask HkrIIIˣ

3at (prep.) ‘at, to...’ — HkrIIIˣ

4at (conj.) ‘that...’ — HkrIIIˣ

atall (adj.) [°//] ‘°cruel, fierce...’atalt HkrIIIˣ

atfang (noun n.) [°; *-] ‘°(pl.) provisions, food; ?profits...’atfanga HkrIIIˣ

atferð (noun f.) [°-ar; -ir] ‘behaviour...’ — HkrIIIˣ

1atgervi (noun f.) [°-] ‘°ability, (esp. physical) accomplishment...’atgǫrvi HkrIIIˣ

atgervimaðr (noun m.) [°acc. ·mann; ·menn] ‘°skilful/proficient person (esp. in phys...’atgǫrvimenn HkrIIIˣ

athuga (verb) [°-að-] ‘°examine, study; show consideration; be ...’ — HkrIIIˣ

atskjótaðr (adj.) — HkrIIIˣ

attekinn (adj.) ‘°(poorly) situated...’at tekinn HkrIIIˣ

auðgætr (adj.) [°compar. -ri, superl. -astr/-str] ‘°easy to get hold of, readily-obtainable...’ꜹðgætaztr HkrIIIˣ

auðhœfi (noun n.) [°; -] ‘°(I) wealth, riches, abundance; (I) poss...’auðœfi HkrIIIˣ

auðigr (adj.) [°auðgan/auðigan; compar. auðgari/auðigri, superl. auðgastr/auðigastr] ‘wealthy...’ — HkrIIIˣ

auðkenna (verb) [°-nnd-] ‘easily recognised...’ — HkrIIIˣ

1auðna (noun f.) [°-u; -ur] ‘[destiny, fortune]...’ — HkrIIIˣ, auðnu HkrIIIˣ

1auðr (noun m.) [°-s/-ar, dat. -i/-] ‘wealth...’ — HkrIIIˣ

auðsær (adj.) [°compar. -sǽrri, superl. -sǽstr] ‘[obvious]...’ — HkrIIIˣ, auðsætt HkrIIIˣ

auðveldliga (adv.) [°compar. -ar, superl. -ast] ‘°easily, without difficulty; compliantly...’auðvelliga HkrIIIˣ

auga (noun n.) [°auga; augu/augun, gen. augna] ‘eye...’ — HkrIIIˣ

augasteinn (noun m.) [°dat. ·steini; ·steinar] ‘°eyeball...’augasteininum HkrIIIˣ

augnaverkr (noun m.) [°-jar/-s, dat. -; -ir] ‘°eye-ache, eye disease...’augna-verk HkrIIIˣ

aumliga (adv.) [°superl. -ast] ‘°wretchedly, pitiably, pitifully...’ — HkrIIIˣ

aumligr (adj.) [°compar. -ri/-ari(ÓHLeg 83²Š), superl. -astr/-st-] ‘wretched...’aumligt HkrIIIˣ

aumr (adj.) [°compar. -ari, superl. -astr] ‘wretched, poor...’aumi HkrIIIˣ

auralag (noun n.) [°-s; *-] ‘°conversion rate for the value of silver...’aura-lag HkrIIIˣ, aura-lags HkrIIIˣ, aura-lǫgin HkrIIIˣ

austan (adv.) ‘from the east...’ — HkrIIIˣ

austrfararknǫrr (noun m.) [°; acc. ·knǫrru] ‘°boat (`knǫrr’) designed for trading to ...’austrfarar-knǫrrinn HkrIIIˣ, austrfarar-knǫrru HkrIIIˣ, austrfarar-knǫrruna HkrIIIˣ

austrfararskip (noun n.) [°; -] ‘°boat designed for trading to the east...’ — HkrIIIˣ

austrvegsmaðr (noun m.) [°; ·menn] ‘°inhabitant of the Baltic/Slavonic terri...’Austrvegs-menn HkrIIIˣ, Austrvegs-mǫnnum HkrIIIˣ

3á (prep.) ‘on, at...’ — HkrIIIˣ

ábyrgð (noun f.) [°-ar; -ir] ‘°(jur./moral) responsibility (for sth./s...’ábyrgðir HkrIIIˣ

áðan (adv.) ‘before...’ — HkrIIIˣ

áðr (adv.) [°//] ‘before...’ — HkrIIIˣ

ágjarn (adj.) [°superl. -astr] ‘[aggressive]...’ — HkrIIIˣ

ágætismaðr (noun m.) [°dat. ·manni; ·menn] ‘excellent man...’ágætis-maðr HkrIIIˣ

ágætr (adj.) [°compar. ágǽtari/ágǽtri, superl. ágǽtastr/ágǽztr] ‘excellent...’ágætir HkrIIIˣ

áhlaup (noun n.) [°-s; -] ‘°attack, encroachment; rashness, impetuo...’áhlaupa HkrIIIˣ, áhlaupum HkrIIIˣ

áhlýðinn (adj.) ‘°ready to listen, receptive, easily pers...’ — HkrIIIˣ

áhyggjusamliga (adv.) ‘°carefully, sincerely; with grave concer...’ — HkrIIIˣ

ákafamaðr (noun m.) [°; ·menn] ‘°hot-tempered person; energetic person, ...’ákafa-menn HkrIIIˣ

ákafliga (adv.) [°compar. -ar, superl. -ast/-st(ÓH619 122³⁰)] ‘°strongly, violently, mightily; energeti...’ — HkrIIIˣ

álaga (noun f.) [°*-u; ·lǫgur/lagur] ‘°imposition (spec. economic), burden (in...’álǫgur HkrIIIˣ

áleiðis (adv.) ‘°on the way, onwards, forwards; in the r...’ — HkrIIIˣ

álykðarorð (noun n.) [°; -] ‘°verdict; final/concluding words (about ...’álykðar-orð HkrIIIˣ

án (prep.) ‘without...’ — HkrIIIˣ

1ár (noun f.) [°-ar, dat. u/-; -ar/-ir(LandslBorg 151b²¹)] ‘oar...’árum HkrIIIˣ

áráll (noun m.) ‘°narrow channel...’ár-áll HkrIIIˣ

árbakki (noun m.) [°-a; -ar] ‘river bank...’ár-bakkanum HkrIIIˣ, árbakkann HkrIIIˣ

árdegis (adv.) ‘°early in the morning, early in the day...’ — HkrIIIˣ

áreið (noun f.) [°-ar; -ir] ‘°riding towards; attack on horseback; at...’ — HkrIIIˣ

árferð (noun f.) [°-ar] ‘°(favourable) conditions of growth; year...’árferðar HkrIIIˣ

árfljótr (adj.) ‘°quick to row...’árfljótari HkrIIIˣ

ármaðr (noun m.) [°·manns, dat. ·manni; ·menn] ‘°royal steward (bailiff on a royal prope...’Ármenn HkrIIIˣ

ármenning (noun f.) [°; -ar] ‘°administration of a king’s or large lan...’ármenningar HkrIIIˣ

árstraumr (noun m.) [°-s, dat. -i] ‘°current in a river...’ár-strauminum HkrIIIˣ

ársæll (adj.) [°-sǽlan; compar. -sǽlli, superl. -sǽlstr] ‘prosperous, season-blessed...’ — HkrIIIˣ

áræðismaðr (noun m.) [°; ·menn] ‘[men of courage]...’áræðis-maðr HkrIIIˣ

ásamt (adv.) ‘[together with]...’ — HkrIIIˣ

ásáttr (adj.)ásáttir HkrIIIˣ

ást (noun f.) [°-ar; -ir] ‘love...’ — HkrIIIˣ

ástsæll (adj.) [°compar. -sǽlli, superl. -sǽlastr] ‘°beloved, popular...’ástsælastr HkrIIIˣ, HkrIIIˣ

ávít (noun n.) [°; -] ‘°blame, reprimand, reproof...’ávítum HkrIIIˣ

bak (noun n.) [°-s; *-] ‘back...’ — HkrIIIˣ

2baka (verb) [°-að-] ‘bake...’ — HkrIIIˣ

bakborði (noun m.) [°-a] ‘°port (side of a ship)...’bakborða HkrIIIˣ

1bakki (noun m.) [°-a; -ar] ‘bank, slope...’ — HkrIIIˣ

bakklæði (noun n.) [°; dat. ·klǽðum] ‘°“backcloth”, wall-hanging behind the se...’bakklæðum HkrIIIˣ

ballr (adj.) ‘very bold, baleful ...’ — HkrIIIˣ

bana (verb) [°-að-] ‘kill...’ — HkrIIIˣ

banamaðr (noun m.) [°acc. ·mann; ·menn] ‘°killer, slayer; executioner...’ — HkrIIIˣ

banaorð (noun n.) ‘°drab; death, killing (lit.: news of (sb...’bana-orð HkrIIIˣ

banasár (noun n.) [°; -] ‘°mortal wound...’bana-sári HkrIIIˣ

banasótt (noun f.) ‘[a man-harming]...’bana-sótt HkrIIIˣ

banaspjót (noun n.) [°; -] ‘[to kill]...’bana-spjót HkrIIIˣ

2barki (noun m.) [°; -ar] ‘°ship’s boat (lighter or launch)...’barkar HkrIIIˣ

barn (noun n.) [°-s; bǫrn/barn(JKr 345³), dat. bǫrnum/barnum] ‘child...’ — HkrIIIˣ

barnslík (noun n.) ‘°corpse of a child...’barns lík HkrIIIˣ

barnœska (noun f.) [°-u] ‘°barndom; childhood...’barnœsku HkrIIIˣ

barraxlaðr (adj.) ‘°?with protruding shoulders, “spike-shou...’ — HkrIIIˣ

bastarðr (noun m.) [°-ar/-s, dat. -i] ‘°bastard, illegitimate child; fabric (of...’ — HkrIIIˣ

bákna (verb) [°-að-] ‘°wave (to sby) (with sth.), give a sign ...’báknuðu HkrIIIˣ

bál (noun n.) [°-s; -] ‘fire...’ — HkrIIIˣ, bálit HkrIIIˣ

bátmaðr (noun m.) [°dat. ·manni] ‘°person in a boat, boatman...’bátmaðrinn HkrIIIˣ

bátr (noun m.) [°-s, dat. -i/-; -ar] ‘boat...’ — HkrIIIˣ

beiða (verb) [°-dd-] ‘ask, request...’ — HkrIIIˣ

bein (noun n.) [°-s; -] ‘bone...’ — HkrIIIˣ, beini HkrIIIˣ

beinbrot (noun n.) [°; -] ‘[bone-breaker]...’beinbrotin HkrIIIˣ

1beinskeyti (noun f.) ‘°ability to shoot straight, marksmanship...’ — HkrIIIˣ

2beita (verb) [°-tt-] ‘beat, tack...’ — HkrIIIˣ

2bekkr (noun m.) [°-jar/-s, dat. -/-i; -ir] ‘spring...’ — HkrIIIˣ

bending (noun f.) [°dat. -u/-; -ar] ‘[signs]...’ — HkrIIIˣ, bendingu HkrIIIˣ

3bera (verb) [°berr; bar, báru; borinn] ‘bear, carry...’ — HkrIIIˣ

berbeinn (adj.) — HkrIIIˣ

berfœtr (adj.) ‘Barelegs...’ — HkrIIIˣ

bergskor (noun f.) [°; dat. -um] ‘°crevice/cleft in rocky terrain...’ — HkrIIIˣ

2berja (verb) [°barði; barðr/bariðr/barinn] ‘fight...’ — HkrIIIˣ

berkja (verb) [°-rkð-] ‘°make much of (sth.), swagger, boast, cr...’berkt HkrIIIˣ

berleggjaðr (adj.) ‘°bare-legged...’berleggjaðir HkrIIIˣ

berliga (adv.) [°compar. -ar, superl. -ast] ‘°openly, publicly, demonstrably; plainly...’ — HkrIIIˣ

1bermæli (noun f.) ‘°frank mode of expression, outspoken exp...’ — HkrIIIˣ

bermæltr (adj.) ‘°plain-spoken, outspoken...’ — HkrIIIˣ

bernska (noun f.) [°-u] ‘child, childhood...’ — HkrIIIˣ

1bernskr (adj.) [°compar. -ari] ‘°young, childlike, immature, childish...’bernskir HkrIIIˣ

2berr (adj.) [°compar. -ari, superl. -astr] ‘bare...’berari HkrIIIˣ, berir HkrIIIˣ, bert HkrIIIˣ

bersǫglisvísa (noun f.) [°; -ur] ‘°(pl.) (of a poem (`flokkr’) by Sighvatr...’ — HkrIIIˣ

2beygja (verb) [°beygði] ‘bend down, twist...’ — HkrIIIˣ

1beysta (verb) [°-st-] ‘°push (at), strike, thrash...’ — HkrIIIˣ

biðja (verb) [°biðr; bað, báðu; beðinn (beiþ- Martin¹ 573‡, bỏþ- HákEirsp 661‰, cf. ed. intr. xl)] ‘ask for, order, pray...’ — HkrIIIˣ

binda (verb) [°bindr; batt/bant(cf. [$332$]), bundu; bundinn] ‘bind, tie...’ — HkrIIIˣ

birkibeinn (noun m.) [°·beins, dat. ·bein; ·beinar] ‘[Birkibeinar]...’Birkibeina HkrIIIˣ

2birta (verb) [°-rt-] ‘reveal...’ — HkrIIIˣ

bíða (verb) [°bíðr; beið, biðu; beðit] ‘wait, suffer, experience...’ — HkrIIIˣ

bíta (verb) [°bítr; beit, bitu; bitinn] ‘bite...’ — HkrIIIˣ

bjarg (noun n.) [°-s; *-] ‘mountain, cliff...’bjargit HkrIIIˣ

bjarteygr (adj.) ‘°having clear radiant eyes, clear-eyed (...’bjarteyg HkrIIIˣ

bjartr (adj.) [°compar. -ari, superl. -astr] ‘bright...’ — HkrIIIˣ

bjóða (verb) [°býðr; bauð, buðu; boðinn (buð- Thom¹ 5²n.)] ‘offer, order, invite...’ — HkrIIIˣ

2blaðra (verb) [°-að-] ‘°(of the tongue) move back and forth, wr...’blaðraði HkrIIIˣ

blauðliga (adv.) ‘°in a cowardly way, faint-heartedly...’ — HkrIIIˣ

blautliga (adv.) ‘°softly, smoothly; weakly, feebly, faint...’ — HkrIIIˣ

blautr (adj.) [°compar. -ari, superl. -astr] ‘°wet, damp, swampy, marshy; soft, smooth...’blautt HkrIIIˣ

bláeygr (adj.) ‘°blue-eyed; ?accommodating, ?“blue-eyed”...’ — HkrIIIˣ

blámaðr (noun m.) [°·manns; ·menn] ‘dark man...’blámanna HkrIIIˣ, blámenn HkrIIIˣ

blár (adj.) ‘black...’ — HkrIIIˣ

2blása (verb) [°blǽss; blés, blésu; blásinn] ‘blow...’ — HkrIIIˣ

bleðja (verb) [°bladdi; ?blaðit] ‘°pick, pluck; strip/rip (off one’s cloth...’ — HkrIIIˣ

bleikhárr (adj.) ‘°fair-haired, blond...’ — HkrIIIˣ

2bleikr (adj.) ‘pale...’ — HkrIIIˣ

blekking (noun f.) [°-ar, dat. -u; -ar] ‘°delusion, deception, deceit, trickery...’ — HkrIIIˣ

blesóttr (adj.) ‘°(of a horse) with a blaze on its forehe...’blesóttum HkrIIIˣ

blinda (verb) [°-að- (præs. sg. -ir ÓTFlat 322³²)] ‘[to blind]...’blindaði HkrIIIˣ

blindr (adj.) [°compar. -ari] ‘blind...’ — HkrIIIˣ

2blíða (noun f.) [°-u] ‘kindness, happiness...’blíðu HkrIIIˣ

blíðlæti (noun n.) [°-s] ‘°gentleness, kindness, friendliness, ing...’ — HkrIIIˣ

blíðmæltr (adj.) ‘°friendly in one’s speech, ingratiating ...’ — HkrIIIˣ

blóðlát (noun n.) [°-s; dat. -um] ‘°blood-letting; loss of blood, haemorrha...’blóðlátit HkrIIIˣ

blómi (noun m.) [°-a; -ar] ‘flower...’blóma HkrIIIˣ

blót (noun n.) [°-s; -] ‘sacrifice...’ — HkrIIIˣ

boð (noun n.) [°-s; -] ‘command, offer, feast...’ — HkrIIIˣ, boði HkrIIIˣ

2boða (verb) [°-að-] ‘proclaim...’ — HkrIIIˣ

boðsmaðr (noun m.) [°acc. ·mann; ·menn] ‘°invited guest, participant in a meal/fe...’boðs-manna HkrIIIˣ

bogaskot (noun n.) [°; -] ‘°archery, shooting with a bow; missile f...’boga-skot HkrIIIˣ, boga-skotum HkrIIIˣ

bogmaðr (noun m.) [°; ·menn] ‘°archer; of the constellation Sagittariu...’ — HkrIIIˣ

bogsterkr (adj.) ‘°strong at drawing a bow...’ — HkrIIIˣ

borð (noun n.) [°-s; -] ‘side, plank, board; table...’ — HkrIIIˣ, borðunum HkrIIIˣ, borðz HkrIIIˣ

borðker (noun n.) [°; -] ‘°drinking vessel, beaker, goblet...’borðkerum HkrIIIˣ

borðmikill (adj.) [°compar. ·meiri, superl. ·mestr] ‘°(of a ship) with a high freeboard, with...’borðmikit HkrIIIˣ

borg (noun f.) [°-ar, dat. -; -ir] ‘city, stronghold...’ — HkrIIIˣ

borgarhlið (noun n.) [°-s; -] ‘°gateway of a fortress/stronghold, porta...’borgarhliðin HkrIIIˣ

borgarveggr (noun m.) [°dat. -/-i; -ir, gen. -ja] ‘fortification wall...’borgar-veggjum HkrIIIˣ

borghlið (noun n.) [°-s; dat. -um] ‘°gateway of a fortress/stronghold, porta...’ — HkrIIIˣ

bógr (noun m.) [°dat. bǿgi; bǿgir, acc. bógu] ‘shoulder...’bœginum HkrIIIˣ

1bók (noun f.) [°bǿkr/bókar; bǿkr] ‘book...’bœkr HkrIIIˣ, HkrIIIˣ, bókar HkrIIIˣ

ból (noun n.) [°-s; -] ‘dwelling...’ — HkrIIIˣ

bóndafolk (noun n.) ‘°the common people, the farmers...’bónda-fólk HkrIIIˣ, bónda-fólkit HkrIIIˣ

bóndaherr (noun m.) [°dat. -/-i] ‘°army of farmers...’bónda-herinn HkrIIIˣ

bóndalið (noun n.) [°-s] ‘°army of farmers...’bónda-liði HkrIIIˣ, bónda-liðinu HkrIIIˣ, bónda-liðit HkrIIIˣ, bónda-liðs HkrIIIˣ, bóndaliðit HkrIIIˣ

bóndi (noun m.) [°-a; bǿndr/bǿndir(HkrEirsp 58⁴)/bondr(Nj AM 468 4° 78r⁴), gen. & dat. bónd-/bǿnd-] ‘man, farmer, peasant, landowner...’ — HkrIIIˣ

bót (noun f.) [°-ar; bǿtr] ‘compensation...’ — HkrIIIˣ

1bóti (noun m.) [°-a; -ar] ‘°boot...’bótann HkrIIIˣ

brak (noun n.) ‘clash, noise...’ — HkrIIIˣ

brandr (noun m.) [°-s, dat. -i; -ar] ‘sword, prow; fire...’ — HkrIIIˣ

1braut (noun f.) [°dat. -/-u; -ir] ‘path, way; away...’ — HkrIIIˣ

brautferð (noun f.) [°-ar] ‘°leaving, departure, absence...’brotferð HkrIIIˣ

brautlaga (noun f.) [°*-u] ‘°putting to sea, leaving by ship...’brautlǫgu HkrIIIˣ

bráðasótt (noun f.) [°; dat. -um] ‘°sudden/grave illness often resulting in...’ — HkrIIIˣ

bráðgeðr (adj.) ‘°impetuous, impatient...’bráðgeð HkrIIIˣ

bráðr (adj.) [°compar. -ari, superl. -astr] ‘quick(ly)...’ — HkrIIIˣ

bregða (verb) [°bregðr/brigðr; brá, brugðu; brugðinn/brogðinn] ‘pull, jerk, break; change...’ — HkrIIIˣ

breiðøx (noun f.) [°dat. ·øxi/exi/ǫxi, acc. ·øxi/exi/ǫxi/ǫx; -ar] ‘°broad axe, broad-bladed (battle) axe...’breiðøxi HkrIIIˣ

brekka (noun f.) [°-u; -ur] ‘slope...’brekku HkrIIIˣ

1brenna (noun f.) [°-u; -ur] ‘fire, burning...’ — HkrIIIˣ

2brenna (verb) [°brennr/brenn; brann, brunnu; brunninn] ‘(strong, intransitive)...’ — HkrIIIˣ

3brenna (verb) [(weak, transitive)] ‘to burn (weak, intr.)...’ — HkrIIIˣ

Breti (noun m.) [°; -ar] ‘Briton...’Bretar HkrIIIˣ

bréf (noun n.) [°-s; -] ‘letter...’ — HkrIIIˣ, bréfum HkrIIIˣ

bréfsending (noun f.) [°; -ar] ‘°sending of letters, ?letter...’ — HkrIIIˣ

brigðmæli (noun n.) [°; -] ‘°going back on one’s word, breach of pro...’ — HkrIIIˣ

brjóst (noun n.) [°-s; -] ‘breast, chest...’ — HkrIIIˣ, brjósti HkrIIIˣ

brjóta (verb) [°brýtr; braut, brutu; brotinn] ‘to break, destroy...’ — HkrIIIˣ

broddr (noun m.) [°dat. -i; -ar] ‘point of spear or arrow...’ — HkrIIIˣ

1brosa (noun f.) [°-u] ‘°smile...’ — HkrIIIˣ

brot (noun n.) [°-s; -] ‘piece, fragment...’ — HkrIIIˣ

broti (noun m.) [°-a; -ar] ‘breaker...’ — HkrIIIˣ

bróðurdóttir (noun f.) [°·dóttur; ·dǿtr] ‘°brother’s daughter (niece)...’bróður-dóttir HkrIIIˣ

bróðursonr (noun m.) [°-ar, dat. ·syni; ·synir] ‘nephew...’bróðurson HkrIIIˣ

brók (noun f.) [°; brǿkr/brókr(Hirð AM 304 fol 83v¹‡)] ‘°the hose on one leg; (pl.) trousers, br...’ — HkrIIIˣ

1brum (noun n.) ‘[period]...’ — HkrIIIˣ

bruni (noun m.) [°-a] ‘°fire, conflagration, flame, burning, ar...’bruna HkrIIIˣ

brunnr (noun m.) [°-s, dat. -i; -ar] ‘spring, well...’ — HkrIIIˣ

brúðhlaupsstefna (noun f.) [°-u] ‘°(appointed) time for marriage/wedding...’brúðlaups-stefnu HkrIIIˣ

brúnaðr (adj.) ‘°coloured brown, brown, ?brownish-violet...’brúnaðan HkrIIIˣ

2brúnn (adj.) ‘brown, dark...’ — HkrIIIˣ

1bryggja (noun f.) [°-u; -ur, gen. bryggna] ‘landing, bridge, gangway, quay...’bryggjum HkrIIIˣ

1brynja (noun f.) [°-u (dat. brynnoni Gibb 38⁹); -ur] ‘mailcoat...’ — HkrIIIˣ

2brynja (verb) [°-að-] ‘armour...’ — HkrIIIˣ

brytja (verb) [°-að-] ‘cut...’ — HkrIIIˣ

brœðralag (noun n.) [°-s] ‘°brotherhood (bound by allegiance), bloo...’brœðra-lag HkrIIIˣ

brœðrunga (noun f.) [°-u; -ur] ‘°daughter of paternal uncle, female agna...’ — HkrIIIˣ

bugr (noun m.) [°dat. -/-i] ‘hollow, bend...’bug HkrIIIˣ

bukkr (noun m.) [°-s, dat. -; -ar] ‘buck, billy-goat...’ — HkrIIIˣ

burðr (noun m.) [°-ar, dat. -/-i; -ir] ‘birth...’burð HkrIIIˣ, burðir HkrIIIˣ

burst (noun f.) [°; -ar/ir] ‘°stiff hair, (hog’s) bristle, (I) bristl...’ — HkrIIIˣ

1 (noun n.) [°-s, dat. -i/-(Landsl 39ˆ, DN III (1367) 279¹‡, DN XII (*1348›AM 902 a) 73³⁰); -] ‘homestead...’ — HkrIIIˣ, búit HkrIIIˣ

2búa (verb) [°býr (1. pers. býg NjM 330²⁴); bjó/bjuggi/bjǫggi/byggi, bjuggu/bjǫggu (præt. conj. byggi); búinn (n. sg. búit/bút)] ‘prepare, ready, live...’ — HkrIIIˣ

búandaherr (noun m.) [°-s, dat. -/-i] ‘°army of farmers...’bóanda-herinum HkrIIIˣ

búfé (noun n.) [°·fjár; -/·fjár(Jb GKS 3268 4° 45v(90)²), dat. ·fjám(Dugg681c 5‡)] ‘°(I) milking stock, cattle/sheep/goats, ...’ — HkrIIIˣ

búkot (noun n.) ‘°modest farm, smallholding...’ — HkrIIIˣ

búr (noun n.) [°-s] ‘pantry; house or room for women...’ — HkrIIIˣ

búzuskip (noun n.) ‘°broad ocean-going ship, longship (for w...’ — HkrIIIˣ

byggð (noun f.) [°-ar; -ir] ‘dwelling, settlement...’byggðina HkrIIIˣ

2byggja (verb) [°byggir/byggvir; byggði; byggðr] ‘inhabit, dwell; build, found...’ — HkrIIIˣ

byrðarsveinn (noun m.) [°·sveins] — HkrIIIˣ

byrðingsmaðr (noun m.) [°; ·menn] ‘°person who sails a `byrðingr’, sailing ...’byrðings-mǫnnum HkrIIIˣ

byrgja (verb) [°-rgð-] ‘lock...’ — HkrIIIˣ

2byrja (verb) [°-að-] ‘begin, begat, please...’ — HkrIIIˣ

3byrja (verb) [°-að-] ‘°belong to (sby/sth.), be (sby’s/sth.’s)...’ — HkrIIIˣ

byrr (noun m.) [°-jar/-s; -ir, acc. -i/-u(SigrVal 188¹³)] ‘favourable wind...’ — HkrIIIˣ

býjarbyggð (noun f.)býjar-byggð HkrIIIˣ

býjarfolk (noun n.) ‘°townspeople...’býjar-fólkit HkrIIIˣ

býjarlið (noun n.) ‘°army from a (Norwegian) town, army rais...’býjar-liði HkrIIIˣ

býjarlýðr (noun m.) ‘°population of a (Norwegian) town...’býjar-lýðrinn HkrIIIˣ

býjarmaðr (noun m.) [°; ·menn] ‘°townsman, citizen (esp. in Norwegian to...’býjar-menn HkrIIIˣ, býjar-mǫnnum HkrIIIˣ, býjarmenn HkrIIIˣ

býjarmannalið (noun n.) ‘°army raised by (Norwegian) townspeople...’býjarmanna-lið HkrIIIˣ

býr (noun m.) [°býjar/bjár/bjór/bjárs, dat. -; gen. býa/bjá, dat. bjóm/bjám, acc. býi/býa/bjá] ‘dwelling, down...’biorins HkrIIIˣ, HkrIIIˣ, býi HkrIIIˣ, býinn HkrIIIˣ, býjar HkrIIIˣ, býnum HkrIIIˣ

bæði (conj.) ‘[Both]...’ — HkrIIIˣ

2bægja (verb) [°-gð-] ‘contend...’ — HkrIIIˣ

bœjarbót (noun f.) ‘°improvement to a farm...’ — HkrIIIˣ

bœjarlýðr (noun m.) [°dat. -] ‘°local population; population of a (Norw...’bœjar-lýðr HkrIIIˣ

bœjarmaðr (noun m.) [°; ·menn] ‘°townsman, citizen (esp. in Norwegian to...’bœjar-mǫnnum HkrIIIˣ

bœkisúð (noun f.) ‘°of a ship)...’ — HkrIIIˣ

bæla (verb) [°-ld-] ‘°burn...’bældu HkrIIIˣ

bœn (noun f.) [°-ar; -ir] ‘request, prayer...’ — HkrIIIˣ, bœnir HkrIIIˣ

bœr (noun m.) [°-jar/-ar, dat. -; -ir, gen. -ja/-a, dat. -jum/-um/bjóm/-am/-m, acc. -i/-ja/-a/bǿ] ‘farm, homestead...’bœjar HkrIIIˣ, bœnum HkrIIIˣ

bœta (verb) [°-tt-] ‘better, emend, compensate...’ — HkrIIIˣ

bǫr (noun f.) [°; barar/barir] ‘°(pl.) stretcher, funeral bier...’bǫrum HkrIIIˣ

dagr (noun m.) [°-s, dat. degi/dag/dagi(Thom¹ 332¹‡n.); -ar] ‘day...’dag HkrIIIˣ, daga HkrIIIˣ, dags HkrIIIˣ, degi HkrIIIˣ

dagverðarmál (noun n.) [°-s] ‘°time of the morning meal, time of the f...’dagverðar-máli HkrIIIˣ

danahǫfðingi (noun m.) [°; -jar] ‘°leader of the Danes, Danish chieftain...’Dana hǫfðingjar HkrIIIˣ, Danahǫfðingjar HkrIIIˣ

danakonungr (noun m.) [°-s, dat. -i; -ar] ‘°the Danish king, king of the Danes...’Dana-konungr HkrIIIˣ

danalið (noun n.) ‘°army of Danes, Danish army...’Dana-lið HkrIIIˣ

danaríki (noun n.) [°-s] ‘°realm of the Danes, the Danish realm...’Dana-ríki HkrIIIˣ

danaskip (noun n.) [°; -] ‘°(I) the Danes’ ships, the Danish ships...’Dana-skipum HkrIIIˣ

dapr (adj.) ‘gloomy...’daprir HkrIIIˣ

daprligr (adj.) ‘°downcast, sad; doleful, bleak, miserabl...’daprligir HkrIIIˣ

dauðasǫk (noun f.) [°; ·sakir] ‘°cause of (sby’s) death; guilt which is ...’dauða-sǫk HkrIIIˣ

dauði (noun m.) [°-a; -ar] ‘death...’dauðinn HkrIIIˣ

2dauðr (adj.) ‘dead...’dauðum HkrIIIˣ

daufheyra (verb) [°-rð-] ‘°turn a deaf ear (to sby/sth.), ignore...’ — HkrIIIˣ

daufr (adj.) ‘[deaf]...’ — HkrIIIˣ

dánararfr (noun m.) ‘°deceased person’s property, inheritance...’dánar-arf HkrIIIˣ

1deila (noun f.) [°-u; -ur] ‘[strife]...’deilu HkrIIIˣ

dengir (noun m.) — HkrIIIˣ

deyða (verb) [°-dd-] ‘kill...’ — HkrIIIˣ

1deyfa (verb) [°-fð-] ‘°blunt (a weapon, the cutting edge); mak...’ — HkrIIIˣ

1deyja (verb) [°deyr; dó, dó(u); dá(i)nn] ‘die...’ — HkrIIIˣ

dirfa (verb) [°-rfð-] ‘°inspire with the courage/effrontery (to...’ — HkrIIIˣ

diskr (noun m.) [°dat. -i; -ar] ‘°(serving) dish, bowl; of a table)...’ — HkrIIIˣ

díki (noun n.) [°; -] ‘ditch...’ — HkrIIIˣ, díkit HkrIIIˣ

díli (noun m.) [°-a; -ar] ‘°(bare) patch, spot; hollow/wound (in sk...’ — HkrIIIˣ

1djákn (noun m.) [°-s, dat. -i/-; -ar] ‘[deacon]...’djákns HkrIIIˣ

djúpvitr (adj.) [°compar. ·vitrari] ‘°wise, sagacious, shrewd...’ — HkrIIIˣ

dómr (noun m.) [°-s, dat. -i; -ar] ‘judgement; court; -dom, -ness (suffix)...’dóm HkrIIIˣ, HkrIIIˣ

dótta (noun f.) ‘dótta...’ — HkrIIIˣ

2draga (verb) [°dregr; dró, drógu; dreginn/droget(Hirð NKS 1642 4° 146v²⁹; cf. [$962$])] ‘drag, pull, draw...’ — HkrIIIˣ

dragkyrtill (noun m.) [°; acc. ·kyrtla] ‘°(elegant) tunic with a train...’dragkyrtla HkrIIIˣ

draglaun (noun f.) ‘°of a ship)...’ — HkrIIIˣ

drambhosa (noun f.) [°; -ur] ‘°(pl.) “ostentatious hose”, showy/elegan...’drambhosur HkrIIIˣ

drambsamliga (adv.) [°compar. -ar] ‘°haughtily, arrogantly, pompously, in a ...’ — HkrIIIˣ

drápa (noun f.) [°-u] ‘poem with refrains...’drápu HkrIIIˣ

drekahǫfuð (noun n.) [°; -] ‘°dragon’s head; of the decoration of a ‘...’ — HkrIIIˣ

drembiliga (adv.) [°superl. -ast] ‘°arrogantly, self-confidently, pompously...’ — HkrIIIˣ

drengja (verb) [°-ngð-] ‘°lash tight; press in on, put under pres...’ — HkrIIIˣ

drengr (noun m.) [°-s, dat. -; -ir, gen. -ja] ‘man, warrior...’ — HkrIIIˣ

drepa (verb) [°drepr; drap, drápu; drepinn] ‘kill, strike...’ — HkrIIIˣ

dreyma (verb) [°-mð-] ‘dream...’ — HkrIIIˣ

dreyrrauðr (adj.) ‘°blood-red, red as blood (in the face; f...’ — HkrIIIˣ

1drífa (noun f.) [°-u] ‘snow-storm...’ — HkrIIIˣ

drómundr (noun m.) [°dat. -i; -ar] ‘dromon...’ — HkrIIIˣ

dróttinhollr (adj.) [°superl. -astr] ‘°faithful to one’s lord/master...’dróttinholastr HkrIIIˣ

dróttning (noun f.) [°-ar, dat. -u/-, acc. -u/-; -ar] ‘queen...’ — HkrIIIˣ

dróttningardóttir (noun f.) ‘°queen’s daughter...’dóttir HkrIIIˣ

dróttningarsonr (noun m.) [°; dat. -um] ‘°son of a queen...’drótningar sonr HkrIIIˣ

drykkr (noun m.) [°-jar/-ar(DN II (*1276›apogr—) 14³Š)/-s, dat. -/-i; -ir] ‘drink...’drykk HkrIIIˣ

dryllr (noun m.) — HkrIIIˣ

duga (verb) [°dugir; dugði; dugat] ‘help, befit...’ — HkrIIIˣ

2dumbi (adj.) [°indecl.] ‘°dumb, speechless...’ — HkrIIIˣ

dúkr (noun m.) [°-s, dat. -i/-; -ar/-ir(DN IV (1348) 263²⁹)] ‘dress, cloth...’ — HkrIIIˣ

dvelja (verb) [°dvalði; dvalðr/dvalinn (præs. sg. 3. pers. dvel [$1138$], [$1140$])] ‘delay, stay, dwell...’ — HkrIIIˣ

dvǫl (noun f.) [°-ar; dvalar/dvalir] ‘[rest]...’ — HkrIIIˣ

dyggr (adj.) [°dyggvan/dyggan; compar. -vari/-ari/-ri, superl. -vastr/-astr/-str] ‘trustworthy...’dyggvastr HkrIIIˣ

dylja (verb) [°dulði; dulðr/duliðr/dulinn (præs. sg. 3. pers. dyll Hirð 401²³, etc., dyl FrostKrᴵ 152¹⁹, etc.)] ‘conceal...’ — HkrIIIˣ

dynta (noun f.) — HkrIIIˣ

1dyrr (noun f.) [°gen. dura/dyra, dat. durum/dyrum] ‘door...’dyrrnar HkrIIIˣ

2dyrr (noun n.) ‘°doorway, entrance, door, gateway; area ...’dyrrin HkrIIIˣ

dýfliza (noun f.) [°-u; dat. -um] ‘°dungeon, prison; of hell)...’ — HkrIIIˣ, dýflizunnar HkrIIIˣ

dýrahorn (noun n.) [°; dat. -um] ‘°animal horn (used as a drinking vessel)...’dýra-hornum HkrIIIˣ

dýrð (noun f.) [°-ar/-a(NoDipl(1279) 44²ˆ); -ir] ‘glory...’ — HkrIIIˣ

dýrðarhús (noun n.) ‘°building in which (sby) is worshipped, ...’dýrðarhúsi HkrIIIˣ

dýrðarverk (noun n.) [°; -] ‘°illustrious deed; marvel, miracle...’dýrðar-verkum HkrIIIˣ

dýrka (verb) [°-að-] ‘glorify, worship...’ — HkrIIIˣ

dýrligr (adj.) [°compar. -ri, superl. -astr/-(a)st-] ‘glorious, precious...’dýrliga HkrIIIˣ, HkrIIIˣ

dýrlingr (noun m.) [°-s, dat. -i; -ar] ‘[darlings]...’dýrlings HkrIIIˣ

dæll (adj.) [°dǽlan; compar. dǽlli/dǽllri(FriðB 48¹ˆ), superl. dǽlstr] ‘easy...’ — HkrIIIˣ

dœma (verb) [°-mð-] ‘judge...’ — HkrIIIˣ

dœmi (noun n.) [°-s; -] ‘judgement, example...’ — HkrIIIˣ, dœmum HkrIIIˣ

dǫgun (noun f.) ‘°daybreak, dawn, early morning...’dagan HkrIIIˣ

døkkhárr (adj.) ‘°with dark hair...’ — HkrIIIˣ

døkklitaðr (adj.) ‘°(of a person) dark, of dark/swarthy com...’ — HkrIIIˣ

eða (conj.) ‘or...’ — HkrIIIˣ

eðli (noun n.) [°-s; dat. -um] ‘nature...’øðli HkrIIIˣ

efla (verb) [°-fld-/-að-(RómvUpph¹ 382²⁴)] ‘strengthen...’ — HkrIIIˣ

1efna (verb) [°-að-] ‘initiate...’ — HkrIIIˣ

2efna (verb) [°-fnd-] ‘fulfil...’ — HkrIIIˣ

efnd (noun f.) [°; -ir, gen. -a] ‘fulfilment...’efndanna HkrIIIˣ

efri (adj. comp.) [°superl. efstr/øfstr (eft- [$1653$] 13r²³, etc.)] ‘higher, highest...’øfra HkrIIIˣ, øfsta HkrIIIˣ

eftirbátr (noun m.) [°dat. -i] ‘°boat which can be towed, ship’s boat; p...’eptirbáti HkrIIIˣ

eftirleita (verb) [°-að-] ‘°look for; seek after, strive to, strive...’eptir leitat HkrIIIˣ

eftirróðr (noun m.) [°·róðrar] ‘°rowing after (sby), pursuit by rowing...’eptirróðrinn HkrIIIˣ

1egg (noun f.) [°-jar, dat. -ju/-] ‘edge, blade...’ — HkrIIIˣ

eggja (verb) [°-að-] ‘urge...’ — HkrIIIˣ

eið (noun n.) [°-s; -] ‘?oath/headland...’ — HkrIIIˣ

eiðr (noun m.) [°-s/-ar, dat. -i/-: -ar] ‘oath...’eiðum HkrIIIˣ

1eiga (noun f.) [°-u (nom. for obl. DN III (1347) 206¹³, etc., cf. Seip 1955 304); -ur] ‘property...’ — HkrIIIˣ

2eiga (verb) [°á/eigr (præs. pl. 3. pers. eigu/eiga); átti, áttu; átt] ‘own, have...’ — HkrIIIˣ

1eigin (noun n.) [°-s] ‘property; seed...’eigine HkrIIIˣ

eiginkona (noun f.) [°-u; -ur, gen. ·kvenna] ‘°(lawful wedded) wife...’eiginkonu HkrIIIˣ

eiginkonusonr (noun m.) [°; dat. eigin·kvenna·sonum] ‘°son of a lawfully-wedded woman; (pl.) s...’eiginkonu sonr HkrIIIˣ

eign (noun f.) [°-ar; -ir] ‘property...’ — HkrIIIˣ

eigna (verb) [°-að-] ‘acquire...’ — HkrIIIˣ

eigóðr (adj.) — HkrIIIˣ

eikiskógr (noun m.) [°dat. -i] ‘°oak wood; wood, ?deciduous forest...’eikiskóg HkrIIIˣ

eimuni (adj.) [°indecl.] ‘°which will always be remembered, unforg...’ — HkrIIIˣ

einarðr (adj.) [°compar. -ari, superl. -astr] ‘°single (vs. double, etc.), with only on...’ — HkrIIIˣ

einfaldr (adj.) [°compar. -ari, superl. -astr] ‘single...’ — HkrIIIˣ

einkamál (noun n.) [°; -] ‘°(I) sth. private, personal/private matt...’einka-mál HkrIIIˣ, einka-málum HkrIIIˣ, HkrIIIˣ

einkannahlutr (noun m.) ‘°?sth. which makes a person recognisable...’einkanna hlutr HkrIIIˣ

einmæli (noun n.) [°-s; dat. -um] ‘private conversation...’ — HkrIIIˣ, einmælum HkrIIIˣ

1einn (num. cardinal) [°f. ein, n. eitt; pl. einir; superl. debil. -asti(Anna238(2001) 155³²)] ‘one; alone...’ — HkrIIIˣ

2einræði (noun n.) [°-s] ‘°wilfulness, intransigence, own decision...’ — HkrIIIˣ

einskipa (adj.) [°indecl.] ‘°with (only) one ship; as the only ship...’ — HkrIIIˣ

einvígi (noun n.) [°-s; gen. -ja] ‘°attack by a single person, assassinatio...’ — HkrIIIˣ

1eisa (noun f.) [°; -ur] ‘flame, ember...’eisur HkrIIIˣ

ek (pron.) [°mín, dat. mér, acc. mik] ‘I, me...’ — HkrIIIˣ

2ekki (adv.) ‘not...’ — HkrIIIˣ

1elda (verb) [°-ld-] ‘make old...’ — HkrIIIˣ

elding (noun f.) [°-ar, dat. -u/-; -ar] ‘lightning...’ — HkrIIIˣ

eldr (noun m.) [°-s, dat. -i/-(HómÍsl¹‰(1993) 24v²⁴); -ar] ‘fire...’ — HkrIIIˣ

eldsvirki (noun n.) [°; -] ‘°means of lighting fire, tinder-box; (I)...’eldz-virki HkrIIIˣ

eljanarmaðr (noun m.) [°; ·menn] ‘°energetic/enterprising person...’eljanar-menn HkrIIIˣ

eljun (noun f.) [°eljunar] ‘energy...’eljan HkrIIIˣ

ella (adv.) ‘otherwise...’ — HkrIIIˣ

elligar (adv.) ‘otherwise...’ — HkrIIIˣ

1elta (noun f.) [°-u; -ur] ‘°chase, pursuit and attack (in small gro...’eltum HkrIIIˣ

embættismaðr (noun m.) [°·manns; ·menn] ‘°(a god’s, a saint’s, a devil’s) servant...’embættis-mannz HkrIIIˣ

emma (noun f.) [°-u] ‘°of chain mail)...’ — HkrIIIˣ

2en (conj.) ‘but, and...’ — HkrIIIˣ

3en (conj.) ‘(= er)...’ — HkrIIIˣ

2enda (verb) [°-nd-] ‘°gøre ende på, ende, afslutte, slutte; b...’ — HkrIIIˣ

endilangr (adj.)endilǫngum HkrIIIˣ

2engi (pron.) ‘no, none...’ekki HkrIIIˣ, engan HkrIIIˣ, HkrIIIˣ, engum HkrIIIˣ, enkis HkrIIIˣ

englakonungr (noun m.) [°-s; -ar]Engla-konungr HkrIIIˣ

englismaðr (noun m.) [°; ·menn]Englis-menn HkrIIIˣ

2enn (adv.) ‘still, yet, again...’ — HkrIIIˣ

eptir (prep.) ‘after, behind...’eftir HkrIIIˣ

2er (conj.) ‘who, which, when...’ — HkrIIIˣ

erfð (noun f.) [°-ar; -ir] ‘inheritance...’ — HkrIIIˣ

erkibyskupsríki (noun n.) [°-s]erkibyskups-ríki HkrIIIˣ

erkistóll (noun m.) [°·stóls, dat. ·stóli/stól; ·stólar] ‘archbishopric...’ — HkrIIIˣ

ermr (noun f.) [°dat. & acc. ermi; ermar] ‘sleeve...’ — HkrIIIˣ

erta (verb) [°-að-] ‘°drille, tirre, ophidse; drille, tirre (...’ — HkrIIIˣ

1ey (noun f.) [°-jar, dat. -ju/-; -jar] ‘island...’ — HkrIIIˣ

2eyða (verb) [°-dd-] ‘destroy...’ — HkrIIIˣ

eyland (noun n.) [°-s; *-] ‘island...’eylǫnd HkrIIIˣ

2eymuni (adj.) [°indecl.]Eymune HkrIIIˣ

eyrir (noun m.) [°eyris, dat. eyri; aurar] ‘ounce, money, property...’ — HkrIIIˣ

eyrr (noun f.) ‘land-spit...’ — HkrIIIˣ

faðerni (noun n.) [°-s/-] ‘°faderskab (til et barn), paternitet, de...’ — HkrIIIˣ

faðmr (noun m.) [°-s, dat. -i/-; -ar] ‘embrace...’ — HkrIIIˣ

fagnaðartíðendi (noun n.) — HkrIIIˣ

fagr (adj.) [°fagran; compar. fegri, superl. fegrstr] ‘fair, beautiful...’fagra HkrIIIˣ, fagran HkrIIIˣ, fagrt HkrIIIˣ, fegrsta HkrIIIˣ, fǫgr HkrIIIˣ

fagrbúinn (adj.) ‘beautifully adorned...’fagrbúnar HkrIIIˣ

fagrleitr (adj.) — HkrIIIˣ

falla (verb) ‘fall...’ — HkrIIIˣ

falma (verb) [°-að-] ‘falter...’ — HkrIIIˣ

fang (noun n.) [°-s; *-] ‘grasp, tunic...’ — HkrIIIˣ

far (noun n.) [°-s; *-] ‘travel, vessel, trace, life, conduct...’ — HkrIIIˣ

fara (verb) [ferr, fór, fóru, farinn] ‘go, travel...’ — HkrIIIˣ

fararheill (noun f.)farar-heill HkrIIIˣ

farbann (noun n.) — HkrIIIˣ

farborði (noun m.) [°-a]farborða HkrIIIˣ

farbúinn (adj.) — HkrIIIˣ

farskostr (noun m.) [°-ar, dat. -/-i; -ir] ‘vehicle, means of transportation...’fars-kostar HkrIIIˣ

farsælligr (adj.)farsælligra HkrIIIˣ

1fasta (noun f.) ‘fast, fasting...’ — HkrIIIˣ

fastliga (adv.) [°compar. -ar, superl. -ast] ‘[firmly]...’ — HkrIIIˣ

fastorðr (adj.) [°compar. -ari] — HkrIIIˣ

fastr (adj.) [°compar. -ari, superl. -astr] ‘firm, fast...’fast HkrIIIˣ

fastúðigr (adj.) ‘[firm-minded]...’ — HkrIIIˣ

fat (noun n.) [°; *-] ‘garments...’ — HkrIIIˣ

faukr (noun m.) — HkrIIIˣ

2 (verb) [°fǽr; fekk, fengu; fenginn] ‘get, receive...’ — HkrIIIˣ

3fár (adj.) [°compar. fǽrri/fárri(Mág² 11ˆ), superl. fǽstr] ‘few...’ HkrIIIˣ, fátt HkrIIIˣ

2feginn (adj.) [°compar. fegnari, superl. fegnastr] ‘glad, happy...’ — HkrIIIˣ, fegnasti HkrIIIˣ, fegnir HkrIIIˣ

fegrð (noun f.) [°-ar] ‘[beauty]...’ — HkrIIIˣ

2fela (verb) ‘hide...’ — HkrIIIˣ

fen (noun n.) [°-s; -] ‘fen...’ — HkrIIIˣ

ferð (noun f.) [°-ar; -ir/-arMork 196¹²)] ‘host, journey...’ — HkrIIIˣ

ferligr (adj.) [°compar. -(a)ri, superl. -(a)st-]ferligt HkrIIIˣ

1festa (noun f.) [°-u; -ur]festu HkrIIIˣ, festur HkrIIIˣ

2festa (verb) ‘fasten, betrothe, promise...’ — HkrIIIˣ

festamál (noun n.) [°; -]festa-málum HkrIIIˣ

festr (noun f.) [°dat. & acc. -i; -ar/-ir] ‘mooring, betrothal...’ — HkrIIIˣ

(noun n.) [°fjár/féar; -] ‘cattle, money...’ — HkrIIIˣ

féfang (noun n.) [°-s; *-]féfangi HkrIIIˣ

féfár (adj.)féfátt HkrIIIˣ

fégjald (noun n.) [°; *-]fégjaldinu HkrIIIˣ

félag (noun n.) [°-s]félags HkrIIIˣ

félauss (adj.) [°·lausan] ‘[a penniless]...’félaust HkrIIIˣ

fimmtánsessa (noun f.)xv-sessu HkrIIIˣ

fimmtugr (adj.)fimtøgr HkrIIIˣ

fimr (adj.) [°compar. -ari, superl. -astr] ‘agile, deft...’fimt HkrIIIˣ

2finna (verb) ‘find, meet...’ — HkrIIIˣ

firn (noun n.) ‘amazingly, overly, vehemently...’ — HkrIIIˣ

firrmeirr (adv.)firr meirr HkrIIIˣ, firr ⸢meirr HkrIIIˣ

fisbleikr (adj.) — HkrIIIˣ

fiskimaðr (noun m.) ‘[fishermen]...’fiskimenn HkrIIIˣ

fiskimannakvittr (noun m.)fiskimanna kvittum HkrIIIˣ

fitskór (noun m.)fitskúa HkrIIIˣ

físs (noun m.) — HkrIIIˣ

fjarðarmynni (noun n.)fjarðar-mynnit HkrIIIˣ

fjarran (adv.) — HkrIIIˣ

fjáðr (adj.) ‘°bemidlet, formuende, rig...’fjáðir HkrIIIˣ

fjándaflokkr (noun m.)feannda flock HkrIIIˣ

fjándakraftr (noun m.)fjánda krapti HkrIIIˣ

fjándi (noun m.) [°-a; fjándr/fjándar/fjándir] ‘enemy, devil...’fjandans HkrIIIˣ, fjándann HkrIIIˣ

fjándmaðr (noun m.) ‘enemy...’fjandmǫnnum HkrIIIˣ

fjándskapr (noun m.) ‘[animosity]...’fjandskap HkrIIIˣ

fjárþurft (noun f.)fjárþurpt HkrIIIˣ

1fjǫl (noun f.) ‘piece of wood...’ — HkrIIIˣ

fjǫlmenni (noun n.)fjǫlmennis HkrIIIˣ

fjǫlmennr (adj.) ‘with many men...’fjǫlmennastr HkrIIIˣ

fjǫturr (noun m.) ‘fetter...’fjǫtur HkrIIIˣ

flatlendi (noun n.)flatlendit HkrIIIˣ

3flá (verb) ‘flay...’ — HkrIIIˣ

fleiri (adj. comp.) [°superl. flestr] ‘more, most...’flest HkrIIIˣ, flestan HkrIIIˣ

flesk (noun n.) ‘pork, bacon...’ — HkrIIIˣ

flettir (noun m.) — HkrIIIˣ

flettiskefta (noun f.)flettisceftum HkrIIIˣ

flípr (noun m.) — HkrIIIˣ

2fljótr (adj.) ‘quick...’fljótara HkrIIIˣ

fljúga (verb) ‘fly...’ — HkrIIIˣ

flokkr (noun m.) ‘group, flock...’ — HkrIIIˣ

flokksmaðr (noun m.)flokks-menn HkrIIIˣ, floks-menn HkrIIIˣ

flot (noun n.) ‘[fat]...’ — HkrIIIˣ

flota (verb) — HkrIIIˣ

2flóð (noun n.) ‘flood...’ — HkrIIIˣ

flóttamaðr (noun m.)flótta-mǫnnum HkrIIIˣ

flutningsmaðr (noun m.)flutnings-menn HkrIIIˣ

flytja (verb) ‘convey, move...’ — HkrIIIˣ

flý (noun n.) [°-s] ‘°(på anker) flig/arm (cf. akkerisfleinn ...’flýs HkrIIIˣ

flýja (verb) ‘to flee, take flight...’ — HkrIIIˣ

flæmingi (noun m.) ‘[Flemings]...’ — HkrIIIˣ

fnjóskr (noun m.) ‘°fyrsvamp, trøske...’fnjóskrinn HkrIIIˣ

folk (noun n.) ‘people...’ — HkrIIIˣ

folkorrusta (noun f.)fólkorrustur HkrIIIˣ

forbeini (noun m.) — HkrIIIˣ

forða (verb) ‘escape, avoid...’ — HkrIIIˣ

2forellri (noun n.)forellris HkrIIIˣ

forgǫngumaðr (noun m.)forgǫngu-mann HkrIIIˣ

forkr (noun m.) ‘[poles]...’ — HkrIIIˣ

forkunnliga (adv.) — HkrIIIˣ

formáli (noun m.)formála HkrIIIˣ

formessa (noun f.)formessu HkrIIIˣ, formessum HkrIIIˣ

forn (adj.) [°compar. -ari, superl. -astr] ‘ancient, old...’forna HkrIIIˣ, fornu HkrIIIˣ

forráð (noun n.) — HkrIIIˣ

forsenda (noun f.)forsendu HkrIIIˣ

forsjáll (adj.)forsjála HkrIIIˣ

forstjóri (noun m.) — HkrIIIˣ

forvitna (verb) ‘pry into, enquire about...’ — HkrIIIˣ

2fóðra (verb) — HkrIIIˣ

fól (noun n.) — HkrIIIˣ

fóstri (noun m.) ‘foster-brother, foster-father, foster-so...’ — HkrIIIˣ

fóstrneyti (noun n.) — HkrIIIˣ

fótgangandi (adj.) — HkrIIIˣ

fóthvatr (adj.)fóthvatir HkrIIIˣ

fótleggr (noun m.) [°-s/-jar; -ir] ‘°ben (mellem knæ og ankel), læg, lægben,...’fótleggi HkrIIIˣ

fótskǫr (noun f.) ‘°trin (ved seng), bænk/trin (ved højsæde...’fótskǫrinni HkrIIIˣ

frakki (noun m.) [°; -ar/-ir] ‘°Frank...’Frǫkkum HkrIIIˣ

fram (adv.) ‘out, forth, forwards, away...’ — HkrIIIˣ, framarr HkrIIIˣ, framarst HkrIIIˣ

framanverðr (adj.)framanverðri HkrIIIˣ

frambógr (noun m.)frambǫginuom HkrIIIˣ

frambyggi (noun m.)frambyggjar HkrIIIˣ

framflutning (noun f.) — HkrIIIˣ

framgangr (noun m.)framgangrinn HkrIIIˣ

framkvæmð (noun f.) — HkrIIIˣ

framlaga (noun f.)framlǫgu HkrIIIˣ

frammi (adv.) ‘forth...’ — HkrIIIˣ

framr (adj.) [°compar. framari/fremri, superl. framastr/fremstr] ‘outstanding, foremost...’fremri HkrIIIˣ, fremstir HkrIIIˣ

framstafn (noun m.) ‘fore-stem...’framstǫfnum HkrIIIˣ

frá (prep.) ‘from...’ — HkrIIIˣ

fráligr (adj.) — HkrIIIˣ

frásǫgn (noun f.) ‘narrative...’frásagnir HkrIIIˣ, HkrIIIˣ

freista (verb) ‘attempt, tempt...’ — HkrIIIˣ

frekligr (adj.)frekligum HkrIIIˣ

2frekr (adj.) [°compar. -ari, superl. -astr] ‘greedy...’frek HkrIIIˣ, frekara HkrIIIˣ

fremð (noun f.) ‘honour...’fremðar HkrIIIˣ

fremi (adv.)fremmi HkrIIIˣ

fremja (verb) ‘advance, perform...’ — HkrIIIˣ

2frest (noun n.) ‘time...’ — HkrIIIˣ

friða (verb) ‘pacify...’ — HkrIIIˣ

friðkolla (noun f.) — HkrIIIˣ

friðland (noun n.) ‘[secured land]...’ — HkrIIIˣ

friðlauss (adj.)friðlausa HkrIIIˣ

friðlusonr (noun m.)frillu-sonu HkrIIIˣ

friðsamliga (adv.) — HkrIIIˣ

fríða (verb) ‘[adorners]...’ — HkrIIIˣ, fríðir HkrIIIˣ

fríðleikr (noun m.)fríðleik HkrIIIˣ, fríðleikinum HkrIIIˣ

fríðr (adj.) [°compar. -ari, superl. -astr] ‘beautiful, fair...’frítt HkrIIIˣ

frjádagr (noun m.) ‘Friday...’Frjádag HkrIIIˣ, frjádegi HkrIIIˣ

frjáls (adj.) [°compar. -ari, superl. -astr] ‘free...’frjálsu HkrIIIˣ

frjósa (verb) — HkrIIIˣ

frost (noun n.) ‘frost...’ — HkrIIIˣ

fróðr (adj.) [°compar. -ari, superl. -astr] ‘wise...’ — HkrIIIˣ, fróðum HkrIIIˣ

1frýja (noun f.) ‘[a reproach]...’frýju HkrIIIˣ

2frýja (verb) ‘reproach, complain...’ — HkrIIIˣ

frægðarverk (noun n.)frægðar-verka HkrIIIˣ

frændahagi (noun m.)frændhaga HkrIIIˣ

frændhagi (noun m.)frændhaga HkrIIIˣ

fuglari (noun m.) [°; -ar] ‘°fuglefænger...’fuglarar HkrIIIˣ

fullgóðr (adj.) ‘[good enough]...’fullgóðan HkrIIIˣ

fullliga (adv.)fulliga HkrIIIˣ

fullroskinn (adj.) — HkrIIIˣ

fullsæla (noun f.)fullsælu HkrIIIˣ

1furða (noun f.) ‘marvel...’ — HkrIIIˣ

fúss (adj.) [°compar. -ari, superl. -astr] ‘eager, willing...’ — HkrIIIˣ

fylgð (noun f.) ‘support, help...’ — HkrIIIˣ

2fylgja (verb) ‘follow, accompany...’ — HkrIIIˣ

fylgsni (noun n.)fylsknum HkrIIIˣ

fylki (noun n.) ‘county...’ — HkrIIIˣ

fylking (noun f.) ‘troop...’ — HkrIIIˣ, fylkingu HkrIIIˣ

fylkingararmr (noun m.)fylkingar-armin HkrIIIˣ

fylla (verb) ‘fill...’ — HkrIIIˣ

fyrir (prep.) ‘for, before, because of...’ — HkrIIIˣ

fyrirburðr (noun m.) ‘[omens]...’fyrirburðir HkrIIIˣ

fyrirgera (verb) — HkrIIIˣ

fyrirmaðr (noun m.) ‘[leading man]...’ — HkrIIIˣ

fyrirrúmsmaðr (noun m.) — HkrIIIˣ

fyrirsǫgn (noun f.) — HkrIIIˣ

1fyrirtala (noun f.)fyrirtǫlum HkrIIIˣ

fyrr (adv.) ‘before, sooner...’ — HkrIIIˣ

1fyrri (adj. comp.) [°superl. fyrstr] ‘first...’ — HkrIIIˣ, fyrstir HkrIIIˣ

fýsi (noun f.) ‘urge, desire...’ — HkrIIIˣ

fæð (noun f.) ‘[men, lessness]...’ — HkrIIIˣ

2fœða (verb) ‘to feed, give food to, bring up, bear, g...’ — HkrIIIˣ

2fœra (verb) ‘bring...’ — HkrIIIˣ

fœrr (adj.) ‘capable...’fært HkrIIIˣ

fǫðurbani (noun m.) ‘father-slayer...’fǫður-banar HkrIIIˣ

fǫðurbót (noun f.)fǫður-bœtr HkrIIIˣ

fǫðurfaðir (noun m.) ‘(paternal) grandfather...’fǫður-fǫður HkrIIIˣ

fǫðurleifð (noun f.) ‘patrimony...’fǫður-leifð HkrIIIˣ

fǫgnuðr (noun m.) [°fagnaðar; fagnaðir] ‘joy...’ — HkrIIIˣ

fǫr (noun f.) ‘journey, fate; movement...’ — HkrIIIˣ

fǫstudagr (noun m.) ‘Friday...’fǫstu HkrIIIˣ

gabb (noun n.)gabbi HkrIIIˣ

2gaddr (noun m.)gadd HkrIIIˣ

gaflak (noun n.) ‘[javelin]...’ — HkrIIIˣ

gagntak (noun n.) — HkrIIIˣ

galeið (noun f.) [°;galeiðr/-ar/-ir] — HkrIIIˣ, galeiða HkrIIIˣ, galeiðir HkrIIIˣ, galeiðr HkrIIIˣ

galeiða (noun f.)galeiðornar HkrIIIˣ

galeiðaherr (noun m.)galeiða her HkrIIIˣ

galgatré (noun n.)gálga-tréit HkrIIIˣ

galgi (noun m.) ‘gallows...’ — HkrIIIˣ

galinn (adj.) ‘°1) fortryllet; 2) sindsyg; 3) voldsom...’ — HkrIIIˣ, galnir HkrIIIˣ

gaman (noun n.) ‘joy, pleasure...’ — HkrIIIˣ, gamni HkrIIIˣ

gamanvísa (noun f.)gamanvísur HkrIIIˣ

gangdagaþing (noun n.)gagndaga-þings HkrIIIˣ, gangdaga þings HkrIIIˣ

gangdagr (noun m.)gagndaga HkrIIIˣ, gagndǫgum HkrIIIˣ

garðr (noun m.) ‘enclosure, yard...’ — HkrIIIˣ

garðshlið (noun n.)garðzhliðit HkrIIIˣ

gata (noun f.) ‘path, road...’ — HkrIIIˣ

gaumr (noun m.)gaum HkrIIIˣ

gautaherr (noun m.)Gauta herr HkrIIIˣ

gauti (noun m.) ‘man, Geat...’Gauta HkrIIIˣ

gauzkr (adj.) ‘Gautish...’gauzkan HkrIIIˣ

gefa (verb) ‘give...’ — HkrIIIˣ

2gegn (prep.) ‘against...’gegnt HkrIIIˣ

gegna (verb) ‘encounter, mean...’ — HkrIIIˣ

geiga (verb) ‘[drift, swung]...’geigar HkrIIIˣ

geigr (noun m.) ‘fright, injury...’ — HkrIIIˣ

2gelda (verb) ‘[he pays]...’geldr HkrIIIˣ

gengr (adj.) [°superl. -str] ‘safe to walk, traverse...’ — HkrIIIˣ

gestr (noun m.) ‘guest, stranger...’ — HkrIIIˣ

1geta (noun f.)getur HkrIIIˣ

2geta (verb) ‘to beget, give birth to, mention, speak ...’ — HkrIIIˣ

1geysa (noun f.) [°-u] ‘geysa...’geysu HkrIIIˣ

2geysa (verb) ‘surge...’ — HkrIIIˣ

gil (noun n.) ‘ravine...’ — HkrIIIˣ

2gildra (verb) — HkrIIIˣ

girða (verb) — HkrIIIˣ

girna (verb) ‘desire...’ — HkrIIIˣ

gisting (noun f.) ‘accommodation, hospitality...’gistingar HkrIIIˣ

3gísl (noun f.)gíslar HkrIIIˣ

1gísling (noun f.) — HkrIIIˣ

gjarna (adv.) ‘readily...’ — HkrIIIˣ

gjǫf (noun f.) ‘gift...’ — HkrIIIˣ

gjǫrð (noun f.) ‘girdle...’gǫrð HkrIIIˣ

glaumr (noun m.) ‘noise...’ — HkrIIIˣ

gleðimaðr (noun m.) — HkrIIIˣ

glíkliga (adv.)líkliga HkrIIIˣ

glíkligr (adj.) ‘likely...’líkligt HkrIIIˣ

glæsirófa (noun f.) ‘Show-tail...’glæsirófu HkrIIIˣ

glǫð (noun f.) ‘[bright one, horse]...’ — HkrIIIˣ

gløggliga (adv.) — HkrIIIˣ

gnógr (adj.) [°compar. gnógari/gnǿgri, superl. gnógastr/gnǿgstr] ‘abundant...’gnóga HkrIIIˣ, gnógan HkrIIIˣ, gnógu HkrIIIˣ

gnýr (noun m.) ‘din, tumult...’ — HkrIIIˣ

góðr (adj.) ‘good...’gott HkrIIIˣ, góða HkrIIIˣ, góði HkrIIIˣ, góðra HkrIIIˣ

góðvili (noun m.)góðvilja HkrIIIˣ

grafa (verb) ‘to dig, earth, bury...’ — HkrIIIˣ

grannvaxinn (adj.) — HkrIIIˣ

grábarðr (adj.)grábarða HkrIIIˣ

gráða (noun f.)gráðuna HkrIIIˣ

grágás (noun f.) — HkrIIIˣ

2gráta (verb) ‘weep...’ — HkrIIIˣ

greiða (verb) ‘alleviate...’ — HkrIIIˣ

greiðliga (adv.) — HkrIIIˣ

grið (noun n.) ‘truce...’ — HkrIIIˣ

grikkjakonungr (noun m.)Grikja-konungr HkrIIIˣ

grimmligr (adj.) ‘terrible, fierce...’grimmligri HkrIIIˣ

grimmr (adj.) [°compar. -ari, superl. -astr] ‘fierce...’grimmastir HkrIIIˣ, HkrIIIˣ

grímr (noun m.) [°; -ar] ‘Grímr; fierce...’ — HkrIIIˣ

grípa (verb) ‘seize, grasp...’ — HkrIIIˣ

grjót (noun n.) ‘rock, stone...’ — HkrIIIˣ, grjóti HkrIIIˣ

grundvǫllr (noun m.) ‘foundation...’grundvelli HkrIIIˣ

2grunn (noun n.) [°; -] ‘°lavvandet område, havbund; dyb, bund; g...’grunninu HkrIIIˣ

grunnfœri (noun n.)grunnfœra HkrIIIˣ

1grunnr (noun m.) ‘bottom, shallows...’ — HkrIIIˣ

grunnsæligr (adj.)grunnsæligt HkrIIIˣ

grunsamligr (adj.)grunsamligt HkrIIIˣ

1grúfa (noun f.)grúfu HkrIIIˣ

1grýta (noun f.) — HkrIIIˣ

grǫftr (noun m.) ‘[grave, mining]...’graptar HkrIIIˣ, grepti HkrIIIˣ, grǫft HkrIIIˣ, grǫptr HkrIIIˣ

1guð (noun m.) [°***guðrs, guðis, gus] ‘(Christian) God...’ — HkrIIIˣ

guðsfriðr (noun m.)guðs friði HkrIIIˣ

guðsréttr (noun m.)guðs rétt HkrIIIˣ

gullhringr (noun m.) ‘gold ring...’gullhringum HkrIIIˣ

gullkista (noun f.)gullkistur HkrIIIˣ

gullleggja (verb) — HkrIIIˣ

gullroðinn (adj./verb p.p.) — HkrIIIˣ

gullstafr (noun m.)gullstǫfum HkrIIIˣ

gullvafiðr (adj./verb p.p.) — HkrIIIˣ

gulr (adj.) ‘[yellow]...’gult HkrIIIˣ

gyrða (verb) ‘gird...’ — HkrIIIˣ

gœðingr (noun m.) ‘chieftain...’ — HkrIIIˣ

gæfa (noun f.) ‘luck, fortune...’ — HkrIIIˣ

gæfumikill (adj.)gæfumestr HkrIIIˣ

gœzka (noun f.) ‘goodness...’gœzku HkrIIIˣ

gæzla (noun f.) ‘watch, guard...’gæzlu HkrIIIˣ

gǫfugligr (adj.) ‘glorious...’gǫfugligir HkrIIIˣ, gǫfugligt HkrIIIˣ

gǫfugmenni (noun n.) ‘[nobleman]...’ — HkrIIIˣ

gǫrla (adv.) ‘quite, fully...’ — HkrIIIˣ

gǫrvallr (adj.) ‘everything...’gǫrvallir HkrIIIˣ

haf (noun n.) [°-s; *-] ‘sea...’ — HkrIIIˣ

hafa (verb) ‘have...’ — HkrIIIˣ

halda (verb) ‘hold, keep...’ — HkrIIIˣ

halfdauðr (adj.)hálfdauðan HkrIIIˣ

halffertugr (adj.)hálffertøgt HkrIIIˣ

halfrými (noun n.) — HkrIIIˣ

halfþrítugr (adj.) — HkrIIIˣ

halla (verb) ‘turn sideways, sway, lean...’ — HkrIIIˣ

3hallr (adj.) ‘tilting, awry...’ — HkrIIIˣ, halt HkrIIIˣ

halmr (noun m.) [°-s, dat. -i/-] ‘straw...’hálmi HkrIIIˣ

halslangr (adj.) — HkrIIIˣ

haltr (adj.) ‘[short stick]...’halta HkrIIIˣ

1hamla (noun f.) [°*-u; *-ur] ‘rowing position...’hǫmlu HkrIIIˣ

3hamla (verb) ‘[mutilated]...’ — HkrIIIˣ

4hamla (verb) ‘[may wound]...’ — HkrIIIˣ

handaverk (noun n.) — HkrIIIˣ

handfestr (noun f.)handfestar HkrIIIˣ, handfesti HkrIIIˣ

1handganga (noun f.) — HkrIIIˣ

handleggr (noun m.) — HkrIIIˣ

handskot (noun n.) — HkrIIIˣ

handtygill (noun m.)hand⸢tugli HkrIIIˣ

1hanga (verb) ‘hang...’ — HkrIIIˣ

happ (noun n.) [°-s; *-] ‘fortune, luck...’ — HkrIIIˣ

happaverk (noun n.) — HkrIIIˣ

harðmagi (noun m.) — HkrIIIˣ

harðr (adj.) [°comp. -ari; superl. -astr] ‘hard, harsh...’hart HkrIIIˣ

harðvaxinn (adj./verb p.p.) — HkrIIIˣ

2harmdauði (adj.) — HkrIIIˣ

harmdauðr (adj.) ‘lamented death...’harmðꜹðr HkrIIIˣ

hata (verb) ‘hate...’ — HkrIIIˣ

hattarmaðr (noun m.) — HkrIIIˣ

haugr (noun m.) [°-s, -i; -ar] ‘mound, cairn...’ — HkrIIIˣ

hauss (noun m.) [°hauss, dat. hausi/haus; hausar] ‘skull...’ — HkrIIIˣ

háðuliga (adv.) ‘[shamefully]...’ — HkrIIIˣ

háleitr (adj.) ‘glorious, sublime...’ — HkrIIIˣ

hámessa (noun f.) — HkrIIIˣ

hápallr (noun m.)hápalli HkrIIIˣ

3hár (adj.) [°-van; compar. hǽrri, superl. hǽstr] ‘high...’hátt HkrIIIˣ, hávir HkrIIIˣ

hárr (adj.) ‘grey...’ — HkrIIIˣ

háskasamligr (adj.)háskasamligt HkrIIIˣ

háski (noun m.) [°-a; -ar] ‘danger...’ — HkrIIIˣ

hásæti (noun n.) ‘high-seat...’ — HkrIIIˣ

hásætiskista (noun f.) — HkrIIIˣ

hátíð (noun f.) ‘feast, festival...’ — HkrIIIˣ

hátta (verb) ‘construct...’ — HkrIIIˣ

1háttr (noun m.) [°-ar, dat. hætti; hættir, acc. háttu] ‘behaviour, measure, verse-form...’ — HkrIIIˣ

heðan (adv.) ‘hence, from this place...’ — HkrIIIˣ

hefja (verb) ‘lift, start...’ — HkrIIIˣ

hefna (verb) ‘avenge...’ — HkrIIIˣ

heiðafylja (noun f.) — HkrIIIˣ

1heiðingi (noun m.) [°-ja; -jar] ‘heathen...’ — HkrIIIˣ

4heiðr (adj.) ‘bright...’heitt HkrIIIˣ

heiftrækr (adj.) — HkrIIIˣ

heilagleikr (noun m.) — HkrIIIˣ

heilagr (adj.) [°helgan; compar. -ari, superl. -astr] ‘holy, sacred...’heilagi HkrIIIˣ, HkrIIIˣ, heilagt HkrIIIˣ, helga HkrIIIˣ, helgan HkrIIIˣ

heilhugaráð (noun n.) — HkrIIIˣ

1heill (noun f.) [°-ar; -ir] ‘good fortune...’heilla HkrIIIˣ

3heill (adj.) [°heilan; compar. heilli, superl. -astr/-str] ‘healthy, hale, hail...’heila HkrIIIˣ, heilastr HkrIIIˣ, HkrIIIˣ, heilt HkrIIIˣ, heilu HkrIIIˣ

1heilsa (noun f.) [°-u] ‘health...’ — HkrIIIˣ

heilsun (noun f.) [°heilsanar; heilsanir] ‘°hilsen, modtagelse; helbred, helbredsti...’heilsan HkrIIIˣ

2heima (adv.) ‘at home...’ — HkrIIIˣ

heiman (adv.) ‘from home...’ — HkrIIIˣ

heimboð (noun n.) ‘invitation, feast...’ — HkrIIIˣ

heimdragi (noun m.) ‘[stay-at-homes]...’heimdraganum HkrIIIˣ, heimdreganum HkrIIIˣ

heimilisvist (noun f.) — HkrIIIˣ

heimill (adj.) [°-ilan; compar. heimilli, superl. heimilastr] ‘°(I) lovlig, retsmæssig, retsgyldig; som...’heimla HkrIIIˣ

heimkynni (noun n.) — HkrIIIˣ

heimleyfi (noun n.) — HkrIIIˣ

heimr (noun m.) [°-s, dat. -i/-; -ar] ‘home, abode; world...’ — HkrIIIˣ

3heimta (verb) ‘to draw, pull in, fetch, get back...’ — HkrIIIˣ

hein (noun f.) [°-ar] ‘whetstone...’ — HkrIIIˣ

heit (noun n.) [°; -] ‘promise...’ — HkrIIIˣ

3heita (verb) — HkrIIIˣ

4heita (verb) ‘[was burnt, heat]...’ — HkrIIIˣ

heldr (adv.) ‘rather...’ — HkrIIIˣ

helga (verb) ‘to hallow, sanctify...’ — HkrIIIˣ

helgi (noun f.) [°-] ‘holy...’ — HkrIIIˣ

hellisdyrr (noun f.)hellis-dyrnar HkrIIIˣ, hellis-dyrrnar HkrIIIˣ

helmingsmunr (noun m.) — HkrIIIˣ

helsingr (noun m.) — HkrIIIˣ

henda (verb) ‘catch, seize...’ — HkrIIIˣ

hengja (verb) ‘hang, hang up...’ — HkrIIIˣ

herað (noun n.) [°-s; heruð] ‘district...’ — HkrIIIˣ

herbergi (noun n.) [°-s; -] ‘lodging, bedroom, inn...’ — HkrIIIˣ

herbergismaðr (noun m.) — HkrIIIˣ

2herða (verb) ‘strengthen...’ — HkrIIIˣ

herðibreiðr (adj.)herðibreið HkrIIIˣ

herfang (noun n.) ‘booty...’herfangi HkrIIIˣ

herfiligr (adj.) ‘[shameful]...’ — HkrIIIˣ

herfœrr (adj.) — HkrIIIˣ

herhlaup (noun n.) — HkrIIIˣ

2herja (verb) ‘harry, ravage...’ — HkrIIIˣ

1herma (verb) ‘[repeat]...’ — HkrIIIˣ

hermaðr (noun m.) ‘warrior...’ — HkrIIIˣ

hermannligr (adj.) — HkrIIIˣ

hernaðarfolk (noun n.) — HkrIIIˣ

heróp (noun n.) — HkrIIIˣ

herr (noun m.) [°-s/-jar, dat. -; -jar, gen. -ja/herra] ‘army, host...’ — HkrIIIˣ

herskapr (noun m.) ‘[retinue]...’ — HkrIIIˣ

herskár (adj.) ‘[war-worn]...’ — HkrIIIˣ

herskjǫldr (noun m.) ‘war-shield...’ — HkrIIIˣ

herspori (noun m.) — HkrIIIˣ

herstjórn (noun f.) — HkrIIIˣ

hertogi (noun m.) ‘duke...’ — HkrIIIˣ

hervirki (noun n.) — HkrIIIˣ

herǫr (noun f.) — HkrIIIˣ

hespa (noun f.) [°-u; -ur] ‘°(om lukkemekanisme) haspe; (som mængdea...’hespur HkrIIIˣ

hestalið (noun n.) — HkrIIIˣ

hestr (noun m.) [°-s, dat. -i; -ar] ‘horse, stallion...’ — HkrIIIˣ

hestvǫrðr (noun m.) — HkrIIIˣ

hettusveinn (noun m.) — HkrIIIˣ

heyhjalmr (noun m.) — HkrIIIˣ

hégómi (noun m.) — HkrIIIˣ

hér (adv.) ‘here...’ — HkrIIIˣ

hikri (noun m.) — HkrIIIˣ

hingat (adv.) ‘(to) here...’higat HkrIIIˣ, HkrIIIˣ, híngat HkrIIIˣ

hingatkváma (noun f.) — HkrIIIˣ

hirða (verb) ‘hide, care for...’ — HkrIIIˣ

hirðmaðr (noun m.) ‘retainer...’ — HkrIIIˣ

hirðsiðr (noun m.) — HkrIIIˣ

hirðstjórn (noun f.)hirðstiornina HkrIIIˣ

hirðstofa (noun f.) — HkrIIIˣ

hirðsveit (noun f.) — HkrIIIˣ

hirðvist (noun f.) ‘residence at court ...’ — HkrIIIˣ

hitta (verb) ‘meet, encounter...’ — HkrIIIˣ

hizig (adv.) ‘there, thither...’hitzig HkrIIIˣ, hizug HkrIIIˣ

hímaldi (noun m.) [°-a] ‘°drog, dovenkrop...’ — HkrIIIˣ

hjal (noun n.) [°-s] ‘[talk, chatter]...’ — HkrIIIˣ

hjalmaðr (adj./verb p.p.) ‘helmeted...’hjálmaðr HkrIIIˣ, hjálmat HkrIIIˣ

1hjalmr (noun m.) [°-s, dat. -i; -ar] ‘helmet...’ — HkrIIIˣ

hjalmvǫlr (noun m.) — HkrIIIˣ

1hjalpa (verb) ‘help...’ — HkrIIIˣ

hjá (prep.) ‘beside, with...’ — HkrIIIˣ

hjúpa (noun f.) — HkrIIIˣ

hjúpr (noun m.) [°dat. -i/-] ‘°overdel/skjorte (ofte af silke og båret...’hjúp HkrIIIˣ

hjǫrð (noun f.) [°hjarðar, dat. -/-u; hjarðir/hjarðar] ‘herd...’ — HkrIIIˣ

hlað (noun n.) [°-s; *-] ‘headband...’hlǫðum HkrIIIˣ

2hlaða (verb) ‘heap, pile...’ — HkrIIIˣ

hlaup (noun n.) [°-s; -] ‘?fast-flowing, raid...’ — HkrIIIˣ

hlaupa (verb) ‘leap, run...’ — HkrIIIˣ

hlaupstígr (noun m.) — HkrIIIˣ

hlátr (noun m.) [°hlátrs/hlátrar, dat. hlátri] ‘laughter...’hlátri HkrIIIˣ

hleypa (verb) ‘impell, make run...’ — HkrIIIˣ

hleypiskip (noun n.) — HkrIIIˣ

hleypiskúta (noun f.)hleypiscuta HkrIIIˣ, HkrIIIˣ

2hlið (noun n.) [°-s; -] ‘gate...’ — HkrIIIˣ

hlíf (noun f.) [°-ar; -ar] ‘shield, defence...’hlífar HkrIIIˣ

hlífarlauss (adj.) ‘[without a shield]...’hlifarlauss HkrIIIˣ

hlífðarlauss (adj.) — HkrIIIˣ

hlít (noun f.) [°-ar] ‘sufficiency...’ — HkrIIIˣ

hljóð (noun n.) [°-s; -] ‘sound, silence, a hearing...’ — HkrIIIˣ

hljóðr (adj.) [°compar. -ari, superl. -astr] ‘silent...’hljóðir HkrIIIˣ

hljóta (verb) ‘alot, gain...’ — HkrIIIˣ

hluta (verb) ‘cast lots; select by lot; (-sk) turn out...’ — HkrIIIˣ

hlutr (noun m.) [°-ar, dat. -i/-; -ir, acc. -i/-u] ‘part, thing...’ — HkrIIIˣ

hlutræningr (noun m.) — HkrIIIˣ

2hlýða (verb) ‘hear, listen; be able...’ — HkrIIIˣ

hlýðni (noun f.) [°-] ‘[obedience]...’ — HkrIIIˣ

hneigja (verb) ‘pay homage...’ — HkrIIIˣ

hneitir (noun m.) ‘sword...’Hneiti HkrIIIˣ

hnykkja (verb) ‘pull violently...’ — HkrIIIˣ

holmi (noun m.) [°-a] ‘°holm, lille ø; tue, bakke, høj...’hólma HkrIIIˣ

holt (noun n.) [°-s; -] ‘[forest, woods]...’ — HkrIIIˣ

1hopa (verb) — HkrIIIˣ

horfinalda (adj.) — HkrIIIˣ

1hóf (noun n.) [°-s; -] ‘court, temple...’ — HkrIIIˣ

2hóf (noun n.) [°-s; gen. -a] ‘moderation, reason...’hófs HkrIIIˣ

hógliga (adv.) — HkrIIIˣ

hregg (noun n.) ‘storm...’ — HkrIIIˣ

hreiðra (verb) — HkrIIIˣ

1hreinn (noun m.) [°; hreinar] ‘reindeer...’ — HkrIIIˣ

hrekja (verb) ‘[vanquished]...’ — HkrIIIˣ

hreystimaðr (noun m.) ‘[courageous men]...’ — HkrIIIˣ

hreystimannliga (adv.) — HkrIIIˣ

1hrinda (verb) ‘launch, propell...’ — HkrIIIˣ

hringabrynja (noun f.)hringa-brynju HkrIIIˣ, hringa-brynjunum HkrIIIˣ, hringa-brynjur HkrIIIˣ

4hringja (verb) ‘[ring, to ring]...’ — HkrIIIˣ

1hringr (noun m.) [°-s, dat. -; -ar] ‘ring; sword...’ — HkrIIIˣ, hringum HkrIIIˣ

hríð (noun f.) [°-ar; -ir] ‘time, storm...’ — HkrIIIˣ

hrískjarr (noun n.)hriskjǫrr HkrIIIˣ

hrísrunnr (noun m.) — HkrIIIˣ

1hrjóða (verb) ‘clear, destroy...’ — HkrIIIˣ

1hroði (noun m.) ‘[coarseness]...’ — HkrIIIˣ

hrokkinhárr (adj.) — HkrIIIˣ

hrumr (adj.) ‘°svag/skrøbelig (af alderdom/ælde), (æld...’ — HkrIIIˣ

hrúga (noun f.) [°-u; -ur] ‘hrúga...’ — HkrIIIˣ

hryggjarstykki (noun n.) — HkrIIIˣ

2hryggr (adj.) [°-van/-jan; compar. -vari/-ari/-ri; superl. -astr] ‘sorrowful, sad...’ — HkrIIIˣ

3hræða (verb) ‘fear, be afraid...’ — HkrIIIˣ

1hrøkkva (verb) ‘coil...’ — HkrIIIˣ

2hrøkkva (verb) — HkrIIIˣ

hugaðlátr (adj.) — HkrIIIˣ

hugkvæmligr (adj.) — HkrIIIˣ

hugr (noun m.) ‘mind, thought, courage...’ — HkrIIIˣ

hugrenning (noun f.) — HkrIIIˣ

hugsa (verb) ‘consider...’ — HkrIIIˣ

hugþekkr (adj.) ‘beloved...’ — HkrIIIˣ

hunang (noun n.) [°-s] ‘honey...’hunangs HkrIIIˣ

hundr (noun m.) [°-s, dat. -i; -ar] ‘hound, dog...’ — HkrIIIˣ

hundssoð (noun n.) — HkrIIIˣ

húðfat (noun n.) — HkrIIIˣ

húkr (noun m.) [°-s] — HkrIIIˣ, húks HkrIIIˣ

húnkastali (noun m.) — HkrIIIˣ

hús (noun n.) [°-s; -] ‘house...’ — HkrIIIˣ

húsa (verb) — HkrIIIˣ

húsbóndi (noun m.)husbændi HkrIIIˣ, HkrIIIˣ

húsbúandi (noun m.)húsbóanda HkrIIIˣ

húsfreyja (noun f.) — HkrIIIˣ

húskarl (noun m.) ‘retainer...’ — HkrIIIˣ

húsþekja (noun f.) — HkrIIIˣ

húsþing (noun n.) ‘assembly...’ — HkrIIIˣ

hvar (adv.) ‘where...’ — HkrIIIˣ

hvarmr (noun m.) [°dat. -i; -ar] ‘eyelid...’ — HkrIIIˣ

hvass (adj.) [°-an; -ari, -astr] ‘keen, sharp...’hvassa HkrIIIˣ

hvatliga (adv.) ‘[quickly]...’hvatdligazt HkrIIIˣ, hvatligast HkrIIIˣ

hvatligr (adj.) — HkrIIIˣ

hvatr (adj.) [°-ari, -an; -astr] ‘keen, brave...’hvatara HkrIIIˣ, hvatast HkrIIIˣ

hvatvetna (pron.) — HkrIIIˣ

hvatvíss (adj.) — HkrIIIˣ

hvárr (pron.) ‘who, which, what, whether...’ — HkrIIIˣ

hvárrtveggi (pron.) ‘both...’ — HkrIIIˣ

hvárt (adv.) ‘whether...’ — HkrIIIˣ

hvelpr (noun m.) [°; -ar] ‘°hvalp, hundehvalp, rovdyreunge; (I) (om...’ — HkrIIIˣ

1hverfa (verb) ‘turn, disappear...’ — HkrIIIˣ

hverfi (noun n.) [°-s] ‘°bygd, (afgrænset) område...’ — HkrIIIˣ

hvernig (adv.) ‘how...’ — HkrIIIˣ, hvernug HkrIIIˣ

2hverr (pron.) ‘who, whom, each, every...’hverjum HkrIIIˣ, HkrIIIˣ

hversu (adv.) ‘how, however...’ — HkrIIIˣ

hvervetna (adv.) ‘everywhere...’ — HkrIIIˣ

hvinr (noun m.) ‘°hvin, sus...’hvininn HkrIIIˣ

hvirfingsbróðir (noun m.) — HkrIIIˣ

hvirfingsdrykkja (noun f.)hvirfings-drykkjur HkrIIIˣ

hví (adv.) ‘why...’ — HkrIIIˣ

1hvíla (noun f.) [°-u; -ur] ‘bed...’hvílu HkrIIIˣ

hvíld (noun f.) [°-ar; -ir] ‘rest...’hvílð HkrIIIˣ

hvítaleðr (noun n.) — HkrIIIˣ

hvítr (adj.) [°-an; -ari, -astr] ‘white...’hvíti HkrIIIˣ

2hyggja (verb) ‘think, consider...’ — HkrIIIˣ

1hyrna (noun f.) [°-u] ‘[its bill]...’ — HkrIIIˣ

hýbýli (noun n.) ‘home, homestead, household...’híbýla HkrIIIˣ

hæð (noun f.) [°-ar; -ir] ‘height...’ — HkrIIIˣ

hæðiligr (adj.)hæþiligzta HkrIIIˣ

hœfi (noun n.) [°-s] ‘°mål, skydeskive; hvad der passer (for n...’ — HkrIIIˣ

hœgendi (noun n.) [°; -] ‘°(I) bekvemmelighed, behag, gavn, lindri...’ — HkrIIIˣ

hœla (verb) ‘boast...’ — HkrIIIˣ

hæli (noun n.) [°-s] ‘°skjul, tilflugtssted, tilholdssted...’hœli HkrIIIˣ

1hæll (noun m.) [°hǽls, dat. hǽli; hǽlar] ‘heel...’ — HkrIIIˣ

2hæll (noun m.) [°; hǽlar] ‘[widow]...’hæl HkrIIIˣ

hœns (noun n.) [°-; -] ‘°høne, (I) høns...’ — HkrIIIˣ

hærðr (adj./verb p.p.) ‘°som har (smukt/stort/...) hår...’ — HkrIIIˣ

2hætta (verb) ‘risk...’ — HkrIIIˣ

hǫfðingi (noun m.) [°-ja; -jar] ‘chieftain...’ — HkrIIIˣ

hǫfðingjalauss (adj.) — HkrIIIˣ

hǫfðingjastefna (noun f.) — HkrIIIˣ

hǫfðingligr (adj.) — HkrIIIˣ

hǫfuð (noun n.) [°-s; -] ‘head...’ — HkrIIIˣ

hǫfuðlæknir (noun m.)hꜹfuð læknar HkrIIIˣ

hǫfuðvǫrðr (noun m.) — HkrIIIˣ

hǫfugr (adj.) [°acc. hǫfgan, compar. hǫfgari] ‘heavy, difficult...’ — HkrIIIˣ, hǫfugt HkrIIIˣ

hǫggstaðr (noun m.) — HkrIIIˣ

hǫggva (verb) ‘to strike, put to death, cut, hew...’ — HkrIIIˣ

hǫnd (noun f.) [°handar, dat. hendi; hendr (hendir StatPáll³ 752¹²)] ‘hand...’ — HkrIIIˣ

hǫrmuliga (adv.) ‘[pitifully]...’ — HkrIIIˣ

3iðr (noun n.) [°; -] ‘womb, innards...’iðrin HkrIIIˣ

iðuliga (adv.) ‘frequently...’ — HkrIIIˣ

ilbandabrók (noun f.)ilbanda-brækr HkrIIIˣ

illgjarn (adj.) ‘[evil-eager]...’ — HkrIIIˣ

illmæla (verb) — HkrIIIˣ

illr (adj.) ‘bad, evil, unwell...’ill HkrIIIˣ, HkrIIIˣ, ilt HkrIIIˣ

2inn (art.) ‘the...’hinn HkrIIIˣ, hitt HkrIIIˣ, ina HkrIIIˣ, HkrIIIˣ

inna (verb) ‘to pay, discharge, relate, tell; to anno...’ — HkrIIIˣ

innan (prep.) ‘inside, within...’ — HkrIIIˣ

inndæli (noun f.) — HkrIIIˣ

2inni (adv.) ‘in, inside, indoors...’ — HkrIIIˣ

innlenzkr (adj.) — HkrIIIˣ

innsigli (noun n.) ‘[seal]...’ — HkrIIIˣ

innviðr (noun m.) — HkrIIIˣ

ílendr (adj.) ‘land-restored...’ — HkrIIIˣ

írskr (adj.) ‘Irish...’írskan HkrIIIˣ

íshǫgg (noun n.) — HkrIIIˣ

íslag (noun n.) — HkrIIIˣ

ísleggr (noun m.) — HkrIIIˣ

ísmǫl (noun f.) ‘[pieces of ice]...’ — HkrIIIˣ

íss (noun m.) [°íss; dat. ísi/ís; ísar] ‘ice...’ — HkrIIIˣ

ítrmannligr (adj.) — HkrIIIˣ

jaðarr (noun m.) [°-s, dat. jaðri; jaðrar] ‘edge, border...’ — HkrIIIˣ

jafn (adj.) [°comp. -ari, superl. -astr] ‘even, just...’jǫfnum HkrIIIˣ

2jafna (verb) ‘[equal]...’ — HkrIIIˣ

jafnaðarmaðr (noun m.) — HkrIIIˣ

jafndœmi (noun n.) — HkrIIIˣ

jafnlengð (noun f.) — HkrIIIˣ

jafnvirði (noun n.) — HkrIIIˣ

jafnvægi (noun n.)iamnvegi HkrIIIˣ

jamtr (noun m.) [°; -] ‘jamtr...’ — HkrIIIˣ

jarða (verb) ‘bury, inter...’ — HkrIIIˣ

jarðhús (noun n.) ‘earth-house...’ — HkrIIIˣ

jarl (noun m.) [°-s, dat. -i; -ar] ‘poet, earl...’ — HkrIIIˣ

jarlasaga (noun f.)iarla sꜹgom HkrIIIˣ

jarldómr (noun m.) ‘[an earldom]...’jarldóm HkrIIIˣ

jarlsmaðr (noun m.)Jarls menn HkrIIIˣ, HkrIIIˣ

jarlsmerki (noun n.) — HkrIIIˣ

jarlsnafn (noun n.) — HkrIIIˣ

jarlsríki (noun n.) — HkrIIIˣ

jarlsskip (noun n.) — HkrIIIˣ

jarteign (noun f.) [°-ar; -ir] ‘miracle...’jartegna HkrIIIˣ, jartegnir HkrIIIˣ, jarteina HkrIIIˣ

jarteignagerð (noun f.) — HkrIIIˣ

jákvæði (noun n.)iakveði HkrIIIˣ

jáorð (noun n.) — HkrIIIˣ

járn (noun n.) [°-s; -] ‘iron, weapon...’ — HkrIIIˣ

járnastaðr (noun m.) — HkrIIIˣ

jóladrykkja (noun f.)jóla-drykkja HkrIIIˣ

jólagjǫf (noun f.) — HkrIIIˣ

jólaveizla (noun f.) — HkrIIIˣ

jóreykr (noun m.) — HkrIIIˣ

jóti (noun m.) [°; -ar] ‘one of the Jótar...’Jóta HkrIIIˣ

jungfrú (noun f.) ‘maiden, virgin...’ — HkrIIIˣ

jǫfnuðr (noun m.) [°jafnaðar, dat. jafnaði] ‘°sammenligning (med ngn); (indbyrdes) sa...’jafnaði HkrIIIˣ

jǫrð (noun f.) [°jarðar, dat. -u; jarðir/jarðar(DN I (1367) 304Š)] ‘ground, earth...’ — HkrIIIˣ

kaða (noun f.) [°*-u] ‘[cackling bird]...’kǫðu HkrIIIˣ

kaðall (noun m.) [°kaðals, dat. kaðli/kaðal; kaðlar] ‘°kabel, tov/reb, line; (anvendt som bues...’ — HkrIIIˣ

kaf (noun n.) [°; *-] ‘deep sea...’ — HkrIIIˣ, kafi HkrIIIˣ

kafsyndr (adj.) — HkrIIIˣ

kaka (noun f.) [°*-u] ‘°klump, kage...’kǫku HkrIIIˣ

kalfr (noun m.) [°-s, dat. -i; -ar] ‘calf...’ — HkrIIIˣ

kalla (verb) ‘call...’ — HkrIIIˣ

1kampr (noun m.) [°dat. -i; -ar] ‘moustache...’ — HkrIIIˣ

kapalínn (noun m.) [°-s; -ar] ‘°chaplain...’kapalín HkrIIIˣ

kapella (noun f.) [°-u; -ur] ‘°chapel, oratory; (kapel dedikeret helli...’kápella HkrIIIˣ

kapp (noun n.) [°-s; *-] ‘strength, vigour, courage...’ — HkrIIIˣ

kappmæli (noun n.) — HkrIIIˣ

kappsamliga (adv.) — HkrIIIˣ

karl (noun m.) [°-s, dat. -i; -ar] ‘(old) man...’ — HkrIIIˣ

kastalahurð (noun f.) — HkrIIIˣ

kastalakirkja (noun f.) — HkrIIIˣ

kastali (noun m.) [°-a; -ar] ‘castle...’ — HkrIIIˣ

kaupa (verb) ‘buy...’ — HkrIIIˣ

kaupangr (noun m.) ‘Trondheim...’ — HkrIIIˣ

kaupangslýðr (noun m.) — HkrIIIˣ

kaupbœr (noun m.)kaupbœjar HkrIIIˣ, kaupbœnum HkrIIIˣ

kaupmaðr (noun m.) ‘[for merchants]...’ — HkrIIIˣ

kaupstaðr (noun m.) — HkrIIIˣ

kápa (noun f.) [°-u; -ur] ‘[capes]...’ — HkrIIIˣ

kefja (verb) [°kafði; kafðr/kafiðr/kafinn] — HkrIIIˣ

kefli (noun n.) [°; -] ‘°mindre træstykke, kølle, rundstok; (om ...’keflit HkrIIIˣ

keflivǫlr (noun m.) — HkrIIIˣ

keisari (noun m.) [°-a; -ar] ‘emperor...’ — HkrIIIˣ

kelduskítr (noun m.) — HkrIIIˣ

kenna (verb) ‘know, teach...’ — HkrIIIˣ

kennimaðr (noun m.) ‘teacher, cleric...’ — HkrIIIˣ

kennsl (noun n.) [°; -] ‘°genkendelse, identificering; beskyldnin...’kenzl HkrIIIˣ

keppa (verb) ‘compete...’ — HkrIIIˣ

ker (noun n.) ‘vessel...’ — HkrIIIˣ

kerling (noun f.) [°-ar, dat. -u, acc. -u/-; -ar] ‘old woman...’ — HkrIIIˣ

kerti (noun n.) [°-s; -] ‘candle...’kertum HkrIIIˣ

kesja (noun f.) [°-u; -ur] ‘halberd, spear...’ — HkrIIIˣ

kettlingr (noun m.) [°-s; -ar] ‘°killing; (om sværd)...’ketlingr HkrIIIˣ

keyra (verb) ‘drive, whip, fling...’ — HkrIIIˣ

kilting (noun f.) [°dat. -u/-; -ar] ‘°fold/lomme på kjortel (til at bære ngt ...’ — HkrIIIˣ

kinnarbein (noun n.)kinnarbeinit HkrIIIˣ

kirkja (noun f.) ‘church...’ — HkrIIIˣ

kirkjugarðshlið (noun n.) — HkrIIIˣ

kirkjugolf (noun n.) — HkrIIIˣ

kirkjulykill (noun m.) — HkrIIIˣ

kjarr (noun n.) [°; *-] ‘°buskads, krat, småskov...’ — HkrIIIˣ

kjarrmýrr (noun f.) — HkrIIIˣ

kjarrskógr (noun m.) — HkrIIIˣ

kjósa (verb) ‘choose...’ — HkrIIIˣ

kjǫlr (noun m.) [°kjalar, dat. kili; kjǫlir] ‘keel, ship...’ — HkrIIIˣ

klaustr (noun n.) [°-s; -] ‘[cloister]...’ — HkrIIIˣ

klaustri (noun m.) [°-a; -ar] ‘convent, monastery ...’klaustranum HkrIIIˣ

kleif (noun f.) [°; -ar] ‘cliff...’ — HkrIIIˣ

klerkasiðr (noun m.) — HkrIIIˣ

klerkr (noun m.) [°-s dat. -/-i; -ar, acc. -a/-u] ‘cleric...’ — HkrIIIˣ

klíningr (noun m.) ‘°brød m. smør...’klíning HkrIIIˣ, HkrIIIˣ

kljúfa (verb) ‘cleave...’ — HkrIIIˣ

1klæki (noun f.) ‘°vanære, skam...’ — HkrIIIˣ

klækisorð (noun n.) — HkrIIIˣ

klǫpp (noun f.) [°; klappir] ‘°gangbræt, trædesten (cf. NorskOrdb /1kl...’klappir HkrIIIˣ

knapi (noun m.) [°-a; -ar] ‘°tjener (hos fornem person), page, lakaj...’ — HkrIIIˣ

knapphǫfði (noun m.) — HkrIIIˣ

kné (noun n.) [°-s; -, gen. knjá] ‘knee, lap...’ — HkrIIIˣ

knosa (verb) ‘[torn]...’ — HkrIIIˣ

knúi (noun m.) [°-a; -ar] ‘°kno...’knúm HkrIIIˣ

knúska (verb) — HkrIIIˣ

knútr (noun m.) [°-s; dat. -i/-; -ar] ‘knot, Cnut; ?scorpion...’ — HkrIIIˣ

knýta (verb) ‘[to bridle]...’ — HkrIIIˣ

knǫrr (noun m.) [°knarrar, dat. knerri; knerrir, acc. knǫrru/knerri] ‘(a kind of) ship...’ — HkrIIIˣ

koma (verb) [kem, kom/kvam, kominn] ‘come...’ — HkrIIIˣ

konr (noun m.) [°-ar] ‘kind, descendant...’ — HkrIIIˣ

konungastefna (noun f.) — HkrIIIˣ

konungaætt (noun f.) — HkrIIIˣ

konungdómr (noun m.) ‘[kingdom]...’konungdóminum HkrIIIˣ, HkrIIIˣ

konungligr (adj.) — HkrIIIˣ

konungr (noun m.) [°dat. -i, -s; -ar] ‘king...’ — HkrIIIˣ

konungsbróðir (noun m.)konungs-bróðir HkrIIIˣ

konungsbryggja (noun f.)Konongs-bryggju HkrIIIˣ, konungs-bryggju HkrIIIˣ

konungsdóttir (noun f.)konungs dóttir HkrIIIˣ, konungs-dóttir HkrIIIˣ

konungsfóstri (noun m.) — HkrIIIˣ

konungsgarðr (noun m.)konungs-garði HkrIIIˣ, HkrIIIˣ

konungshásæti (noun n.) — HkrIIIˣ

konungsherr (noun m.) — HkrIIIˣ

konungslið (noun n.) — HkrIIIˣ

konungslúðr (noun m.) — HkrIIIˣ

konungslægi (noun n.) — HkrIIIˣ

konungsmaðr (noun m.)konungs menn HkrIIIˣ

konungsmágr (noun m.) — HkrIIIˣ

konungsmerki (noun n.) — HkrIIIˣ

konungsnafn (noun n.) ‘royal title...’konungs HkrIIIˣ, HkrIIIˣ

konungsréttr (noun m.) — HkrIIIˣ

konungsskip (noun n.) — HkrIIIˣ

konungsskyld (noun f.) — HkrIIIˣ

konungssveit (noun f.) — HkrIIIˣ

konungstekja (noun f.) — HkrIIIˣ

konungsvald (noun n.) — HkrIIIˣ

konungsvígsla (noun f.) — HkrIIIˣ

2kosta (verb) — HkrIIIˣ

kostnaðarsamr (adj.) — HkrIIIˣ

1kostr (noun m.) [°-ar, dat. -i/-; -ir, acc. -i/-u] ‘choice, food, goods, good quality...’ — HkrIIIˣ

1kóróna (noun f.) [°-u, -ur] ‘crown...’ — HkrIIIˣ

3kóróna (verb) ‘crown...’ — HkrIIIˣ

kórr (noun m.) [°-s, dat. -; -ar] ‘°(i kirkebygning) kor (kun med adgang fo...’ — HkrIIIˣ

krefja (verb) ‘request...’ — HkrIIIˣ

krepphendr (adj.) — HkrIIIˣ

kringja (verb) ‘encircle, make round...’ — HkrIIIˣ

kringluauga (noun n.) — HkrIIIˣ

kristinn (adj.) [°superl. kristnastr] ‘Christian...’kristit HkrIIIˣ

krjúpa (verb) ‘creep, kneel...’ — HkrIIIˣ

kross (noun m.) [°-, dat. -i; -ar] ‘cross, crucifix...’ — HkrIIIˣ

krosskirkja (noun f.) — HkrIIIˣ

krókpallr (noun m.) — HkrIIIˣ

krókr (noun m.) [°-s, dat. -i/-; -ar] ‘hook...’ — HkrIIIˣ

krœkja (verb) — HkrIIIˣ

kunna (verb) ‘know, can, be able...’ — HkrIIIˣ

kunningi (noun m.) [°-ja; -jar/-ar(JKr 373¹³: OsloUB 317 4° “E”)] ‘acquaintance...’ — HkrIIIˣ

kunta (noun f.) — HkrIIIˣ

kurr (noun m.) ‘°højlydt beklagelse, utilfredshed, prote...’ — HkrIIIˣ

kurra (verb) — HkrIIIˣ

kurteisliga (adv.)kvrteisliga HkrIIIˣ

kussari (noun m.) [°; dat. -um] ‘°?krigsskib (cf. Fr4), ?sørøver (cf. ÁBl...’kussorum HkrIIIˣ

kúfungr (noun m.) [°-s; -ar] ‘°sneglehus (af søsnegl)...’ — HkrIIIˣ

1kúrr (noun m.) [°; -ir] ‘°(I) folk fra Kúrland...’Kúrir HkrIIIˣ

kútiza (noun f.)kutiza HkrIIIˣ

kvaksamr (adj.) — HkrIIIˣ

kveða (verb) ‘say, recite...’ — HkrIIIˣ

kveðandi (noun f.) [°-] ‘°recitation, deklamation, fremsigelse af...’ — HkrIIIˣ

1kveðja (noun f.) [°-u; -ur] ‘greeting...’kveðju HkrIIIˣ

2kveðja (verb) ‘say, greet...’ — HkrIIIˣ

kveðjusending (noun f.) — HkrIIIˣ

kveina (verb) — HkrIIIˣ

kveld (noun n.) [°-s] ‘evening...’ — HkrIIIˣ

kvennamaðr (noun m.) — HkrIIIˣ

kvennavist (noun f.) — HkrIIIˣ

kverk (noun f.) [°; kverkr/-ar] ‘throat...’ — HkrIIIˣ, kverkrnar HkrIIIˣ

kvern (noun f.) [°-ar; -ir/-ar] ‘[hand-mill]...’ — HkrIIIˣ

kvikr (adj.) [°-van/-an] ‘alive...’kykvan HkrIIIˣ

1kvittr (noun m.) [°dat. -; -ir/-ar, acc. -u] ‘[rumour, chatter]...’kvitt HkrIIIˣ

3kvíða (verb) ‘fear...’ — HkrIIIˣ

kvísl (noun f.) [°; -ir/-ar] ‘°gren af slægt, slægtled, slægt, folkest...’ — HkrIIIˣ

kvæði (noun n.) [°-s; -] ‘poem...’ — HkrIIIˣ

2kylfa (verb) — HkrIIIˣ, kylfði HkrIIIˣ

kyndilmessa (noun f.) — HkrIIIˣ

kyrr (adj.) ‘calm, quiet...’kyrra HkrIIIˣ, kyrrara HkrIIIˣ, kyrru HkrIIIˣ

kyrtill (noun m.) [°dat. kyrtli; kyrtlar] ‘shirt...’ — HkrIIIˣ

kyssa (verb) ‘kiss...’ — HkrIIIˣ

kýla (verb) — HkrIIIˣ

kýli (noun n.) ‘°byld...’kýlinu HkrIIIˣ

2kœnn (adj.) [°superl. kǿnstr/kǿnastr] ‘wise, skilful...’kœnni HkrIIIˣ, kœnstr HkrIIIˣ

3kæra (verb) ‘complain, bring a charge...’ — HkrIIIˣ

kærleikr (noun m.) — HkrIIIˣ

kǫgurr (noun m.) [°; kǫgrar] ‘°tæppe, båreklæde, katafalktæppe...’ — HkrIIIˣ

kǫsungr (noun m.) [°dat. -i] ‘[shirt]...’kǫsungi HkrIIIˣ

lag (noun n.) [°-s; *-] ‘layer; (pl.) law...’ — HkrIIIˣ

lagabrot (noun n.)laga-brotin HkrIIIˣ

lagaeiðr (noun m.)laga eiða HkrIIIˣ

lagsmaðr (noun m.) ‘comrade...’ — HkrIIIˣ

lami (adj.) [°indecl.] ‘[battering]...’ — HkrIIIˣ

land (noun n.) [°-s; *-] ‘land...’ — HkrIIIˣ

landauragjald (noun n.) — HkrIIIˣ

landeyða (noun f.)Landeyðan HkrIIIˣ, Landeyðuna HkrIIIˣ

landfastr (adj.) — HkrIIIˣ

landfrelsa (verb)landfrelstr HkrIIIˣ

landráð (noun n.) ‘treason; government...’ — HkrIIIˣ

landráðamaðr (noun m.) — HkrIIIˣ

landsfolk (noun n.) ‘people of the country...’ — HkrIIIˣ

landsgæzla (noun f.) — HkrIIIˣ

landsherr (noun m.)landz-her HkrIIIˣ

landshǫfðingi (noun m.) — HkrIIIˣ

landsmegin (noun n.) — HkrIIIˣ

landsréttr (noun m.) — HkrIIIˣ

landsskyld (noun f.) — HkrIIIˣ

landsvist (noun f.) — HkrIIIˣ

landvarnarmaðr (noun m.) — HkrIIIˣ

landvegr (noun m.)landveg HkrIIIˣ

landvǫrn (noun f.) ‘defence of territory...’ — HkrIIIˣ

langafasta (noun f.)langafǫstu HkrIIIˣ

langfeðgi (noun m.) ‘ancestors on the father’s side, forefath...’langfeðgar HkrIIIˣ

langlífi (noun n.) — HkrIIIˣ

langpallr (noun m.) — HkrIIIˣ

langr (adj.) [°compar. lengri, superl. lengstr] ‘long...’lǫng HkrIIIˣ, lǫngum HkrIIIˣ

langskipasigling (noun f.) — HkrIIIˣ

langskipsbúza (noun f.)langskips-búza HkrIIIˣ

langtala (noun f.) — HkrIIIˣ

lasta (verb) ‘blame, deride...’ — HkrIIIˣ

latínumaðr (noun m.) — HkrIIIˣ

laug (noun f.) [°-ar; dat. -u/-; -ar] ‘bath, hot spring...’ — HkrIIIˣ

lauga (verb) ‘wash...’ — HkrIIIˣ

laugardagr (noun m.) ‘Saturday...’laugardag HkrIIIˣ

launa (verb) ‘reward...’ — HkrIIIˣ

launstígr (noun m.) — HkrIIIˣ, launstígu HkrIIIˣ

lauss (adj.) [°compar. lausari] ‘loose, free, without...’laus HkrIIIˣ, HkrIIIˣ, laust HkrIIIˣ

2lausyrði (noun n.) — HkrIIIˣ

lax (noun m.) [°; -ar] ‘salmon...’ — HkrIIIˣ

laz (noun n.) ‘°bånd, snørebånd...’láz HkrIIIˣ

lágr (adj.) [°comp. lǽgri, superl. lǽgstr] ‘low...’lágt HkrIIIˣ

lánardróttinn (noun m.)lánar-dróttni HkrIIIˣ

láss (noun m.) [°láss, dat. lási/lás; lásar] ‘lock...’ — HkrIIIˣ

láta (verb) ‘let, have sth done...’ — HkrIIIˣ

lávarðr (noun m.) [°-ar/-s dat. -i/-; dat. -um] ‘°(forholdet tjenende person vs. herre) (...’ — HkrIIIˣ

2leg (noun n.) [°-s; -] ‘[lair]...’ — HkrIIIˣ

legáti (noun m.) [°-a; -ar] ‘°udsending, (pavelig) legat...’legati HkrIIIˣ, légátann HkrIIIˣ

leggbítr (noun m.) — HkrIIIˣ

leggja (verb) ‘put, lay...’ — HkrIIIˣ

leggr (noun m.) [°-jar, dat. -; -ir] ‘limb...’ — HkrIIIˣ

leið (noun f.) [°-ar, dat. -u/-; -ir/-ar] ‘path, way...’ — HkrIIIˣ

3leiða (verb) — HkrIIIˣ

leiðangr (noun m.) [°leiðangrs, dat. leiðangri; leiðangrar] ‘naval levy...’ — HkrIIIˣ

leiðangrsmaðr (noun m.) — HkrIIIˣ

leiðtogi (noun m.) — HkrIIIˣ

leifa (verb) ‘[leave, had left]...’ — HkrIIIˣ

3leika (verb) ‘play...’ — HkrIIIˣ

leikinn (adj.) ‘°legesyg, glad, lystig, munter; (sinds)f...’ — HkrIIIˣ

1leikr (noun m.) [°-s, dat. -/-i; -ar] ‘sport, play...’ — HkrIIIˣ

leit (noun f.) [°-ar; -ir] ‘°eftersøgning, søgning, søgehold; søgeom...’ — HkrIIIˣ

leita (verb) ‘seek, look for, attack...’ — HkrIIIˣ

leiti (noun n.) [°-s; -] ‘mound, hill...’ — HkrIIIˣ

leizludrykkja (noun f.)leizlu-drykkjur HkrIIIˣ

lending (noun f.) [°dat. -u] ‘°(skibs) læggen til land, landingssted...’lendingunni HkrIIIˣ

lendramannaforráð (noun n.)lendra manna forráð HkrIIIˣ

lendsmannsréttr (noun m.) — HkrIIIˣ

lengi (adv.) ‘for a long time...’ — HkrIIIˣ

2lengja (verb) ‘lengthen, make longer...’ — HkrIIIˣ

2leó (noun n.) [°-] ‘°løve; afbildning/figur af løve...’léó HkrIIIˣ

lerka (verb) ‘[tormented]...’ — HkrIIIˣ

lesa (verb) ‘read...’ — HkrIIIˣ

leyniliga (adv.) — HkrIIIˣ

leysa (verb) ‘release, loosen, redeem...’ — HkrIIIˣ

(noun m.) [°ljá; ljár] ‘[scythe]...’léinn HkrIIIˣ

lén (noun n.) [°-s; -] ‘°fordel, rettighed, privilegium; len, jo...’ — HkrIIIˣ

létta (verb) ‘to relieve, lighten...’ — HkrIIIˣ

léttiskip (noun n.) — HkrIIIˣ

léttklæddr (adj./verb p.p.) — HkrIIIˣ

léttlátr (adj.) — HkrIIIˣ

léttmæltr (adj./verb p.p.) — HkrIIIˣ

lið (noun n.) [°-s; -] ‘retinue, troop...’liði HkrIIIˣ

liðfár (adj.) ‘[poorly supported]...’ — HkrIIIˣ, liðfátt HkrIIIˣ

liðgóðr (adj.) — HkrIIIˣ

liði (noun m.) [°-a; -ar] ‘companion...’ — HkrIIIˣ

liðkostr (noun m.) — HkrIIIˣ

liðlítill (adj.)liðlitill HkrIIIˣ

liðsmaðr (noun m.) ‘liegeman...’ — HkrIIIˣ

lifa (verb) ‘live...’ — HkrIIIˣ

liggja (verb) ‘lie...’ — HkrIIIˣ

limaðr (adj./verb p.p.) — HkrIIIˣ

limr (noun m.) [°-ar/-s, dat. -i/-; -ir acc. limu/limi] ‘[limb]...’ — HkrIIIˣ

1lindi (noun m.) [°-a; -ar] ‘belt, girdle...’linda HkrIIIˣ

listuligr (adj.) ‘magnificent, artistic ...’ — HkrIIIˣ

1líða (verb) ‘move, glide...’ — HkrIIIˣ

líf (noun n.) [°-s; -] ‘life...’ — HkrIIIˣ

lífdagr (noun m.) ‘[his life]...’lífdǫgum HkrIIIˣ

líflát (noun n.) — HkrIIIˣ

lífsgrið (noun n.) ‘mercy, quarter...’ — HkrIIIˣ

líkamr (noun m.) [°-s, dat. -/-i; -ir] ‘body...’ — HkrIIIˣ

líkferð (noun f.) — HkrIIIˣ

líkkista (noun f.) — HkrIIIˣ

líkneski (noun n.) [°-s; -] ‘[effigy]...’ — HkrIIIˣ

lím (noun n.) [°-s] ‘[mortar, mast]...’lími HkrIIIˣ, líminu HkrIIIˣ

límahǫgg (noun n.) — HkrIIIˣ

lítill (adj.) [°lítinn] ‘little...’lítinn HkrIIIˣ, lítit HkrIIIˣ

lítilleitr (adj.) — HkrIIIˣ

lítilmenni (noun n.) — HkrIIIˣ

lítilræði (noun n.) — HkrIIIˣ

2ljá (verb) ‘lend, grant...’ — HkrIIIˣ

ljóðbyskup (noun m.)ljóð HkrIIIˣ, HkrIIIˣ, ljóðbyskupa HkrIIIˣ, ljóðbyskupar HkrIIIˣ

ljóri (noun m.) [°-a; -ar] ‘°lyre, røgåbning i taget...’ljórann HkrIIIˣ

ljós (noun n.) [°ljóss; -] ‘light...’ — HkrIIIˣ

ljósleitr (adj.) — HkrIIIˣ

ljóss (adj.) [°compar. -ari, superl. -astr] ‘bright...’ljósa HkrIIIˣ, HkrIIIˣ

ljúfr (adj.) ‘beloved...’ljúfa HkrIIIˣ

ljúga (verb) ‘lie...’ — HkrIIIˣ

lofa (verb) ‘praise, permit...’ — HkrIIIˣ

loft (noun n.) ‘air, sky...’ — HkrIIIˣ

loftgluggr (noun m.) — HkrIIIˣ

loftsvǫl (noun f.) — HkrIIIˣ, lopt HkrIIIˣ

lund (noun f.) [°-ar; -ir/-ar(Rém 301³¹)] ‘mind, way...’ — HkrIIIˣ

lúðragangr (noun m.) — HkrIIIˣ

lúðrsveinn (noun m.) — HkrIIIˣ

lúfa (noun f.) [°-u] ‘shaggy-locks...’ — HkrIIIˣ

lyfting (noun f.) [°-ar, dat. -u, acc. -] ‘after-deck...’ — HkrIIIˣ

lyftingartjald (noun n.) — HkrIIIˣ

lygi (noun f.) [°-; -ar/-ir(Hem544 43¹⁰n.)] ‘lie...’ — HkrIIIˣ

lykill (noun m.) [°dat. lykli/lukli; lyklar/luklar] ‘[key]...’ — HkrIIIˣ

1lykkja (noun f.) [°-u; -ur] ‘[a knot]...’lykkjum HkrIIIˣ

lyngormr (noun m.) — HkrIIIˣ

lýðr (noun m.) [°-s, dat. -; -ir] ‘one of the people...’ — HkrIIIˣ

2lýsa (verb) ‘illuminate, show...’ — HkrIIIˣ

lýsing (noun f.) [°-ar, dat. -u/-; -ar] ‘[daybreak]...’ — HkrIIIˣ

2lýti (noun n.) [°-s; -] ‘fault, sin...’ — HkrIIIˣ

1lækna (verb) ‘heal, cure...’ — HkrIIIˣ

læknir (noun m.) [°lǽknis, dat. & acc. lǽkni (dat. lǽknir(JBpC(2003)— 146¹⁰)); lǽknar] ‘doctor...’læknar HkrIIIˣ

læsa (verb) ‘enclose, lock...’ — HkrIIIˣ

lǫgbók (noun f.) — HkrIIIˣ, lǫgbókinni HkrIIIˣ

lǫglausa (noun f.) — HkrIIIˣ

lǫgprettr (noun m.) — HkrIIIˣ

lǫgræningr (noun m.) — HkrIIIˣ

lǫgunautr (noun m.)lǫgunauta HkrIIIˣ

lǫm (noun f.) [°; lamar] ‘°hængsel...’lamar HkrIIIˣ

maðr (noun m.) ‘man, person...’ — HkrIIIˣ

magi (noun m.) [°-a; -ar] ‘°mave, bug; mavesæk...’ — HkrIIIˣ

makligleikr (noun m.) ‘[fittingly]...’ — HkrIIIˣ

makligr (adj.) ‘deserving...’ — HkrIIIˣ

mala (verb) ‘grind...’ — HkrIIIˣ

mannaaftak (noun n.)manna-aftǫkum HkrIIIˣ, HkrIIIˣ

mannfall (noun n.) — HkrIIIˣ

mannfolk (noun n.) — HkrIIIˣ

mannfróðr (adj.)mannfroðr HkrIIIˣ

mannfrœði (noun f.) — HkrIIIˣ

mannhættr (adj.) — HkrIIIˣ

mannshræ (noun n.) — HkrIIIˣ

mannshǫfuð (noun n.) — HkrIIIˣ

mannslát (noun n.) — HkrIIIˣ

mannspell (noun n.) — HkrIIIˣ

2manntjón (noun n.) — HkrIIIˣ

mannvænn (adj.) — HkrIIIˣ

margfaldr (adj.) ‘manifold...’margfǫldum HkrIIIˣ

2margr (adj.) [°-an] ‘many...’ — HkrIIIˣ, mǫrgu HkrIIIˣ

margtíðr (adj.) — HkrIIIˣ

mark (noun n.) [°-s; *-] ‘sign...’ — HkrIIIˣ

marka (verb) ‘to draw, mark, carve...’ — HkrIIIˣ

markamaðr (noun m.) — HkrIIIˣ

markbyggð (noun f.)markbyggðina HkrIIIˣ

markleiði (noun n.) — HkrIIIˣ

matbúa (verb)matbúit HkrIIIˣ

matkaup (noun n.) — HkrIIIˣ

matland (noun n.) — HkrIIIˣ

matr (noun m.) [°-ar, dat. -i/-; -ir] ‘food...’ — HkrIIIˣ

1mál (noun n.) [°-s; -] ‘speech, matter...’ — HkrIIIˣ, máli HkrIIIˣ

2mál (noun n.) [°-s; -] ‘°mærke (på ngt for at måle ngns højde); ...’ — HkrIIIˣ

málagull (noun n.) — HkrIIIˣ

málaleitun (noun f.)málaleitan HkrIIIˣ

máldagi (noun m.)máldǫgum HkrIIIˣ

2máli (noun m.) [°-a; dat. -um] ‘agreement...’mála HkrIIIˣ

mállauss (adj.) — HkrIIIˣ

málreið (noun f.) — HkrIIIˣ

málrœtinn (adj./verb p.p.) — HkrIIIˣ

málsnjallr (adj.) ‘eloquent...’malsniallr HkrIIIˣ, HkrIIIˣ

málstofa (noun f.) — HkrIIIˣ

málugr (adj.) [°málgan; superl. málgastr] ‘reticent...’málgir HkrIIIˣ

mánuðr (noun m.) [°-aðar; -aðir/-uðir] ‘month...’ — HkrIIIˣ

mási (noun m.) [°-a]mása HkrIIIˣ

máttr (noun m.) [°-ar, dat. mǽtti/mátt; mǽttir, dat. -um] ‘power...’ — HkrIIIˣ

með (prep.) ‘with...’ — HkrIIIˣ

meðal (prep.) ‘between...’ — HkrIIIˣ

meðalkafli (noun m.) ‘sword-hilt...’ — HkrIIIˣ

meðan (conj.) ‘while...’ — HkrIIIˣ

mega (verb) ‘may, might...’ — HkrIIIˣ

1megin (noun n.) [°-s, dat. magni/megni/megin(HirðB 398¹⁹); -] ‘might, strength; very...’megni HkrIIIˣ

2megin (adv.) ‘(on the side)...’ — HkrIIIˣ

meginflótti (noun m.) — HkrIIIˣ

meginland (noun n.) — HkrIIIˣ

meginlið (noun n.) — HkrIIIˣ

meinliga (adv.) ‘[painfully]...’ — HkrIIIˣ

meiri (adj. comp.) [°meiran; superl. mestr] ‘more, most...’meira HkrIIIˣ, mesta HkrIIIˣ

meirr (adv.) ‘more...’ — HkrIIIˣ

meizla (noun f.) ‘°(I) mishandling, beskadigelse, (tilføje...’meizlur HkrIIIˣ

melr (noun m.) [°-s, dat. -; -ar] ‘°grusbanke, sandslette, sandskrænt; mare...’ — HkrIIIˣ

1merki (noun n.) [°-s: -] ‘banner, sign...’ — HkrIIIˣ

merkiligr (adj.) ‘notable, stately...’ — HkrIIIˣ

merkismaðr (noun m.) ‘[noteworthy men]...’ — HkrIIIˣ

merr (noun f.) [°merar/marar(DN I (1356) 276¹); merar/marar(Gulᴵ 75²⁰)] ‘mare...’ — HkrIIIˣ

1messa (noun f.) [°-u; -ur] ‘mass...’ — HkrIIIˣ

messudagr (noun m.)messu-daginn HkrIIIˣ

messudagsaftann (noun m.)messudagsaptaninn HkrIIIˣ

met (noun n.) ‘°(vægt)lod; taksering, vurdering...’ — HkrIIIˣ

meyla (noun f.) — HkrIIIˣ

miðdegisskeið (noun n.)miðdegis-skeið HkrIIIˣ

miðla (verb) ‘mediate, share out...’ — HkrIIIˣ

mikill (adj.) [°mikinn] ‘great, large...’ — HkrIIIˣ, mikit HkrIIIˣ

miklagildi (noun n.) — HkrIIIˣ

miklimunnr (noun m.) — HkrIIIˣ

milli (prep.) ‘between...’ — HkrIIIˣ

millim (prep.) ‘°mellem (punkter), blandt; mellem (begiv...’ — HkrIIIˣ

1minni (noun n.) [°-s; -] ‘memory...’ — HkrIIIˣ

minning (noun f.) ‘commemoration, remembrance...’ — HkrIIIˣ

minnka (verb) ‘diminish, decrease...’ — HkrIIIˣ

minnr (adv.) ‘[less well, less]...’ — HkrIIIˣ

misfara (verb) — HkrIIIˣ

mishaldinn (adj./verb p.p.) — HkrIIIˣ

misjafn (adj.) ‘[unequal]...’misjafnt HkrIIIˣ

misjafna (verb) — HkrIIIˣ

1missa (noun f.) [°-u] ‘°tab, savn, afsavn...’missu HkrIIIˣ

2missa (verb) ‘lose, lack...’ — HkrIIIˣ

misstórr (adj.) — HkrIIIˣ

mjór (adj.) [°mjóvan; comp. mjór(r)i/mjár(r)i, superl. -str/mjóvastr] ‘slender...’mjóstr HkrIIIˣ

mjúkhendr (adj.) — HkrIIIˣ

mjúkleikr (noun m.) ‘[consolation]...’ — HkrIIIˣ

mjúkliga (adv.) — HkrIIIˣ

mjúkr (adj.) [°compar. -ari, superl. -astr] ‘gentle, humble...’mjúkari HkrIIIˣ, mjúku HkrIIIˣ

mjǫk (adv.) ‘very, much...’ — HkrIIIˣ

mjǫlleyfi (noun n.) — HkrIIIˣ

mjǫrkvi (noun m.) [°-a] ‘°tæt tåge, mørke...’mjǫrkva HkrIIIˣ

moka (verb) — HkrIIIˣ

mold (noun f.) [°-ar, dat. -u; -ir] ‘earth, soil...’ — HkrIIIˣ

morðvíg (noun n.) — HkrIIIˣ

1móða (noun f.) [°-u; -ur] ‘river...’ — HkrIIIˣ

móðerni (noun n.) [°-s/-] ‘[maternal side]...’ — HkrIIIˣ

móðurfrændi (noun m.) — HkrIIIˣ

móðurkyn (noun n.) — HkrIIIˣ

2mót (noun n.) [°-s; dat. -um] ‘image...’ — HkrIIIˣ

mótganga (noun f.) — HkrIIIˣ

mótgangr (noun m.) — HkrIIIˣ

mótgǫngumaðr (noun m.) — HkrIIIˣ

1muna (verb) ‘remember...’ — HkrIIIˣ

munkaklæði (noun n.) — HkrIIIˣ

munklífi (noun n.) — HkrIIIˣ

munksvígsla (noun f.) — HkrIIIˣ

munnljótr (adj.) — HkrIIIˣ

munnr (noun m.) [°-s, dat. -i; -ar] ‘mouth...’ — HkrIIIˣ

munr (noun m.) [°-ar/-s, dat. -/-i; -ir, acc. -i] ‘mind, pleasure...’ — HkrIIIˣ

munu (verb) ‘will, must...’ — HkrIIIˣ

musteri (noun n.) [°-s; -] ‘church, temple...’ — HkrIIIˣ

múgavetr (noun m.) — HkrIIIˣ

múgi (noun m.) [°-a; gen. -a] ‘°flok, hærskare, menneskeskare, folkmæng...’múga HkrIIIˣ

múgr (noun m.) [°-s, dat. -i/-] ‘°flok, hærskare, menneskeskare, folkemæn...’mug HkrIIIˣ

myrki (noun m.) [°-ja] ‘°tæt tåge, mørke...’myrkia HkrIIIˣ, mẏrkianom HkrIIIˣ

1myrkr (noun n.) [°myrkrs/myrks; -] ‘darkness...’ — HkrIIIˣ

myrkvi (noun m.) [°-a; -ar] ‘[darkness]...’myrkvanum HkrIIIˣ

2mœða (verb) ‘weary...’ — HkrIIIˣ

mægð (noun f.) [°-ar; -ir] ‘kinship by marriage...’mægðum HkrIIIˣ

1mæla (verb) ‘speak, say...’ — HkrIIIˣ

1mǫrk (noun f.) [°merkr, dat. -u/-; merkr/markir] ‘mark (unit)...’ — HkrIIIˣ

2mǫrk (noun f.) [°merkr; merkr] ‘forest...’ — HkrIIIˣ

mǫrnefr (noun m.) — HkrIIIˣ

mǫsurbolli (noun m.)mǫsurbolla HkrIIIˣ

mǫttulband (noun n.)mꜹttul bꜹndunum HkrIIIˣ

mǫttull (noun m.) [°-s; dat. mǫttli; mǫttlar] ‘[cloak]...’ — HkrIIIˣ

mǫttulsband (noun n.)mǫttuls-bǫndunum HkrIIIˣ

nafn (noun n.) [°-s; *-] ‘name...’nafni HkrIIIˣ

nafnbót (noun f.) ‘[rank]...’nafnbœtr HkrIIIˣ

nagl (noun m.) [°dat. -i; negl] ‘nail...’negl HkrIIIˣ

nauðigr (adj.) [°nauðgan; superl. nauðgastr] ‘reluctant(ly), under duress...’nauðig HkrIIIˣ

nauðsyn (noun f.) ‘need...’ — HkrIIIˣ

nauðula (adv.) — HkrIIIˣ

nauðuliga (adv.) — HkrIIIˣ

nauðungareiðr (noun m.)nauðungareiðar HkrIIIˣ

nauðungarsætt (noun f.) — HkrIIIˣ

nauthǫgg (noun n.) — HkrIIIˣ

nautshúð (noun f.) — HkrIIIˣ

1 (verb) ‘reach, get, manage...’ — HkrIIIˣ

náð (noun f.) [°-ar; náðir/náðr] ‘grace, peace...’ — HkrIIIˣ

náfrændi (noun m.) — HkrIIIˣ

nákvæmr (adj.) — HkrIIIˣ

náliga (adv.) — HkrIIIˣ, náligarr HkrIIIˣ

nánd (noun f.) [°; -ir] ‘proximity...’ — HkrIIIˣ

náttarþel (noun n.) — HkrIIIˣ

náttból (noun n.) — HkrIIIˣ, náttbóls HkrIIIˣ

náttserkr (noun m.) — HkrIIIˣ

náttsetja (verb) — HkrIIIˣ

náttstaðr (noun m.) ‘night-lodging...’ — HkrIIIˣ

náttverðr (noun m.) — HkrIIIˣ

neðarr (adv.) — HkrIIIˣ

nef (noun n.) [°-s; -, gen. -ja] ‘nose, beak...’ — HkrIIIˣ

nefbjǫrg (noun f.) ‘[by nose-guards]...’ — HkrIIIˣ

2nefna (verb) ‘mention, name, call...’ — HkrIIIˣ

1neita (verb) ‘refuse...’ — HkrIIIˣ

2neita (verb) — HkrIIIˣ

1nema (verb) ‘to take...’ — HkrIIIˣ

niðamyrkr (noun n.) — HkrIIIˣ

niðri (adv.) ‘below...’ — HkrIIIˣ

niðrlag (noun n.) — HkrIIIˣ

níða (verb) ‘[deride]...’ — HkrIIIˣ

níðingsverk (noun n.) — HkrIIIˣ

njósn (noun f.) [°-ar; -ir] ‘°efterretning, budskab, bud, rygte, “nys...’ — HkrIIIˣ

njósnarmaðr (noun m.) — HkrIIIˣ

njóta (verb) ‘enjoy, use...’ — HkrIIIˣ

norðmaðr (noun m.) ‘Norwegian...’ — HkrIIIˣ

norðmannaherr (noun m.)Norð HkrIIIˣ, HkrIIIˣ

norðmannaskip (noun n.) — HkrIIIˣ

2norðr (adv.) ‘north...’ — HkrIIIˣ

norðrdyrr (noun f.)norðrdurum HkrIIIˣ

norðrland (noun n.) — HkrIIIˣ

norrœnn (adj.) ‘[Norwegian]...’ — HkrIIIˣ

nunnusetr (noun n.) — HkrIIIˣ

nýbreytni (noun f.) — HkrIIIˣ

nýklæddr (adj./verb p.p.) — HkrIIIˣ

nýlunda (noun f.) — HkrIIIˣ

nýnæmi (noun n.) — HkrIIIˣ

nýr (adj.) [°nýjan; compar. nýrri, superl. nýjastr] ‘new...’nýju HkrIIIˣ

1næfr (noun f.) [°-ar; -ar/-ir(DN III (1322) 128²⁴)] ‘roof-shingle...’næfrum HkrIIIˣ

nær (adv.) ‘near, almost; when...’ — HkrIIIˣ

nœra (verb) ‘nourish...’ — HkrIIIˣ

nøkkurr (pron.) ‘some, a certain...’nackot HkrIIIˣ, nackveria HkrIIIˣ, nackveriar HkrIIIˣ, nacqverɴɴ HkrIIIˣ, nǫkkura HkrIIIˣ, nǫkkurr HkrIIIˣ, nǫkkurra HkrIIIˣ, nǫkkuru HkrIIIˣ, HkrIIIˣ

nøkkviðr (adj.) ‘naked...’nøkvit HkrIIIˣ

1of (noun n.) [°-s; -] ‘°stor/rigelig mængde (af ngn/ngt), overf...’ — HkrIIIˣ

ofan (adv.) ‘down...’ — HkrIIIˣ

ofar (adv.) ‘[high above]...’ — HkrIIIˣ

offr (noun n.) [°-s] ‘°ofring; (om Jesu ofring på korset); (ti...’ — HkrIIIˣ

ofgœðakostr (noun m.) — HkrIIIˣ

ofjarl (noun m.) — HkrIIIˣ

ofn (noun m.) [°dat. -1; -ar] ‘[oven]...’ — HkrIIIˣ, ofna HkrIIIˣ

ofngrjót (noun n.) — HkrIIIˣ

ofnstofa (noun f.) — HkrIIIˣ

ofrausn (noun f.) ‘excess of heroism...’ — HkrIIIˣ

ofrlið (noun n.) ‘overwhelming force...’ofr HkrIIIˣ, HkrIIIˣ

ofsamaðr (noun m.) — HkrIIIˣ

ofsi (noun m.) [°-a] ‘arrogance, violence...’ofsa HkrIIIˣ

ofstopamikill (adj.) — HkrIIIˣ

oftliga (adv.) ‘[often]...’optliga HkrIIIˣ

3ok (conj.) ‘and, but; also...’ — HkrIIIˣ

1op (noun n.) [°; dat. -um] ‘°åbning, hul...’opit HkrIIIˣ

opineygr (adj.) — HkrIIIˣ

opinn (adj.) ‘open, gaping...’ — HkrIIIˣ

opt (adv.) ‘often...’ — HkrIIIˣ

orð (noun n.) [°-s; -] ‘word...’ — HkrIIIˣ

orðafullting (noun n.) — HkrIIIˣ

orðlag (noun n.) — HkrIIIˣ

orðlof (noun n.) [°-s] ‘praise, fame...’orðlofi HkrIIIˣ, orðlofs HkrIIIˣ

orðrómr (noun m.) ‘[reputation]...’ — HkrIIIˣ

orðsending (noun f.) ‘message...’ — HkrIIIˣ

orðskap (noun n.)orðskǫpi HkrIIIˣ

orðskrœpi (noun n.) — HkrIIIˣ

orðsnjallr (adj.) ‘[word-sharp]...’ — HkrIIIˣ

orðspakr (adj.) — HkrIIIˣ

2orka (verb) ‘manage, achieve...’ — HkrIIIˣ

orrahríð (noun f.) — HkrIIIˣ

orri (noun m.) [°-a; -ar] ‘[blackcock, grouse]...’ — HkrIIIˣ

orrusta (noun f.) [°-u; -ur] ‘battle...’orrosta HkrIIIˣ, orrostu HkrIIIˣ

orrustulauss (adj.) — HkrIIIˣ

orrustumaðr (noun m.) — HkrIIIˣ

ostr (noun m.) [°-s, dat. -i; -ar] ‘[cheese]...’ — HkrIIIˣ

2ó (unclassified) — HkrIIIˣ

óaldarflokkr (noun m.) — HkrIIIˣ

óákafliga (adv.) — HkrIIIˣ

óbilgjarn (adj.) — HkrIIIˣ

óbrunninn (adj./verb p.p.) ‘[unburned]...’óbrunnit HkrIIIˣ

ódrengiliga (adv.) — HkrIIIˣ

ódýrr (adj.)ódýrra HkrIIIˣ

ódæll (adj.) ‘difficult...’ — HkrIIIˣ

ódœmaverk (noun n.)ódœma-verk HkrIIIˣ

óðalborinn (adj./verb p.p.) — HkrIIIˣ

óðinsdagr (noun m.)Óðinsdag HkrIIIˣ

2óðr (adj.) [°compar. -ari, superl. -astr] ‘raging, furious...’óða HkrIIIˣ, óðari HkrIIIˣ, óðastr HkrIIIˣ, óðir HkrIIIˣ, HkrIIIˣ

óeirarmaðr (noun m.)óeirar-maðr HkrIIIˣ

ófagr (adj.)ófegra HkrIIIˣ

ófrelsi (noun n.) — HkrIIIˣ

ófriðarmaðr (noun m.) — HkrIIIˣ

ófriðr (noun m.) ‘unrest...’ — HkrIIIˣ

ófrœði (noun f.) — HkrIIIˣ

1ófœra (noun f.) — HkrIIIˣ

ófœrr (adj.) — HkrIIIˣ

ófǫr (noun f.) ‘[defeat]...’ — HkrIIIˣ

ófǫrnuðr (noun m.) — HkrIIIˣ

ógildr (adj.) — HkrIIIˣ

óglaðr (adj.) ‘[unhappy]...’ — HkrIIIˣ

óglíkr (adj.) — HkrIIIˣ

ógn (noun f.) [°-ar; -ir] ‘terror, battle...’ — HkrIIIˣ

2ógrynni (noun n.) — HkrIIIˣ

ógæfa (noun f.) ‘bad luck, misfortune...’ — HkrIIIˣ

ógæfumaðr (noun m.)ógæfu-maðr HkrIIIˣ

óhamingja (noun f.) — HkrIIIˣ

óhapp (noun n.) — HkrIIIˣ

óheppiliga (adv.) — HkrIIIˣ

óherjaðr (adj./verb p.p.) — HkrIIIˣ

óhljóð (noun n.) ‘[tumult]...’ — HkrIIIˣ

óhlýðinn (adj./verb p.p.) — HkrIIIˣ

óhlýðni (noun f.) ‘[disobedience]...’ — HkrIIIˣ

óhroðinn (adj./verb p.p.) — HkrIIIˣ

óhættr (adj.) — HkrIIIˣ

ójafnskipaðr (adj./verb p.p.) — HkrIIIˣ

ójǫfnuðr (noun m.) — HkrIIIˣ

ólag (noun n.) — HkrIIIˣ

ómaki (noun m.) — HkrIIIˣ

ómakligr (adj.) — HkrIIIˣ

óminna (verb) — HkrIIIˣ

ómjúkr (adj.) ‘[unyielding]...’ — HkrIIIˣ

óp (noun n.) [°-s] ‘shouting, crying...’ópi HkrIIIˣ

2ór (noun f.) — HkrIIIˣ

óritaðr (adj./verb p.p.) — HkrIIIˣ

órskurðr (noun m.) ‘[interpretation]...’ — HkrIIIˣ

órslit (noun n.) — HkrIIIˣ

ósárr (adj.) — HkrIIIˣ

ósekr (adj.) — HkrIIIˣ

ósigr (noun m.) — HkrIIIˣ

óskeyndr (adj.)óskeyndz HkrIIIˣ

ósnjallr (adj.) — HkrIIIˣ

ósómi (noun m.) — HkrIIIˣ

óspekð (noun f.) — HkrIIIˣ

óstilling (noun f.) — HkrIIIˣ

óstr (noun m.) ‘°halsgrube, kværk...’óstinn HkrIIIˣ

ósýnn (adj.) ‘[unclear]...’ — HkrIIIˣ

ótraustr (adj.) — HkrIIIˣ

óttafenginn (adj./verb p.p.)ottafenginn HkrIIIˣ

óttafullr (adj.) — HkrIIIˣ

óttusǫngr (noun m.) — HkrIIIˣ

óttusǫngsmál (noun n.) — HkrIIIˣ

óvanr (adj.) — HkrIIIˣ

óvarliga (adv.) — HkrIIIˣ

óvarr (adj.) ‘unwary...’ — HkrIIIˣ

óvit (noun n.) — HkrIIIˣ

óvitr (adj.) — HkrIIIˣ

óvitrliga (adv.) — HkrIIIˣ

óvígðr (adj./verb p.p.) — HkrIIIˣ

óvígliga (adv.) — HkrIIIˣ

óvísavargr (noun m.) — HkrIIIˣ

óvænn (adj.)ovænt HkrIIIˣ, HkrIIIˣ

óþokka (verb) ‘[disliked]...’ — HkrIIIˣ

óþýðr (adj.) ‘[rough]...’ — HkrIIIˣ

paðreimr (noun m.) [°dat. -i] ‘°(om hippodromen i Konstantinopel) vædde...’paðreimi HkrIIIˣ

palmari (noun m.) [°-a; gen. -a] ‘°person hjemvendt m. palmegren fra det h...’pálmara HkrIIIˣ, pálmarum HkrIIIˣ

1pati (noun m.) [°-a] ‘°løst rygte, folkesnak...’ — HkrIIIˣ

páfi (noun m.) [°-a; -ar] ‘Pope...’páva HkrIIIˣ

pálstafr (noun m.) — HkrIIIˣ

páskavika (noun f.) — HkrIIIˣ

páskir (noun f.) ‘°påske...’ — HkrIIIˣ

pell (noun n.) [°-s; -] ‘velvet...’pellum HkrIIIˣ

penningr (noun m.) [°-s, dat. -i; -ar] ‘[penny, coin]...’ — HkrIIIˣ

písl (noun f.) [°-ar; -ir/-ar(Maurit 650²²)] ‘torture...’píslum HkrIIIˣ

píslarmark (noun n.) — HkrIIIˣ

plógjárn (noun n.) — HkrIIIˣ

postulakirkja (noun f.) — HkrIIIˣ

pólút (noun f.) [°; -ir] ‘°palads...’pólútir HkrIIIˣ

pólútasvarf (noun n.) — HkrIIIˣ

príss (noun m.) [°dat. -] ‘praise...’prís HkrIIIˣ

prísund (noun f.) ‘°fængsel, fangenskab; tvang, pres, ufrih...’ — HkrIIIˣ

prófastr (noun m.) [°-s/-, dat. -i; -ar] ‘°øverste myndighed (over geogr. område),...’ — HkrIIIˣ

prúðliga (adv.) ‘[splendidly]...’prúð HkrIIIˣ, HkrIIIˣ

prýða (verb) ‘adorn...’ — HkrIIIˣ

pungelta (noun f.)pungeltu HkrIIIˣ

purpuri (noun m.) [°-a] ‘°stof/tøj indfarvet m. purpur, kostbart ...’ — HkrIIIˣ

pynding (noun f.) [°; -ar] ‘°tvang, undertrykkelse, (tungt) påbud, s...’ — HkrIIIˣ, pyndingum HkrIIIˣ

ragr (adj.) [°superl. -astr] ‘[perverted, minded]...’ — HkrIIIˣ

rammligr (adj.) ‘strong...’ — HkrIIIˣ

rangr (adj.) ‘wrong, false...’ranga HkrIIIˣ

rannsaka (verb) — HkrIIIˣ

rasa (verb) ‘rush, stumble...’ — HkrIIIˣ

rauðr (adj.) [°compar. -ari] ‘red...’rautt HkrIIIˣ

rauf (noun f.) [°; -ar] ‘hole...’ — HkrIIIˣ

raufari (noun m.) [°-a; -ar] ‘°røver...’raufara HkrIIIˣ

raun (noun f.) [°-ar; -ir] ‘ordeal, proof, experience...’ — HkrIIIˣ

raz (noun m.) [°dat. -i] ‘°ende, bagdel, rumpe, anus...’ — HkrIIIˣ

ráð (noun n.) [°-s; -] ‘advice, plan, control, power...’ — HkrIIIˣ

ráða (verb) ‘advise, rule, interpret, decide...’ — HkrIIIˣ

ráðagerð (noun f.) — HkrIIIˣ

ráðagerðarmaðr (noun m.) — HkrIIIˣ

ráðamaðr (noun m.) — HkrIIIˣ

ráðbani (noun m.) ‘[death-instigator]...’ — HkrIIIˣ

ráðsnilld (noun f.) — HkrIIIˣ

ráðsnjallr (adj.) — HkrIIIˣ

ráðuneyti (noun n.) — HkrIIIˣ

ráðþægr (adj.) — HkrIIIˣ

ránfé (noun n.) — HkrIIIˣ

ránsmaðr (noun m.) — HkrIIIˣ

refði (noun n.) [°; -] ‘°langskaftet økse m. brod...’ — HkrIIIˣ

reformasótt (noun f.) — HkrIIIˣ

1refsa (verb) ‘punish...’ — HkrIIIˣ

refsan (noun f.) ‘°straf, revselse...’ — HkrIIIˣ

refsing (noun f.) [°-ar; -ar] ‘[punishment]...’refsingar HkrIIIˣ

refsingasamr (adj.) — HkrIIIˣ

regn (noun n.) [°-s; -] ‘rain...’ — HkrIIIˣ

2reiða (verb) ‘carry...’ — HkrIIIˣ

3reiða (verb) — HkrIIIˣ

reiðalauss (adj.) — HkrIIIˣ

2reiði (noun f.) [°-] ‘anger...’ — HkrIIIˣ

reiðimál (noun n.) — HkrIIIˣ

reiðulauss (adj.)ræiðo las HkrIIIˣ

2reiðuliga (adv.) — HkrIIIˣ

reika (verb) ‘stagger, falter...’ — HkrIIIˣ

reipareiði (noun m.) — HkrIIIˣ

2reisa (verb) ‘to raise, erect...’ — HkrIIIˣ

2reka (verb) ‘drive, force...’ — HkrIIIˣ

2rekja (verb) ‘unwind; track, trace...’ — HkrIIIˣ

2renna (verb) ‘run (strong)...’ — HkrIIIˣ

3renna (verb) ‘let run (weak)...’ — HkrIIIˣ

renr (noun m.) [°; -ir] ‘[Renir]...’Reni HkrIIIˣ

reyna (verb) ‘test, try, experience...’ — HkrIIIˣ

reynd (noun f.) [°-ar; -ir] ‘°prøvelse; i virkeligheden, ganske vist,...’ — HkrIIIˣ

2reyra (verb)reyrðu HkrIIIˣ

reyrband (noun n.)reyrbǫndunum HkrIIIˣ

1reyrr (noun m.) [°-s, dat. -/-i] ‘°rørgræs, siv, tagrør...’reyr HkrIIIˣ

reyrsproti (noun m.) — HkrIIIˣ

reyrteinn (noun m.) — HkrIIIˣ

réna (verb) — HkrIIIˣ

réttarbót (noun f.)réttar-bœtr HkrIIIˣ, réttar-bætr HkrIIIˣ

réttdœmi (noun n.) — HkrIIIˣ

réttendi (noun n.) [°; -] ‘[justice]...’réttendum HkrIIIˣ

réttlátr (adj.) ‘[just one]...’ — HkrIIIˣ

réttleitr (adj.) — HkrIIIˣ

1réttr (noun m.) [°-ar, dat. -/-i; -ir, acc. -i/-u] ‘right, entitlement...’ — HkrIIIˣ

3réttr (adj.) [°compar. -ari, superl. -astr] ‘right, straight, direct...’ — HkrIIIˣ, réttu HkrIIIˣ

riddaralið (noun n.) — HkrIIIˣ

riddari (noun m.) [°-a; -ar] ‘knight...’ — HkrIIIˣ

riðill (noun m.) [°; dat. -um] ‘°(om sværd)...’riðlum HkrIIIˣ

riðla (verb) — HkrIIIˣ

riðvǫlr (noun m.) — HkrIIIˣ

rifs (noun n.) ‘°røveri, plyndring...’ — HkrIIIˣ

rita (verb) ‘write...’ — HkrIIIˣ

1ríða (verb) ‘ride...’ — HkrIIIˣ

2ríða (verb) ‘twist, rub, press (Cf. OE wrīðan)...’ — HkrIIIˣ

rífa (verb) ‘tear...’ — HkrIIIˣ

ríkdómr (noun m.)ríkdóminn HkrIIIˣ

ríkismaðr (noun m.) — HkrIIIˣ

ríklundaðr (adj./verb p.p.) ‘proud-minded...’ — HkrIIIˣ

ríkmannligr (adj.) — HkrIIIˣ

ríta (verb) ‘write...’ — HkrIIIˣ

rjúfa (verb) ‘break...’ — HkrIIIˣ

1rjúpa (noun f.) [°-u; -ur] ‘°rype (lat. lagopus)...’ — HkrIIIˣ

roskinmannligr (adj.) — HkrIIIˣ

roskinn (adj.) [°compar. rosknari, superl. rosknastr] ‘[fully grown]...’ — HkrIIIˣ

1 (noun f.) [°-ar] ‘[peace, rest]...’ — HkrIIIˣ

2róa (verb) ‘row...’ — HkrIIIˣ

róða (noun f.) [°-u; -ur] ‘[an image]...’ — HkrIIIˣ

róðr (noun m.) [°róðrar, dat. róðri, acc. róðr/róð(BǫglEirsp 458²⁴)] ‘rowing-district, levy...’ — HkrIIIˣ, róðrinn HkrIIIˣ

róðrarferja (noun f.)róðrar-ferjur HkrIIIˣ

rusli (noun m.) — HkrIIIˣ

rúm (noun n.) [°-s; -] ‘place...’ — HkrIIIˣ

rúmr (adj.) [°compar. rýmri/rúmari, superl. rýmstr]rýmst HkrIIIˣ

2ryðja (verb) ‘to clear (free) land...’ — HkrIIIˣ

2rœða (verb) ‘utter, speak...’ — HkrIIIˣ

2ræfr (noun n.) ‘roof...’ — HkrIIIˣ

rœma (verb) — HkrIIIˣ

ræna (verb) ‘rob...’ — HkrIIIˣ

2rœta (verb) — HkrIIIˣ

1rǫst (noun f.) [°rastar; rastir] ‘(a measure of distance)...’rastir HkrIIIˣ

safna (verb) ‘gather...’ — HkrIIIˣ

sakagift (noun f.) — HkrIIIˣ

sakbitinn (adj./verb p.p.)sakbitnir HkrIIIˣ

sakeyrir (noun m.)sakeyri HkrIIIˣ

sakmetinn (adj./verb p.p.) — HkrIIIˣ

samband (noun n.) ‘[union]...’ — HkrIIIˣ, sambandi HkrIIIˣ

sambera (verb) — HkrIIIˣ

samburðarǫl (noun n.)samburðar-ǫl HkrIIIˣ

samfastr (adj.) ‘[continuously]...’samfast HkrIIIˣ

samfeðra (adj.) — HkrIIIˣ

samflot (noun n.) — HkrIIIˣ

samlag (noun n.) — HkrIIIˣ

sammœðri (adj.) — HkrIIIˣ

samr (adj.) [°compar. -ari] ‘same...’samt HkrIIIˣ

samsæti (noun n.) — HkrIIIˣ

2samþykki (noun n.) ‘concord...’ — HkrIIIˣ

2samþykkja (verb) — HkrIIIˣ

2sanna (verb) ‘prove...’ — HkrIIIˣ

1sannr (noun m.) [°-s, dat. -i;] ‘true...’sann HkrIIIˣ, sanni HkrIIIˣ

2sannr (adj.) [°-an; compar. -ari, superl. -astr] ‘true...’sanna HkrIIIˣ, sannast HkrIIIˣ

sannreyna (verb) — HkrIIIˣ

2sannyrði (noun n.) — HkrIIIˣ

sarpr (noun m.) ‘[Sarpfossen]...’Sarp HkrIIIˣ

sauðr (noun m.) [°-ar/-s dat.-/-i; -ir] ‘sheep...’ — HkrIIIˣ

saumr (noun m.) [°-s, dat. -i; -ar] ‘nail, seam...’ — HkrIIIˣ

saupprúðr (adj.) — HkrIIIˣ

1 (pron.) [°gen. þess, dat. þeim, acc. þann; f. sú, gen. þeirrar, acc. þá; n. þat, dat. því; pl. m. þeir, f. þǽ---] ‘that (one), those...’ — HkrIIIˣ, þat HkrIIIˣ

2sáð (noun n.) [°-s; -] ‘seed...’ — HkrIIIˣ

sárliga (adv.) ‘bitterly, painfully ...’ — HkrIIIˣ

sárr (adj.) [°compar. -ari, superl. -astr] ‘sore, painful; wounded...’sárt HkrIIIˣ, sáru HkrIIIˣ

sáttarstefna (noun f.) — HkrIIIˣ

sáttgjarnliga (adv.) — HkrIIIˣ

sáttmál (noun n.) — HkrIIIˣ

segja (verb) ‘say, tell...’ — HkrIIIˣ

segl (noun n.) [°-s; -] ‘sail...’ — HkrIIIˣ

seglbúinn (adj./verb p.p.)seglbúnir HkrIIIˣ

segltœkr (adj.) — HkrIIIˣ

seil (noun f.) [°; dat. -um] ‘strap...’seilum HkrIIIˣ

seinn (adj.) [°seinan; compar. seinni, superl. seinstr/seinastr] ‘slow, late...’seinst HkrIIIˣ

4selja (verb) ‘hand over, sell, give...’ — HkrIIIˣ

sem (conj.) ‘as, which...’ — HkrIIIˣ

2semja (verb) ‘befit...’ — HkrIIIˣ

senda (verb) ‘send...’ — HkrIIIˣ

sendifǫr (noun f.)sendifǫrna HkrIIIˣ

sending (noun f.) [°-ar dat -u/-; -ar] ‘°forsendelse, (værdig) gave; budskab, ær...’sendingar HkrIIIˣ

senn (adv.) ‘at once...’ — HkrIIIˣ

1sess (noun m.) [°-, dat -/-i;n dat. -um] ‘seat, throne...’ — HkrIIIˣ

setgeiri (noun m.) — HkrIIIˣ

setja (verb) ‘place, set, establish...’ — HkrIIIˣ

setr (noun n.) [°-s; -] ‘seat, abode...’ — HkrIIIˣ

siðlátr (adj.) ‘[most virtuous]...’ — HkrIIIˣ

siðr (noun m.) [°-ar, dat. -/-i; -ir, acc. -u] ‘faith, morals...’sið HkrIIIˣ, siða HkrIIIˣ, HkrIIIˣ, siðu HkrIIIˣ

2sigla (verb) ‘sail...’ — HkrIIIˣ

2signa (verb) ‘bless, consecrate...’ — HkrIIIˣ

sigra (verb) ‘win, gain victory...’ — HkrIIIˣ

sigrsæll (adj.) — HkrIIIˣ

sik (pron.) [°gen. sín, dat. sér] ‘(refl. pron.)...’ — HkrIIIˣ

silfrhadda (noun f.) — HkrIIIˣ

silfrmetinn (adj./verb p.p.) — HkrIIIˣ

silfrpenningr (noun m.) — HkrIIIˣ

silki (noun n.) ‘silk...’ — HkrIIIˣ

silkibleikr (adj.)silkibleikt HkrIIIˣ

silkihjúpr (noun m.) — HkrIIIˣ

silkihúfa (noun f.) — HkrIIIˣ

silkisaumaðr (adj./verb p.p.) — HkrIIIˣ

silkiskyrta (noun f.) — HkrIIIˣ

2sin (noun n.) ‘°(bånd/tråd af) sene...’sini HkrIIIˣ

2sinn (noun n.) [°?dat. -] ‘time...’sinni HkrIIIˣ

3sinn (pron.) [°f. sín, n. sitt] ‘(refl. poss. pron.)...’ — HkrIIIˣ

2sinni (noun n.) [°-s;] ‘time, occasion; company, following...’ — HkrIIIˣ

sinnsig (adv.) — HkrIIIˣ, sinsic HkrIIIˣ

sipill (noun m.)sipil HkrIIIˣ

sitja (verb) ‘sit...’ — HkrIIIˣ

síðan (adv.) ‘later, then...’ — HkrIIIˣ

síðarla (adv.) ‘[late, tardily]...’ — HkrIIIˣ

síðarliga (adv.) — HkrIIIˣ

1síðr (adj.) [°compar. -ari] ‘long, hanging...’síð HkrIIIˣ

2síðr (adv.) ‘less, hardly...’ — HkrIIIˣ

síga (verb) ‘sink, slide, lower...’ — HkrIIIˣ

sínkr (adj.) [°superl. -astr]sínkastr HkrIIIˣ

sjalfgǫrr (adj.) — HkrIIIˣ

sjalfr (adj.) ‘self...’sjálft HkrIIIˣ, sjálfum HkrIIIˣ

sjalfráða (adj.) — HkrIIIˣ

1sjalfræði (noun n.) — HkrIIIˣ

1sjá (pron.) [°gen. þessa dat. þessum/þeima, acc. þenna; f. sjá/þessi; n. þetta, dat. þessu/þvísa; pl. þessir] ‘this...’ — HkrIIIˣ

2sjá (verb) ‘see...’ — HkrIIIˣ

sjón (noun f.) [°-ar; -ir] ‘eyes, sight...’ — HkrIIIˣ

sjónlauss (adj.) — HkrIIIˣ

sjónleysi (noun n.) — HkrIIIˣ

sjúkleikr (noun m.) — HkrIIIˣ

sjúkr (adj.) ‘ill, sick...’sjúkari HkrIIIˣ

skaðamaðr (noun m.) — HkrIIIˣ

2skaka (verb) ‘shake...’ — HkrIIIˣ

skakkaskáld (noun n.) — HkrIIIˣ

2skakkr (adj.) ‘twisted, awry...’skakki HkrIIIˣ

skalli (noun m.) [°-a] ‘[Skalli, be bald]...’ — HkrIIIˣ

skalpr (noun m.) [°-s; -ar] ‘sheath...’ — HkrIIIˣ

skammr (adj.) ‘short...’skamt HkrIIIˣ, skemsta HkrIIIˣ, skemstu HkrIIIˣ

1skap (noun n.) [°-s; *-] ‘mind, fate...’ — HkrIIIˣ, skapi HkrIIIˣ

skapglíkr (adj.) — HkrIIIˣ

skapligr (adj.) ‘[fitting, shapely]...’ — HkrIIIˣ

2skaplyndi (noun n.) — HkrIIIˣ

skaplýzka (noun f.) — HkrIIIˣ

skapstórr (adj.) — HkrIIIˣ

skarpleitr (adj.) — HkrIIIˣ

skarpr (adj.) ‘sharp, bitter...’skarpt HkrIIIˣ

skart (noun n.) [°-s] ‘splendours, finery...’ — HkrIIIˣ

2skaup (noun n.) ‘mockery...’ — HkrIIIˣ

skaut (noun n.) [°; -] ‘sail...’ — HkrIIIˣ, skautit HkrIIIˣ, skautunum HkrIIIˣ

skál (noun f.) [°-ar, acc. -/-u; -ir/-ar] ‘scales, cup...’skálir HkrIIIˣ

skáld (noun n.) [°-s; -] ‘poet...’ — HkrIIIˣ

skáneyingr (noun m.)Skáneyingar HkrIIIˣ

Skánungr (noun m.) [°; -ar] ‘one of the Skánungar...’Skánungar HkrIIIˣ

skeftifletta (noun f.) — HkrIIIˣ

skegg (noun n.) [°-s; -] ‘beard...’ — HkrIIIˣ

skeggja (noun f.) ‘[bearded one]...’ — HkrIIIˣ

2skeið (noun n.) [°; -] ‘race, course...’skeiði HkrIIIˣ, skeiðit HkrIIIˣ

skeiðsendir (noun m.)skeiðs-enda HkrIIIˣ

skeleggliga (adv.)skéleggliga HkrIIIˣ

skemmtanarrœða (noun f.) — HkrIIIˣ

skemmtun (noun f.) [°-anar/-unar; -anir] ‘entertainment...’skemtan HkrIIIˣ

skemmudyrr (noun f.)skemmu-dyrnar HkrIIIˣ

skepna (noun f.) [°-u; -ur] ‘creation...’skepnu HkrIIIˣ

skera (verb) ‘cut...’ — HkrIIIˣ

skeyta (verb) — HkrIIIˣ

1skikkja (noun f.) [°-u; -ur] ‘cloak...’skikkju HkrIIIˣ

skildagi (noun m.)skildaga HkrIIIˣ

skilfenginn (adj./verb p.p.)skilfengin HkrIIIˣ

skin (noun n.) [°-s] ‘gleam, shine...’ — HkrIIIˣ

skinnari (noun m.) [°-a; -ar] ‘°garver, skinder, buntmager, pelsmager...’skinnara HkrIIIˣ

skinnhjúpr (noun m.)skinnhjúpinn HkrIIIˣ

skinnhúfa (noun f.) — HkrIIIˣ

skip (noun n.) [°-s; -] ‘ship...’ — HkrIIIˣ

1skipa (verb) ‘change, place...’ — HkrIIIˣ

skipabrenna (noun f.)skipa brennonne HkrIIIˣ

skipabruni (noun m.)skipabrunanum HkrIIIˣ

skipafloti (noun m.) — HkrIIIˣ

skipagangr (noun m.) — HkrIIIˣ

skipagæzla (noun f.) — HkrIIIˣ

skipakostr (noun m.) — HkrIIIˣ

skipastóll (noun m.) ‘array of ships...’ — HkrIIIˣ

skipbátr (noun m.)skipbáta HkrIIIˣ, skipbátinn HkrIIIˣ

skipgerð (noun f.) — HkrIIIˣ

skippund (noun n.) — HkrIIIˣ

skipssǫgn (noun f.) — HkrIIIˣ

skipstafn (noun m.) ‘[ship-prows]...’ — HkrIIIˣ

skipstjórnarmaðr (noun m.) — HkrIIIˣ

skipun (noun f.) [°-anar/-unar; -anir] ‘ship’s equipment, crew...’skipan HkrIIIˣ

skíð (noun n.) [°; -] ‘ski...’skíðum HkrIIIˣ

skíri (noun n.) ‘°herred...’ — HkrIIIˣ

2skírr (adj.) ‘pure, bright...’skír HkrIIIˣ, skírum HkrIIIˣ

skírskota (verb) — HkrIIIˣ

skírsla (noun f.) [°-u; -ur] ‘[ordeal]...’ — HkrIIIˣ, skírslan HkrIIIˣ, skírslu HkrIIIˣ, skírslur HkrIIIˣ

skírsli (noun n.) [°; -] ‘°ordal, gudsdom...’ — HkrIIIˣ

skjala (verb) — HkrIIIˣ

skjaldborg (noun f.) ‘shield-wall...’ — HkrIIIˣ, skjaldborginni HkrIIIˣ

skjalfhendr (adj.) — HkrIIIˣ

skjóta (verb) ‘shoot...’ — HkrIIIˣ

2skjótr (adj.) ‘quick(ly)...’skjótan HkrIIIˣ, skjótar HkrIIIˣ, skjótt HkrIIIˣ

skjótráðr (adj.) — HkrIIIˣ

skjǫldr (noun m.) [°skjaldar/skildar, dat. skildi; skildir, acc. skjǫldu] ‘shield...’skjǫld HkrIIIˣ, skjǫldu HkrIIIˣ, skjǫldum HkrIIIˣ, skjǫldunum HkrIIIˣ

2skora (verb) — HkrIIIˣ, skoruð HkrIIIˣ

1skorða (noun f.) [°-u; -ur] ‘prop...’skorður HkrIIIˣ

skorinorðr (adj.) — HkrIIIˣ

skorpa (noun f.) [°-u] ‘rusk, crust...’ — HkrIIIˣ

skot (noun n.) [°-s; -] ‘shot...’ — HkrIIIˣ

skothríð (noun f.) — HkrIIIˣ

skotmál (noun n.) — HkrIIIˣ

skotmæli (noun n.)scot mæli HkrIIIˣ

skotssilfr (noun n.) — HkrIIIˣ

skógarkjarr (noun n.) — HkrIIIˣ

skógarnef (noun n.) — HkrIIIˣ

skógkjarr (noun n.)scóg kíoʀ HkrIIIˣ

skógr (noun m.) [°-ar/-s, dat. -i; -ar] ‘forest...’ — HkrIIIˣ

skór (noun m.) [°dat. -; -r/skóar/skúar/skuár] ‘°sko, fodtøj; hestesko...’skúa HkrIIIˣ, skúar HkrIIIˣ

skrauthanki (noun m.) — HkrIIIˣ

3skrá (verb) ‘[written]...’ — HkrIIIˣ

skriðr (noun m.) [°-s/-ar, dat. -] ‘motion, speed...’skriðinn HkrIIIˣ

skríða (verb) ‘creep, glide...’ — HkrIIIˣ

skrín (noun n.) [°-s; -] ‘shrine...’ — HkrIIIˣ

skrúð (noun n.) [°-s] ‘[armour]...’skrúði HkrIIIˣ

skrúðhyrna (noun f.) — HkrIIIˣ

skuggi (noun m.) [°-a; -ar] ‘shadow...’skugga HkrIIIˣ, HkrIIIˣ

skulu (verb) ‘shall, should, must...’ — HkrIIIˣ

skurðr (noun m.) [°-ar, dat. -/-i; -ir] ‘[grooves, cleaver]...’skurðum HkrIIIˣ

skutfestr (noun f.)skutfestar HkrIIIˣ

skutilssveinn (noun m.) — HkrIIIˣ

skutstafn (noun m.) — HkrIIIˣ

1skúta (noun f.) [°-u; -ur] ‘boat...’skútu HkrIIIˣ, skútur HkrIIIˣ

skútnaherr (noun m.) — HkrIIIˣ

skvaldri (noun m.) — HkrIIIˣ

skyggn (adj.) ‘clear, sharp-sighted...’skygn HkrIIIˣ

skyld (noun f.) [°; -ir] ‘[kin]...’skyldum HkrIIIˣ

1skylda (noun f.) [°-u; -ur] ‘obligation...’ — HkrIIIˣ

2skyldr (adj.) ‘obliged...’skyld HkrIIIˣ, skyldir HkrIIIˣ, HkrIIIˣ, skyldra HkrIIIˣ, skyldri HkrIIIˣ, skylt HkrIIIˣ

1skyn (noun f.) [°-jar; -jar] ‘[reason]...’ — HkrIIIˣ

skynding (noun f.) [°-ar, dat. -u] ‘°hast, fart...’skyndingu HkrIIIˣ

skynja (verb) ‘learn, understand...’ — HkrIIIˣ

skynsamr (adj.) — HkrIIIˣ

skyrta (noun f.) [°-u; -ur] ‘shirt...’skyrtu HkrIIIˣ, skyrtum HkrIIIˣ

skyti (noun m.) [°-a; -ar] ‘°(bue)skytte; hvalfanger; (om stjernebil...’skytanum HkrIIIˣ

skytningr (noun m.) [°-s, dat. -i; -ar] ‘°(drikke)gilde, sammenskudsgilde, udskæn...’skytningar HkrIIIˣ, skytningum HkrIIIˣ

skǫlm (noun f.) [°skalmar; skalmir] ‘°(I) forgrening; sværd, kniv; sværdkling...’skálm HkrIIIˣ

skǫrunglyndr (adj.) — HkrIIIˣ

slag (noun n.) [°-s; *-] ‘weapon...’slǫg HkrIIIˣ

1slá (noun f.) [°; -r/-ar] ‘°stang, bjælke; bom (på skib); slå, skyd...’slár HkrIIIˣ

2slá (verb) ‘strike, cut...’ — HkrIIIˣ

slembidjákn (noun m.) — HkrIIIˣ

sléttlendi (noun n.) — HkrIIIˣ

sléttmæli (noun n.) — HkrIIIˣ

sléttorðr (adj.) — HkrIIIˣ

sléttr (adj.) ‘level, smooth...’ — HkrIIIˣ

slitna (verb) ‘tear, break...’ — HkrIIIˣ

2slíkr (adj.) ‘such...’ — HkrIIIˣ

slíta (verb) ‘to tear...’ — HkrIIIˣ

slokna (verb) — HkrIIIˣ

smábátr (noun m.)smábátum HkrIIIˣ

smáfugl (noun m.) — HkrIIIˣ

smákonungr (noun m.) — HkrIIIˣ

smálendingr (noun m.) — HkrIIIˣ

smár (adj.) ‘small...’ — HkrIIIˣ

smáskip (noun n.) — HkrIIIˣ

smelt (noun n.) [°; dat. -um] ‘°emalje...’smeltum HkrIIIˣ

smeygja (verb) — HkrIIIˣ

smjǫrbalti (noun m.) — HkrIIIˣ

smyrill (noun m.) [°; -smyrlar] ‘°dværgfalk, stenfalk...’smyril HkrIIIˣ

smyrva (verb) ‘[buttered]...’ — HkrIIIˣ

1snara (noun f.) [°*-u; *-ur] ‘°løkke, strikke (til hængning); (I) henr...’ — HkrIIIˣ

2snara (verb) ‘turn (quickly)...’ — HkrIIIˣ

sneiða (verb) — HkrIIIˣ

sneis (noun f.) [°-ar] ‘[thin planks]...’ — HkrIIIˣ

snekkja (noun f.) [°-u; -ur] ‘warship...’snekkju HkrIIIˣ

snemma (adv.) ‘early...’ — HkrIIIˣ, snimma HkrIIIˣ

snerill (noun m.) ‘°træpind (til at stramme reb) (cf. EJ sn...’sneril HkrIIIˣ

snilldarmaðr (noun m.) — HkrIIIˣ

snjallmæltr (adj./verb p.p.) ‘[wise-spoken]...’ — HkrIIIˣ

snjallr (adj.) ‘quick, resourceful, bold...’ — HkrIIIˣ

snúa (verb) ‘turn...’ — HkrIIIˣ

snúðuliga (adv.) — HkrIIIˣ

snæða (verb) — HkrIIIˣ

sofa (verb) ‘sleep...’ — HkrIIIˣ

sonr (noun m.) [°-ar, dat. syni; synir, acc. sonu, syni] ‘son...’sonar HkrIIIˣ, synir HkrIIIˣ, Sønir HkrIIIˣ

sorti (noun m.) [°-a] ‘°mørke, mørk sky, tæt tåge; (om ngt mørk...’sorta HkrIIIˣ

sókn (noun f.) [°-ar; -ir] ‘attack, fight...’sóknum HkrIIIˣ

sól (noun f.) [°-ar, dat. -u/-; -ir] ‘sun...’sólu HkrIIIˣ

sólarfall (noun n.)sólar-fall HkrIIIˣ

sólarsetr (noun n.) — HkrIIIˣ

sótt (noun f.) [°-ar; -ir] ‘illness...’ — HkrIIIˣ

spakliga (adv.) — HkrIIIˣ

spangabrynja (noun f.)spanga-brynju HkrIIIˣ

2spara (verb) ‘spare, withhold...’ — HkrIIIˣ

sparða (noun f.) [°*-u; *-ur] ‘°(irsk) økse...’spǫrðu HkrIIIˣ

spánn (noun m.) [°spánar/spáns, dat. spǽni/spáni; spǽnir, acc. spánu/spǽni] ‘bit, chip...’ — HkrIIIˣ

spekð (noun f.) [°-ar; -ir] ‘wisdom...’ — HkrIIIˣ

2spekja (verb) ‘[subdues]...’ — HkrIIIˣ

spenja (verb) ‘entice...’ — HkrIIIˣ

2spenna (verb) ‘span, surround...’ — HkrIIIˣ, spentu HkrIIIˣ

sperrileggr (noun m.) — HkrIIIˣ

spilla (verb) ‘destroy...’ — HkrIIIˣ

spjót (noun n.) [°-s; -] ‘spear...’spjóti HkrIIIˣ

spjótalag (noun n.) — HkrIIIˣ

spjótshali (noun m.) ‘bottom end of spear...’ — HkrIIIˣ

sporðr (noun m.) [°-s, dat -i; -ar] ‘[their tail]...’sporðinn HkrIIIˣ

spori (noun m.) [°-a; -ar] ‘[informer]...’sporann HkrIIIˣ

spott (noun n.) [°-s] ‘°drilleri, spot, forhånelse, hån; ?glæde...’spots HkrIIIˣ, HkrIIIˣ

spotta (verb) — HkrIIIˣ

sprakaleggr (noun m.) — HkrIIIˣ

1spretta (verb) ‘spurt, spring...’ — HkrIIIˣ

2spretta (verb) — HkrIIIˣ

springa (verb) ‘burst, spring apart...’ — HkrIIIˣ

spurning (noun f.) [°-ar, dat./acc. -u; -ar] ‘°spørgsmål, spørgen, forespørgsel; (om g...’spurningum HkrIIIˣ

spyrja (verb) [spurði] ‘ask; hear, find out...’ — HkrIIIˣ

spyrna (verb) — HkrIIIˣ

staðleysi (noun n.) — HkrIIIˣ

1staðr (noun m.) [°-ar/-s; -ir] ‘place...’ — HkrIIIˣ

stafn (noun m.) [°dat. -i/-; -ar] ‘prow...’stafna HkrIIIˣ, stafni HkrIIIˣ, stǫfnum HkrIIIˣ

stafnbúi (noun m.) ‘[prow-man]...’stafnbúar HkrIIIˣ

stafnlé (noun m.) — HkrIIIˣ

stafnsveit (noun f.) — HkrIIIˣ

4staka (verb) ‘[causes upheavals]...’ — HkrIIIˣ

stallarastóll (noun m.) — HkrIIIˣ

standa (verb) ‘stand...’ — HkrIIIˣ, stóð HkrIIIˣ

standhali (noun m.) — HkrIIIˣ

starfa (verb) ‘[do]...’ — HkrIIIˣ

starfsamr (adj.) — HkrIIIˣ

staup (noun n.) ‘[cup]...’ — HkrIIIˣ

staurr (noun m.) [°-s, dat. -i/-; -ar] ‘°stang, stok, pæl, stolpe...’staurum HkrIIIˣ

1stál (noun n.) [°-s; -] ‘steel, weapon, prow...’stáls HkrIIIˣ

2steðja (verb) ‘stop, place...’ — HkrIIIˣ

2stefna (verb) ‘aim, summon...’ — HkrIIIˣ

stefnulag (noun n.) — HkrIIIˣ

stefnuleiðangr (noun m.) — HkrIIIˣ

steigurliga (adv.) — HkrIIIˣ

steinhǫll (noun f.) — HkrIIIˣ

steinkirkja (noun f.) — HkrIIIˣ

steinmusteri (noun n.) — HkrIIIˣ

steinn (noun m.) [°steins; steinar] ‘stone, colour...’steinar HkrIIIˣ, steinum HkrIIIˣ

steinveggr (noun m.) — HkrIIIˣ

stela (verb) ‘to steal...’ — HkrIIIˣ

sterkliga (adv.) — HkrIIIˣ

sterkr (adj.) ‘strong...’ — HkrIIIˣ

steypa (verb) ‘throw down, cast off...’ — HkrIIIˣ

stigreip (noun n.) ‘[stirrups]...’ — HkrIIIˣ

stik (noun n.) [°; -] ‘[a stake, stake]...’stikin HkrIIIˣ

stilla (verb) ‘control...’ — HkrIIIˣ

stilliliga (adv.) — HkrIIIˣ

stinga (verb) ‘stab, poke...’ — HkrIIIˣ

stirðlyndr (adj.)stirþlyndr HkrIIIˣ

stirðorðr (adj.) — HkrIIIˣ

stirðr (adj.) ‘stiff...’ — HkrIIIˣ

stirndr (adj./verb p.p.) — HkrIIIˣ

stíga (verb) ‘step...’ — HkrIIIˣ

stjórn (noun f.) [°-ar; dat. -um] ‘steering, leadership, rudder...’ — HkrIIIˣ

stjórnfastr (adj.)stjórnfǫstu HkrIIIˣ

stoð (noun f.) [°-ar; stoðir, stoðar, stoðr, steðr, støðr] ‘support, post...’stoðum HkrIIIˣ

stoða (verb) ‘to stay, support, back...’ — HkrIIIˣ

2stofudyrr (noun n.)stofu-⸢dyrrin HkrIIIˣ

stokkr (noun m.) [°-s, dat. -i; -ar, acc. -u(Landsl1154 158³¹)] ‘°træstamme, kævle, træblok, stykke træ; ...’stokki HkrIIIˣ

storkr (noun m.) [°-s] ‘°stork...’ — HkrIIIˣ, storks HkrIIIˣ

1stóll (noun m.) [°-s, dat. -i/-; -ar] ‘seat, throne...’stóls HkrIIIˣ

stólsetja (verb) — HkrIIIˣ

stóreign (noun f.)storeignir HkrIIIˣ

stórey (noun f.)stóreyjar HkrIIIˣ

stórfé (noun n.) — HkrIIIˣ

stórgjǫf (noun f.) ‘great gift...’storgiafar HkrIIIˣ, HkrIIIˣ

stórglœpr (noun m.) — HkrIIIˣ

stórliga (adv.) — HkrIIIˣ

stórmannliga (adv.) — HkrIIIˣ

stórmikill (adj.) — HkrIIIˣ

stórr (adj.) ‘large, great...’stœrra HkrIIIˣ, HkrIIIˣ

stórskip (noun n.) — HkrIIIˣ

stórstaðr (noun m.) — HkrIIIˣ

stórsǫk (noun f.) — HkrIIIˣ

stórtíðendi (noun n.) — HkrIIIˣ

stórviðri (noun n.) — HkrIIIˣ

stórvinsæll (adj.) — HkrIIIˣ

strandhǫgg (noun n.) — HkrIIIˣ

straumr (noun m.) [°-s, dat. -i/-; -ar] ‘stream, current...’strauminum HkrIIIˣ

2strá (verb) ‘[benches]...’ — HkrIIIˣ

strengr (noun m.) [°-jar; -ir] ‘string, rope, bow-string...’streng HkrIIIˣ, strengi HkrIIIˣ

stríðlundaðr (adj.) — HkrIIIˣ

strjúka (verb) ‘furbish, wipe...’ — HkrIIIˣ

stræti (noun n.) [°-s; -] ‘street...’ — HkrIIIˣ

stund (noun f.) [°-ar, dat. -u/-; -ir] ‘time, hour...’ — HkrIIIˣ

1sturla (noun m.) [°-u] ‘Sturla...’ — HkrIIIˣ, sturlu HkrIIIˣ

stuttfeldr (noun m.) — HkrIIIˣ

stuttklæddr (adj./verb p.p.)stútt cleddr HkrIIIˣ

stuttr (adj.) ‘[a short]...’ — HkrIIIˣ

stúfr (noun m.) [°-s, dat. -i/-; -ar] ‘stump, Stúfr...’stúfinn HkrIIIˣ

2styðja (verb) ‘protect, support...’ — HkrIIIˣ

styggliga (adv.) — HkrIIIˣ

styggr (adj.) ‘shy...’ — HkrIIIˣ, styɢt HkrIIIˣ

stykkir (noun m.) [°; -] ‘°stykke (af ngt), kødstykke; drikkekar, ...’stykki HkrIIIˣ

stynja (verb) ‘[groaned, moaned]...’ — HkrIIIˣ

styrjǫld (noun f.) [°-aldar; -aldir] ‘conflict, war, battle...’Styrjaldar HkrIIIˣ

styrkðarmaðr (noun m.) — HkrIIIˣ

1styrkr (noun m.) [°-s/-jar, dat. -; -ir] ‘strength...’styrk HkrIIIˣ, HkrIIIˣ

2styrkr (adj.) ‘powerful, strong...’ — HkrIIIˣ, styrkt HkrIIIˣ

stýra (verb) ‘steer, control...’ — HkrIIIˣ

stýri (noun n.) [°-s; -] ‘rudder...’ — HkrIIIˣ

stýrimannastefna (noun f.) — HkrIIIˣ

stǫðva (verb) ‘stop...’ — HkrIIIˣ

1støkkva (verb) ‘(str.) leap, spring; scatter...’ — HkrIIIˣ

2støkkva (verb) — HkrIIIˣ

stǫng (noun f.) [°stangar, dat. -u; stangir/stengr] ‘pole...’stǫngina HkrIIIˣ

stǫpull (noun m.) [°-s; stǫplar] ‘[tower]...’stǫpulinn HkrIIIˣ

2sumr (pron.) ‘some...’ — HkrIIIˣ

sumra (verb) — HkrIIIˣ

sundr (adv.) ‘(a)sunder...’ — HkrIIIˣ

sundrgerð (noun f.) — HkrIIIˣ, sundrgǫrð HkrIIIˣ

sundrþykki (noun n.) — HkrIIIˣ

sunnanferð (noun f.)sunnanferðina HkrIIIˣ

sunnanveðr (noun n.) — HkrIIIˣ

sútfullr (adj.) — HkrIIIˣ

svaðilfǫr (noun f.) — HkrIIIˣ

2svala (verb) ‘become cold...’ — HkrIIIˣ

svalr (adj.) ‘cool...’ — HkrIIIˣ

svar (noun n.) [°; -*] ‘answer...’svǫrum HkrIIIˣ

svarðsvipa (noun f.) — HkrIIIˣ

svarteygr (adj.) — HkrIIIˣ

svartr (adj.) ‘black...’ — HkrIIIˣ

svá (adv.) ‘so, thus...’ — HkrIIIˣ

3sveipa (verb) ‘wrap, encircle...’ — HkrIIIˣ, sveipuðu HkrIIIˣ

sveit (noun f.) [°-ar; -ir] ‘host, company...’ — HkrIIIˣ, sveitum HkrIIIˣ

sveitarhǫfðingi (noun m.) — HkrIIIˣ

sveitbúi (noun m.)sveitbúa HkrIIIˣ

1svella (verb) ‘swell...’ — HkrIIIˣ

sverð (noun n.) [°-s; -] ‘sword...’ — HkrIIIˣ

sverfa (verb) — HkrIIIˣ

1sverja (verb) ‘swear...’sór HkrIIIˣ, sóru HkrIIIˣ, HkrIIIˣ

2sverja (verb) — HkrIIIˣ

1svik (noun n.) [°-s; -] ‘deceit, treachery; poison...’svika HkrIIIˣ

svikalauss (adj.) — HkrIIIˣ

svikræði (noun n.) — HkrIIIˣ

sviksamr (adj.) — HkrIIIˣ

svífa (verb) ‘sweep...’ — HkrIIIˣ

svími (noun m.) [°-a] ‘°bevidstløshed...’svíma HkrIIIˣ

svín (noun n.) [°-s; -] ‘swine, pig...’ — HkrIIIˣ

svíri (noun m.) [°-a; -ar] ‘neck...’svírarnir HkrIIIˣ

1svívirða (noun f.) — HkrIIIˣ, svívirðu HkrIIIˣ

2svívirða (verb) — HkrIIIˣ

svívirðing (noun f.) — HkrIIIˣ

svǫl (noun f.) [°; svalar/svalir] ‘°(I) svalegang, galleri, balkon...’svalir HkrIIIˣ

svǫrðr (noun m.) [°svarðar, dat. sverði; sverðir, acc. svǫrðu] ‘scalp...’svǫrð HkrIIIˣ

syðri (adj. comp.) — HkrIIIˣ

1synja (verb) ‘refuse...’ — HkrIIIˣ

systrabarn (noun n.)systra-bǫrn HkrIIIˣ

sýn (noun f.) [°-ar; -ir] ‘sight...’ — HkrIIIˣ

sýna (verb) ‘show, seem...’ — HkrIIIˣ

sýndr (adj./verb p.p.) ‘[visible]...’ — HkrIIIˣ

sýnn (adj.) ‘visible...’ — HkrIIIˣ

2sýr (noun f.) [°sýr/sýrar/sýrs(i cogn.), acc. sú] ‘sow, Sýr...’syrs HkrIIIˣ

1sýsla (noun f.) [°-u; -ur] ‘work, job...’sýslur HkrIIIˣ

2sýsla (verb) ‘do, do business...’ — HkrIIIˣ

3sýsla (verb)syst HkrIIIˣ

sœkja (verb) ‘seek, attack...’ — HkrIIIˣ

sæll (adj.) ‘happy, blessed...’ — HkrIIIˣ

sœmð (noun f.) [°-ar; -ir] ‘honour...’sæmð HkrIIIˣ

sœmiliga (adv.) — HkrIIIˣ

sœmr (adj.) ‘fitting...’ — HkrIIIˣ

sœnskr (adj.) ‘Swedish...’ — HkrIIIˣ

1sæta (noun f.) [°-u; -ur] ‘woman, lady...’sætu HkrIIIˣ

2sæta (verb) ‘mean, signify...’ — HkrIIIˣ

2sæti (noun n.) [°-s; -] ‘seat...’ — HkrIIIˣ, sætis HkrIIIˣ

sætt (noun f.) [°-ar; -ir] ‘settlement...’sætta HkrIIIˣ

sætta (verb) ‘reconcile, settle...’ — HkrIIIˣ, sættir HkrIIIˣ

sættarboð (noun n.)sættar-boð HkrIIIˣ

sættarfundr (noun m.) — HkrIIIˣ

sættarstefna (noun f.) — HkrIIIˣ

sǫgn (noun f.) [°sagnar; sagnir] ‘narrative, message; troop, men...’ — HkrIIIˣ

sǫk (noun f.) [°sakar; sakar/sakir] ‘cause, offence...’ — HkrIIIˣ

sǫnghúshorn (noun n.) — HkrIIIˣ

tabarðr (noun m.) [°-s] ‘°vid kappe, overtøj (med el. uden ærmer/...’táparð HkrIIIˣ

1tabula (noun f.) [°-u; -ur] ‘°tavle; altertavle; (≠ lat. phylacterium...’tábolu HkrIIIˣ, táboluna HkrIIIˣ

1taka (noun f.) [°*-u; *-ur] ‘°modtagelse, erhvervelse; erobring, indt...’tǫkum HkrIIIˣ

2taka (verb) ‘take...’ — HkrIIIˣ

tal (noun n.) [°-s; *-] ‘talk, speech; number...’tali HkrIIIˣ

3tala (verb) ‘speak, talk...’ — HkrIIIˣ

tannhjalt (noun n.)tannhiollt HkrIIIˣ

tannhjaltaðr (adj./verb p.p.) — HkrIIIˣ

tannsárr (adj.) — HkrIIIˣ

taska (noun f.) [°*-u; *-ur] ‘°taske, pose...’tǫskur HkrIIIˣ

taumr (noun m.) [°dat. -i; -ar] ‘reins...’taumrinn HkrIIIˣ

teinn (noun m.) [°dat. teini; teinar] ‘twig, rod...’teininn HkrIIIˣ

teiti (noun f.) ‘cheerfulness...’ — HkrIIIˣ

temja (verb) ‘tame...’ — HkrIIIˣ

tendra (verb) ‘kindle...’ — HkrIIIˣ

tengja (verb) ‘unite, join...’ — HkrIIIˣ

tengsl (noun n.) [°; -] ‘°sammenbinding (af skibe); tilknytning, ...’tengslin HkrIIIˣ

teygja (verb) ‘lead, entice...’ — HkrIIIˣ

tigr (noun m.) [°-ar/-s(DN II (1309) 80¹², etc.); -ir, acc. -u] ‘a ten of, a decade; a ten of, a decade...’tøg HkrIIIˣ

til (prep.) ‘to...’ — HkrIIIˣ

tilgerning (noun f.) — HkrIIIˣ, til⸢gǫrning HkrIIIˣ

tilkall (noun n.) ‘[charges]...’ — HkrIIIˣ

tilkváma (noun f.) — HkrIIIˣ

tilslœgja (noun f.) — HkrIIIˣ

tiltak (noun n.) — HkrIIIˣ

tiltœki (noun n.) — HkrIIIˣ

tilverki (noun m.) — HkrIIIˣ

tilvísun (noun f.) — HkrIIIˣ

timbrveggr (noun m.) — HkrIIIˣ

2tíðr (adj.) [°compar. tíðari, superl. tíðastr] ‘popular...’tíðast HkrIIIˣ

tígn (noun f.) [°-ar; -ir] ‘honour...’ — HkrIIIˣ, tígnin HkrIIIˣ

tígnarmaðr (noun m.) — HkrIIIˣ

tíguligr (adj.) ‘[magnificent]...’ — HkrIIIˣ

tími (noun m.) [°-a; -ar] ‘time...’ — HkrIIIˣ

tírarfǫr (noun f.) ‘expedition of glory ...’ — HkrIIIˣ

tíund (noun f.) [°-ar; -ir] ‘[tithe]...’ — HkrIIIˣ

tjalda (verb) ‘pitch a tent; hang with cloth...’ — HkrIIIˣ

tjaldsstaðr (noun m.) — HkrIIIˣ

tjá (verb) ‘to put in order, prepare...’ — HkrIIIˣ

torf (noun n.) [°-s;-] ‘turf, sod; peat...’torfi HkrIIIˣ

torfœra (noun f.) — HkrIIIˣ

2torg (noun n.) [°-s] ‘market-place...’ — HkrIIIˣ

tortíma (verb) — HkrIIIˣ

2torveldi (noun n.) — HkrIIIˣ

torveldligr (adj.)torvelligast HkrIIIˣ

tómliga (adv.) — HkrIIIˣ

tómstund (noun f.) — HkrIIIˣ

trafali (noun m.) [°-a] ‘°hindring, forsinkelse...’trafala HkrIIIˣ

trapiza (noun f.) [°-u] ‘°anretterbord, (lille) bord (til at stil...’trápizu HkrIIIˣ

trauðr (adj.) ‘reluctant...’trauðir HkrIIIˣ, trautt HkrIIIˣ

traust (noun n.) [°-s/-] ‘support, protection...’ — HkrIIIˣ

traustr (adj.) ‘trusty...’traustara HkrIIIˣ, trꜹstir HkrIIIˣ

tregliga (adv.) — HkrIIIˣ

treysta (verb) ‘trust, believe in...’ — HkrIIIˣ

tré (noun n.) [°-s; tré/trjó, gen. trjá, dat. trjóm/trjám] ‘tree...’ — HkrIIIˣ, trjám HkrIIIˣ

tréhús (noun n.) — HkrIIIˣ

trékirkja (noun f.) — HkrIIIˣ

tréstubbi (noun m.) — HkrIIIˣ

troða (verb) ‘tread...’ — HkrIIIˣ

trog (noun n.) [°-s; -] ‘°trug, fad...’ — HkrIIIˣ

trollkona (noun f.) — HkrIIIˣ

trú (noun f.) [°-ar] ‘faith, belief...’ — HkrIIIˣ

2trúa (verb) ‘to believe (in)...’ — HkrIIIˣ

trúfastr (adj.) — HkrIIIˣ

trúligr (adj.) ‘faithful...’ — HkrIIIˣ

trúnaðareiðr (noun m.)trúnaðar-eiða HkrIIIˣ

trúnaðarvinr (noun m.) — HkrIIIˣ

trúr (adj.) [°compar. -ari, superl. -astr] ‘faithful...’trútt HkrIIIˣ

tryggr (adj.) [°tryggan/tryggvan; compar. -ari/-vari; superl. -jastr/-astr] ‘loyal...’ — HkrIIIˣ, tryggt HkrIIIˣ

tulkr (noun m.) [°dat. -; -ar] ‘°tolk, oversætter; (skrift)fortolker; (I...’túlkr HkrIIIˣ

tundr (noun n.) ‘°tønder...’ — HkrIIIˣ

tungubragð (noun n.)tungubragði HkrIIIˣ

tungurót (noun f.) — HkrIIIˣ

tungustúfr (noun m.) — HkrIIIˣ

tún (noun n.) [°-s; -] ‘homefield, enclosure...’túninu HkrIIIˣ

tvenning (noun f.) [°dat. -u] ‘°todeling...’tvenningu HkrIIIˣ

tvinnahnoða (noun n.) — HkrIIIˣ

tvisvar (adv.) ‘[Two, twice]...’ — HkrIIIˣ

tygill (noun m.) [°dat. tygli; tyglar] ‘[string]...’toglom HkrIIIˣ, tuglum HkrIIIˣ

tyrvitré (noun n.) — HkrIIIˣ

týna (verb) ‘lose, destroy...’ — HkrIIIˣ

týrsdagr (noun m.)týsdag HkrIIIˣ

ugga (verb) ‘to fear, suspect...’ — HkrIIIˣ

uggr (noun m.) [°dat. -] ‘fear...’ — HkrIIIˣ

ulfaldi (noun m.) [°-a; -ar] ‘°kamel...’úlfalda HkrIIIˣ

ullband (noun n.)ullbande HkrIIIˣ

ullstrengr (noun m.) ‘wool-band...’ — HkrIIIˣ

umrœða (noun f.) — HkrIIIˣ

1umsát (noun f.) — HkrIIIˣ

una (verb) ‘be content, love...’ — HkrIIIˣ, unðu HkrIIIˣ

undarligr (adj.) ‘wondrous, wonderful ...’ — HkrIIIˣ

undir (prep.) ‘under...’ — HkrIIIˣ

undirskemma (noun f.)undirskemmu HkrIIIˣ

undra (verb) ‘be surprised, amazed...’ — HkrIIIˣ, undrumk HkrIIIˣ

ungaaldr (noun m.) — HkrIIIˣ

ungmenni (noun n.) ‘young men...’ — HkrIIIˣ

unnvarp (noun n.) — HkrIIIˣ, unnvǫrp HkrIIIˣ

upp (adv.) ‘up...’ — HkrIIIˣ

uppfœzla (noun f.) — HkrIIIˣ

1uppganga (noun f.) ‘advance ashore...’ — HkrIIIˣ

upphár (adj.) — HkrIIIˣ

upphlutr (noun m.) — HkrIIIˣ

uppi (adv.) ‘up, up in...’ — HkrIIIˣ

upplendingr (noun m.) ‘one of the Upplendingar...’ — HkrIIIˣ

upplenzkr (adj.) ‘[Oppland]...’ — HkrIIIˣ

upplost (noun n.) — HkrIIIˣ

upplostning (noun f.) — HkrIIIˣ

uppreist (noun f.) ‘success, improvement ...’ — HkrIIIˣ

uppruni (noun m.) — HkrIIIˣ

uppstigningardagr (noun m.)upstigningar-dag HkrIIIˣ, upstigningar-dags HkrIIIˣ

uppvǫxtr (noun m.) — HkrIIIˣ

út (adv.) ‘out(side)...’ — HkrIIIˣ

útan (prep.) ‘outside, without...’ — HkrIIIˣ

útanlandsmaðr (noun m.) — HkrIIIˣ

útanlandssiðr (noun m.) — HkrIIIˣ

útarmeirr (adv.) — HkrIIIˣ

útboð (noun n.) ‘[conscription]...’ — HkrIIIˣ

útey (noun f.)úteyjar HkrIIIˣ

útferð (noun f.) ‘journey, voyage...’útferðar HkrIIIˣ

útilegumaðr (noun m.) — HkrIIIˣ

2útlaga (adj.)tlaga HkrIIIˣ

útleið (noun f.) — HkrIIIˣ

útleiði (noun n.) — HkrIIIˣ

útlendis (adv.) — HkrIIIˣ

útvatn (noun n.) — HkrIIIˣ

útvegr (noun m.) ‘way out, expedient...’ — HkrIIIˣ

vagnaborg (noun f.)vagna-borg HkrIIIˣ

vagnkarl (noun m.) — HkrIIIˣ

1vaka (noun f.) [°*-u; *-ur] ‘[vigil]...’vǫku HkrIIIˣ

vald (noun n.) [°-s; *-] ‘strength, power...’ — HkrIIIˣ

valdsmaðr (noun m.) — HkrIIIˣ

valk (noun n.) [°; -] ‘°(rejse)strabadser (til søs el. over lan...’válk HkrIIIˣ

valskikkja (noun f.) — HkrIIIˣ

vanda (verb) ‘fashion, execute...’ — HkrIIIˣ

vandgæfr (adj.)vandgæfra HkrIIIˣ

vandliga (adv.) ‘carefully...’ — HkrIIIˣ

vandr (adj.) ‘difficult...’vant HkrIIIˣ

vandræði (noun n.)vendræði HkrIIIˣ

vangæta (verb) — HkrIIIˣ, vanngættra HkrIIIˣ

vanheilendi (noun n.) — HkrIIIˣ

vanheill (adj.) — HkrIIIˣ

vanheilsa (noun f.) — HkrIIIˣ

3vanr (adj.) ‘accustomed...’vant HkrIIIˣ

vanrétti (noun n.) — HkrIIIˣ

2vanstilli (noun n.) — HkrIIIˣ

3vara (verb) — HkrIIIˣ

varðhald (noun n.) ‘watch...’ — HkrIIIˣ

varðveita (verb) ‘[preserve]...’ — HkrIIIˣ

varðveizla (noun f.) ‘custody...’ — HkrIIIˣ

varðveizlulauss (adj.) — HkrIIIˣ

2varna (verb) ‘[withold, beware]...’ — HkrIIIˣ

vaskligr (adj.)vask⸢ligastr HkrIIIˣ

vaskr (adj.)vaska HkrIIIˣ

vatn (noun n.) [°-s; -*] ‘water, lake...’vatni HkrIIIˣ

vatnsstrǫnd (noun f.) — HkrIIIˣ

vax (noun n.) [°-] ‘[wax]...’vaxi HkrIIIˣ

vaxa (verb) ‘grow, increase...’ — HkrIIIˣ

váði (noun m.) [°-a] ‘danger...’váða HkrIIIˣ

vág (noun f.) [°-ar; -ir/vǽgr] ‘scales, balance...’vágum HkrIIIˣ

vágsbotn (noun m.)vágs-botn HkrIIIˣ

ván (noun f.) [°-ar, dat. -/-u; -ir] ‘hope, expectation...’ — HkrIIIˣ

vándr (adj.) ‘wicked...’vándan HkrIIIˣ

vápn (noun n.) [°-s; -] ‘weapon...’vápnum HkrIIIˣ

vápna (verb) — HkrIIIˣ

vápnabrak (noun f.)vápna-brak HkrIIIˣ

vápnaburðr (noun m.)vápna-burðrinn HkrIIIˣ

vápnatak (noun n.) — HkrIIIˣ

vápndjarfr (adj.) ‘[weapon-bold]...’vápndjarfari HkrIIIˣ, vápndjarfir HkrIIIˣ, vápndjǫrfustu HkrIIIˣ

vápnlauss (adj.) — HkrIIIˣ

vápnsteinn (noun m.) — HkrIIIˣ

vátadrífa (noun f.)váta-drífa HkrIIIˣ

vátta (verb) ‘affirm, attest...’ — HkrIIIˣ

váveifligr (adj.) — HkrIIIˣ

veðfé (noun n.)veðféit HkrIIIˣ

veðja (verb) ‘[bet]...’ — HkrIIIˣ

2veðr (noun n.) [°-s; -] ‘weather, wind, storm...’veðrit HkrIIIˣ

vegandi (noun m.) [°-a; vegendr/vegandar] ‘[fighting troops]...’vegandanum HkrIIIˣ

1veggr (noun m.) [°-jar/-s(Páll²A 257³³), dat. -/-i(kun defin.); -ir] ‘wall...’vegginn HkrIIIˣ, veggir HkrIIIˣ

veggsleginn (adj./verb p.p.) — HkrIIIˣ

veglátr (adj.) — HkrIIIˣ

vegligr (adj.) ‘magnificent...’ — HkrIIIˣ

1vegr (noun m.) [°-s/-ar, dat. -i/-; -ar/-ir, gen. -a/-na, acc. -a/-i/-u] ‘way, path, side...’ — HkrIIIˣ

2vegr (noun m.) [°-s/-ar, dat. -] ‘honour...’ — HkrIIIˣ

vegsamligr (adj.)vegsamligsta HkrIIIˣ

veiða (verb) ‘hunt, catch...’ — HkrIIIˣ

veill (adj.) — HkrIIIˣ

veina (verb) — HkrIIIˣ

2veita (verb) ‘grant, give...’ — HkrIIIˣ

veizla (noun f.) [°-u; -ur] ‘[banquet]...’veizlu HkrIIIˣ

veizlustofa (noun f.) — HkrIIIˣ

1vekja (verb) ‘awaken, rouse...’ — HkrIIIˣ

vel (adv.) ‘well, very...’ — HkrIIIˣ

veldi (noun n.) ‘realm...’ — HkrIIIˣ, veldis HkrIIIˣ

velkja (verb) — HkrIIIˣ

3velta (verb) ‘wander (weak)...’ — HkrIIIˣ

2venda (verb) ‘roll, turn...’ — HkrIIIˣ

vendiliga (adv.) — HkrIIIˣ

2venja (verb) ‘accustom, train...’ — HkrIIIˣ

2vera (verb) ‘be, is, was, were, are, am...’ — HkrIIIˣ

1verða (verb) ‘become, be...’ — HkrIIIˣ

5verja (verb) — HkrIIIˣ

verk (noun n.) [°-s; -] ‘deed...’verki HkrIIIˣ

verkakona (noun f.) — HkrIIIˣ

verklauss (adj.) — HkrIIIˣ

verkmaðr (noun m.) ‘workman, labourer...’ — HkrIIIˣ

2vermr (noun m.) [°; -ar/-ir] ‘°(I) folk fra Värmland, värmlændinge...’Vermir HkrIIIˣ

verpill (noun m.) [°dat. verpli; verplar] ‘°dunk, kar (med låg), beholder, tønde; t...’verpla HkrIIIˣ

3verr (noun m.) — HkrIIIˣ

vesala (verb) — HkrIIIˣ

vesalingr (noun m.) [°; -ar] ‘°stakkel, ilde stedt person; usling, ned...’vesaling HkrIIIˣ

vesall (adj.) ‘wretched (w. gen.)...’vesǫl HkrIIIˣ

vestrland (noun n.) — HkrIIIˣ

vestrvíking (noun f.) — HkrIIIˣ

vesǫlð (noun f.) [°vesalðar; vesalðir] ‘[wretchedness]...’ — HkrIIIˣ

1vetrseta (noun f.) — HkrIIIˣ

1vél (noun f.) [°-ar; -ar/-ir] ‘deceit, trick; device...’ — HkrIIIˣ

vér (pron.) [°gen. vár, dat./acc. oss] ‘we, us, our...’oss HkrIIIˣ

1við (noun f.) [°[; -jar]] ‘tie, rope...’viðjar HkrIIIˣ

2við (prep.) ‘with, against...’ — HkrIIIˣ

1viða (noun f.) [°-u; -ur] ‘°mast og/eller rå, forhøjning ved mast; ...’viðuna HkrIIIˣ, viðurnar HkrIIIˣ

viðborði (noun m.) — HkrIIIˣ

1viðrtaka (noun f.) — HkrIIIˣ

viðsmjǫr (noun n.) — HkrIIIˣ

viðtekja (noun f.) — HkrIIIˣ

vikufrest (noun n.) — HkrIIIˣ

vilð (noun f.) [°-ar; dat. -um] ‘[wish, goodwill]...’vild HkrIIIˣ, HkrIIIˣ

vilðarlið (noun n.) — HkrIIIˣ

vili (noun m.) [°-ja] ‘will, wish...’vilja HkrIIIˣ, viljann HkrIIIˣ

vilja (verb) ‘want, intend...’ — HkrIIIˣ

2villa (verb) ‘lead astray, lead...’ — HkrIIIˣ

vilna (verb) — HkrIIIˣ

vinátta (noun f.) [°-u; -ur] ‘°venskab, venskabsforhold; venlig indsti...’vináttu HkrIIIˣ

vindlauss (adj.) ‘[windless]...’ — HkrIIIˣ

vinðaherr (noun m.)Vinða-herrinn HkrIIIˣ

vinðakonungr (noun m.)Vinða-konungr HkrIIIˣ

vinðasnekkja (noun f.)Vinða snekkjur HkrIIIˣ

Vinðr (noun m.) [°; vinðr/-ir] ‘the Wends...’Vinði HkrIIIˣ, HkrIIIˣ

vinðverska (noun f.)vinðesku HkrIIIˣ

vinfengi (noun n.) ‘[friendships]...’ — HkrIIIˣ

vinga (verb) ‘be friendly with...’ — HkrIIIˣ

vingjǫf (noun f.) ‘friendly gift...’ — HkrIIIˣ

vingun (noun f.) [°-anar/-unar] ‘[friendship]...’vingan HkrIIIˣ

2vinna (verb) ‘perform, work...’ — HkrIIIˣ

vinsæld (noun f.) — HkrIIIˣ, vin⸢sælða HkrIIIˣ

vinsæll (adj.) ‘popular...’ — HkrIIIˣ, vinsælstr HkrIIIˣ, vin⸢sælsti HkrIIIˣ

virðing (noun f.) [°-ar] ‘honour...’ — HkrIIIˣ

virðingarfǫr (noun f.) — HkrIIIˣ

virkð (noun f.) [°; -ir] ‘[affectionate, very]...’ — HkrIIIˣ

virki (noun n.) [°-s; -] ‘stronghold...’ — HkrIIIˣ

visinn (adj.) — HkrIIIˣ

vist (noun f.) [°-ar; -ir] ‘abode, lodging, provisions...’ — HkrIIIˣ

vistabyrðingr (noun m.) — HkrIIIˣ

vistagjald (noun n.) — HkrIIIˣ

1vit (noun n.) [°-s; -] ‘wisdom, wit; visit...’viti HkrIIIˣ, vits HkrIIIˣ

vitja (verb) ‘visit...’ — HkrIIIˣ

vitka (verb) — HkrIIIˣ

vitnislauss (adj.) — HkrIIIˣ

vitr (adj.) ‘wise...’ — HkrIIIˣ

2vitra (verb) ‘appear, reveal...’ — HkrIIIˣ

vitund (noun f.) [°-ar; -ir] ‘°vidende, medviden, kendskab, efterretni...’vitand HkrIIIˣ

1víða (adv.) ‘widely...’ — HkrIIIˣ

víðfrægr (adj.) ‘far-renowned...’ — HkrIIIˣ

víðfǫrull (adj.) — HkrIIIˣ

víðr (adj.) ‘far...’ — HkrIIIˣ

víg (noun n.) [°-s; -] ‘battle...’vígi HkrIIIˣ

víggyrðill (noun m.) — HkrIIIˣ

vígi (noun n.) [°-s; -] ‘manslaughter, killing...’ — HkrIIIˣ

vígja (verb) ‘to hallow, consecrate...’ — HkrIIIˣ

vígr (adj.) ‘aggressive, pernicious...’ — HkrIIIˣ

vígskarð (noun n.) ‘[embrasures]...’ — HkrIIIˣ

vígsla (noun f.) [°-u; -ur] ‘[consecration]...’vígslunni HkrIIIˣ

vígǫr (noun f.) — HkrIIIˣ

víkhvarf (noun n.) — HkrIIIˣ

víkingaherr (noun m.) — HkrIIIˣ

víkingr (noun m.) [°-s, dat. -i; -ar] ‘viking...’ — HkrIIIˣ, víkingum HkrIIIˣ

vínbelgir (noun m.)vínbelgja HkrIIIˣ

1vísa (noun f.) [°-u; -ur] ‘verse...’vísur HkrIIIˣ

2vísa (verb) ‘show...’ — HkrIIIˣ

vísundarhǫfuð (noun n.) — HkrIIIˣ

vísundr (noun m.) [°dat. -i; -ar] ‘bison...’Visund HkrIIIˣ

vægð (noun f.) [°-ar; -ir] ‘mercy...’vægðar HkrIIIˣ

1vægja (verb) ‘yield...’ — HkrIIIˣ

vænn (adj.) ‘beautiful, expected...’vænaz HkrIIIˣ, HkrIIIˣ, vænst HkrIIIˣ

væringjaherr (noun m.) — HkrIIIˣ

2væta (verb) ‘[moisten]...’ — HkrIIIˣ

2vætt (noun n.) ‘°låg...’vétt HkrIIIˣ

vǫk (noun f.) [°vakar; vakir/vakar] ‘[ice-hole, gap]...’vakar HkrIIIˣ, HkrIIIˣ

vǫkulið (noun n.) — HkrIIIˣ

vǫrnuðr (noun m.) [°varnaðar, dat. varnaði] ‘[a warning]...’varnaði HkrIIIˣ

vǫxtr (noun m.) [°vaxtar, dat. vexti; vextir, acc. vǫxtu] ‘[growth]...’vexti HkrIIIˣ

ydda (verb) — HkrIIIˣ

yfir (prep.) ‘over...’ — HkrIIIˣ

yfirferð (noun f.) — HkrIIIˣ

yfirhafnarlauss (adj.) — HkrIIIˣ

yfirhǫfn (noun f.) — HkrIIIˣ

yfirkussari (noun m.) — HkrIIIˣ

yfirmaðr (noun m.) ‘superior...’ — HkrIIIˣ

yfirsókn (noun f.) — HkrIIIˣ, yfirsóknar HkrIIIˣ

yfirsýn (noun f.) — HkrIIIˣ

yrkja (verb) ‘compose...’ — HkrIIIˣ

ýfa (verb) — HkrIIIˣ

2ýla (verb) — HkrIIIˣ

ýmiss (adj.) ‘various, alternate...’ — HkrIIIˣ

ýtri (adj. comp.) ‘outer side...’ — HkrIIIˣ

þaðan (adv.) ‘from there...’ — HkrIIIˣ

þakksamliga (adv.) — HkrIIIˣ

þangat (adv.) ‘there, thither...’ — HkrIIIˣ

þannig (adv.) ‘thus, there, that way...’þanig HkrIIIˣ, HkrIIIˣ, þannug HkrIIIˣ

þar (adv.) ‘there...’ — HkrIIIˣ

þarfendi (noun n.) [°; -] ‘°(I) fornødenheder, behov, (livs)underho...’ — HkrIIIˣ

þarlandshǫfðingi (noun m.) — HkrIIIˣ

2þá (adv.) ‘then...’ — HkrIIIˣ

þegar (adv.) ‘at once, then...’ — HkrIIIˣ

þegja (verb) ‘be silent...’ — HkrIIIˣ

2þekja (noun f.) — HkrIIIˣ

1þekkja (verb) ‘perceive, know...’ — HkrIIIˣ

1þerra (noun f.) [°-u] ‘°håndklæde...’þerru HkrIIIˣ

þeygi (adv.) ‘not at all...’ — HkrIIIˣ

1þilja (noun f.) [°-u; -ur] ‘planking, decking...’þilju HkrIIIˣ

þing (noun n.) [°-s; -] ‘meeting, assembly...’ — HkrIIIˣ, þingi HkrIIIˣ, þingit HkrIIIˣ, þings HkrIIIˣ

þingamaðr (noun m.)þínga menn HkrIIIˣ

þingamannalið (noun n.) — HkrIIIˣ

þingmannalið (noun n.)þingmanna liðe HkrIIIˣ

þinn (pron.) [°f. þín, n. þitt] ‘your...’ — HkrIIIˣ

þíðr (adj.) ‘[pliant]...’ — HkrIIIˣ

þján (noun f.) [°-ar] ‘°undertrykkelse, tvang, trældom, elendig...’ — HkrIIIˣ

þjó (noun n.) [°; -] ‘[broad-]...’þjóin HkrIIIˣ

þjóna (verb) ‘serve...’ — HkrIIIˣ

þjónun (noun f.) [°-unar] ‘°tjeneste, tjenstvillighed, underdanighe...’þjónan HkrIIIˣ

1þjónusta (noun f.) [°-u; -ur] ‘[sacrament]...’þjónostu HkrIIIˣ

þjónustubundinn (adj./verb p.p.)þionustobvndnir HkrIIIˣ, þjónostubundinn HkrIIIˣ

þjónustufullr (adj.) — HkrIIIˣ

þjónustumaðr (noun m.) — HkrIIIˣ

þokki (noun m.) [°-a] ‘[favour, pleasure]...’þokka HkrIIIˣ

þola (verb) ‘suffer, endure...’ — HkrIIIˣ

þora (verb) ‘dare...’ — HkrIIIˣ

þori (noun m.) [°-a] ‘°mængde, del...’þora HkrIIIˣ

þorp (noun n.) [°-s; -] ‘village...’ — HkrIIIˣ

þorparaligr (adj.)þorparaligt HkrIIIˣ

þorpkarlligr (adj.)þorpkarligt HkrIIIˣ, HkrIIIˣ

þó (adv.) ‘though...’ — HkrIIIˣ

þraut (noun f.) [°-ar; -ir] ‘struggle...’þrautar HkrIIIˣ

þráðr (noun m.) [°dat. þrǽði; þrǽðr] ‘°tråd, snor, sejlgarn; (om tøj) trevl; (...’ — HkrIIIˣ

2þrár (adj.) ‘defiant, tenacious...’ — HkrIIIˣ

þrekr (noun m.) ‘powerful...’þrek HkrIIIˣ

þrekuligr (adj.) — HkrIIIˣ

þrennr (adj.) ‘three(fold)...’ — HkrIIIˣ

þreskǫldr (noun m.) [°þreskǫlds/þreskaldar, dat. þreskeldi/þreskjǫldi; acc. þreskǫldu] ‘°dørtærskel, dørtrin; (sand)banke, tange...’þreskǫld HkrIIIˣ

þrettándi (num. ordinal) ‘thirteenth...’ — HkrIIIˣ

þreyta (verb) ‘prolong, strive...’ — HkrIIIˣ

þrifnuðr (noun m.) [°þrifnaðar, dat. þrifnaði] ‘prosperity...’þrifnaði HkrIIIˣ

þrífa (verb) ‘grab, grasp; thrive (refl.)...’ — HkrIIIˣ

þrysvar (adv.) ‘three times, thrice...’þrisvar HkrIIIˣ

þrælssonr (noun m.) — HkrIIIˣ

þrœndaherr (noun m.) — HkrIIIˣ

þrœndahǫfðingi (noun m.) — HkrIIIˣ

þrœnzkr (adj.) ‘from Trøndelag...’ — HkrIIIˣ

þrǫngr (adj.) ‘tight, pressed...’þreẏngvar HkrIIIˣ, HkrIIIˣ

þrøngva (verb) ‘press, throng...’ — HkrIIIˣ

þungfœrr (adj.) — HkrIIIˣ

þungr (adj.) ‘heavy...’ — HkrIIIˣ

þunnhárr (adj.) — HkrIIIˣ

þunnhærðr (adj./verb p.p.)þuɴhærðr HkrIIIˣ

þunnr (adj.) ‘slender, thin...’ — HkrIIIˣ, þynzt HkrIIIˣ

þunnsleginn (adj./verb p.p.) — HkrIIIˣ

2þurfa (verb) ‘need, be necessary...’ — HkrIIIˣ

þurfi (adj.) ‘in need...’ — HkrIIIˣ

þurft (noun f.) [°-ar; -ir] ‘need...’ — HkrIIIˣ

þurrfœtis (adv.) — HkrIIIˣ

þú (pron.) [°gen. þín, dat. þér, acc. þik] ‘you...’tu HkrIIIˣ

þverr (adj.) ‘across...’ — HkrIIIˣ, þvert HkrIIIˣ

1þverra (verb) ‘diminish...’ — HkrIIIˣ

þverstræti (noun n.) — HkrIIIˣ

því (adv.) ‘therefore, because...’ — HkrIIIˣ

þykkbyrða (verb)þykbyrt HkrIIIˣ

1þykkð (noun f.) ‘°tykkelse, bredde; tæthed...’þykðina HkrIIIˣ

2þykkja (verb) ‘seem, think...’ — HkrIIIˣ

2þykkr (adj.) ‘thick...’ — HkrIIIˣ, þykt HkrIIIˣ

2þynna (verb) ‘[sharpened]...’ — HkrIIIˣ

þysja (verb) ‘[rushed]...’ — HkrIIIˣ

þyss (noun m.) [°-] ‘[tumult]...’þys HkrIIIˣ, HkrIIIˣ

2þýða (verb) ‘interpret...’ — HkrIIIˣ

þýðr (adj.) ‘kind...’ — HkrIIIˣ

þǫkk (noun f.) [°þakkar; þakkar/þakkir] ‘thanks...’ — HkrIIIˣ

þǫrf (noun f.) [°þarfar; þarfar/þarfir] ‘need...’ — HkrIIIˣ

2æ (adv.) ‘always, forever...’ — HkrIIIˣ

1œði (noun f.) ‘fury...’ — HkrIIIˣ

2æðra (verb) — HkrIIIˣ

œpa (verb) ‘cry out...’ — HkrIIIˣ

œra (verb) ‘out of one’s mind...’ — HkrIIIˣ

3æra (verb) ‘row...’ — HkrIIIˣ

œrr (adj.) ‘raging...’ — HkrIIIˣ

œskubragð (noun n.)œsku-bragð HkrIIIˣ

ætla (verb) ‘intend, mean, think...’ — HkrIIIˣ

1ætt (noun f.) [°-ar; -ir] ‘family...’ — HkrIIIˣ

ættarbragð (noun n.) ‘family trait...’ættar-bragð HkrIIIˣ

ættborinn (adj./verb p.p.) — HkrIIIˣ

ættmaðr (noun m.) ‘kinsman, relative...’ — HkrIIIˣ

æzkaðr (adj./verb p.p.)æzkaða HkrIIIˣ, HkrIIIˣ

ǫfundfullr (adj.) — HkrIIIˣ

ǫl (noun n.) [°-s; -] ‘ale...’ — HkrIIIˣ

ǫlbekkr (noun m.)ǫlbekk HkrIIIˣ

ǫlbogi (noun m.) — HkrIIIˣ

ǫld (noun f.) [°; aldir] ‘people, age...’ — HkrIIIˣ

ǫldurmannligr (adj.) — HkrIIIˣ

ǫlsiðr (noun m.) — HkrIIIˣ

1ǫlteiti (noun f.) ‘[ale-cheer]...’ — HkrIIIˣ

ǫndvegi (noun n.) — HkrIIIˣ, ǫnd⸢ugi HkrIIIˣ

ǫndverðr (adj.) ‘early, beginning...’ǫndurða HkrIIIˣ, HkrIIIˣ

ǫr (noun f.) [°dat. -/-u; ǫrvar/ǫrar] ‘arrow...’ — HkrIIIˣ

ǫrðigr (adj.) ‘battling, mounting...’ — HkrIIIˣ

1ørendi (noun n.) [°-s; -] ‘errand, news...’ — HkrIIIˣ

ørhœfi (noun n.) — HkrIIIˣ

ørr (noun n.) [°-s; -] ‘scar...’ǫrr HkrIIIˣ

øruggr (adj.)uruɢt HkrIIIˣ, HkrIIIˣ

ǫrvaroddr (noun m.) — HkrIIIˣ

ǫrvarskurðr (noun m.) — HkrIIIˣ

øx (noun f.) [°øxar/exar, dat. øxi/exi, acc. øxi/øx; -ar] ‘axe...’øxi HkrIIIˣ

øxarhamarr (noun m.) — HkrIIIˣ

øxarhamarshǫgg (noun n.) — HkrIIIˣ

unlemmatised words — andlit scꜹpun (HkrIIIˣ); andlits-skǫpum (HkrIIIˣ); annarr (HkrIIIˣ); aptansǫng (HkrIIIˣ); batnaðar (HkrIIIˣ); bráðgǫrr (HkrIIIˣ); breiða (HkrIIIˣ); brigðarskalli (HkrIIIˣ); brœðra-skipti (HkrIIIˣ); brún (HkrIIIˣ); búnað (HkrIIIˣ); búnaðr (HkrIIIˣ); dróttinsviki (HkrIIIˣ); einhverri (HkrIIIˣ); eljan (HkrIIIˣ); erkibyskups-stóli (HkrIIIˣ); erkibyskups-stóll (HkrIIIˣ); erkibyskupstóll (HkrIIIˣ); fall (HkrIIIˣ); fari (HkrIIIˣ); fasta (HkrIIIˣ); felmta (HkrIIIˣ); firra (HkrIIIˣ); first (HkrIIIˣ); fors (HkrIIIˣ); forsjámaðr (HkrIIIˣ); forusta (HkrIIIˣ); forvista (HkrIIIˣ); forvitra (HkrIIIˣ); fótr (HkrIIIˣ); friðr (HkrIIIˣ); frœknast (HkrIIIˣ); fullr (HkrIIIˣ); fullu (HkrIIIˣ); fullum (HkrIIIˣ); fægir (HkrIIIˣ); gagn (HkrIIIˣ); gagns (HkrIIIˣ); gagnvart (HkrIIIˣ); gera (HkrIIIˣ); gerð (HkrIIIˣ); geysi (HkrIIIˣ); gjaldkeri (HkrIIIˣ); gjárna (HkrIIIˣ); glaðari (HkrIIIˣ); glammi (HkrIIIˣ); glóa (HkrIIIˣ); gnístu (HkrIIIˣ); grefi (HkrIIIˣ); greiða (HkrIIIˣ); grein (HkrIIIˣ); gróa (HkrIIIˣ); gruna (HkrIIIˣ); guðspjall (HkrIIIˣ); gæta (HkrIIIˣ); gørsimar (HkrIIIˣ); gørsimi (HkrIIIˣ); gørsimum (HkrIIIˣ); Hallendingar (HkrIIIˣ); hamarsskáld (HkrIIIˣ); hegna (HkrIIIˣ); hel (HkrIIIˣ); herðanna (HkrIIIˣ); heyra (HkrIIIˣ); hialpti (HkrIIIˣ); hlutskifti (HkrIIIˣ); hnippa (HkrIIIˣ); hǫfðingskap (HkrIIIˣ); holdz (HkrIIIˣ); hǫrfa (HkrIIIˣ); hǫttr (HkrIIIˣ); hreysi (HkrIIIˣ); hvat (HkrIIIˣ); hvárigr (HkrIIIˣ); hvárki (HkrIIIˣ); hvárrtveggja (HkrIIIˣ); hver (HkrIIIˣ); hverigr (HkrIIIˣ); hvert (HkrIIIˣ); hvirfingsklokka (HkrIIIˣ); hví (HkrIIIˣ); hvínantorði (HkrIIIˣ); hvítsunnudag (HkrIIIˣ); hægst (HkrIIIˣ); ifa (HkrIIIˣ); iiii. fylkna þing (HkrIIIˣ); inn (HkrIIIˣ); í (HkrIIIˣ); járnrekandi (HkrIIIˣ); játa (HkrIIIˣ); kanpa (HkrIIIˣ); karðínáli (HkrIIIˣ); kasta (HkrIIIˣ); kaupsskip (HkrIIIˣ); kertissveinn (HkrIIIˣ); kirjál (HkrIIIˣ); kjǫftr (HkrIIIˣ); klippa (HkrIIIˣ); klokka (HkrIIIˣ); klokkuhljóð (HkrIIIˣ); klucna hlioð (HkrIIIˣ); klæða-búnað (HkrIIIˣ); kœna (HkrIIIˣ); konungaskifti (HkrIIIˣ); kostnuðr (HkrIIIˣ); kroppna (HkrIIIˣ); krypplingr (HkrIIIˣ); landaskifti (HkrIIIˣ); lenda (HkrIIIˣ); leyna (HkrIIIˣ); liðsamnaði (HkrIIIˣ); liðsinna (HkrIIIˣ); liðssinnismaðr (HkrIIIˣ); liðssǫfnuðr (HkrIIIˣ); ljósta (HkrIIIˣ); lokarsspánn (HkrIIIˣ); lófana (HkrIIIˣ); lúka (HkrIIIˣ); lykð (HkrIIIˣ); merkisstǫng (HkrIIIˣ); miðsumarsskeið (HkrIIIˣ); minnissamr (HkrIIIˣ); mœði (HkrIIIˣ); mýkva (HkrIIIˣ); naglar (HkrIIIˣ); nauð (HkrIIIˣ); níðingsskapr (HkrIIIˣ); nytssamligr (HkrIIIˣ); nýta (HkrIIIˣ); næsti (HkrIIIˣ); of valt (HkrIIIˣ); ofvalt (HkrIIIˣ); ok (HkrIIIˣ); opa (HkrIIIˣ); óskeyns (HkrIIIˣ); óskytja (HkrIIIˣ); óvitandi (HkrIIIˣ); pallsstokkr (HkrIIIˣ); próventa (HkrIIIˣ); rán (HkrIIIˣ); rétta (HkrIIIˣ); rota (HkrIIIˣ); samnað (HkrIIIˣ); samnaði (HkrIIIˣ); Sialendingar (HkrIIIˣ); sialægian (HkrIIIˣ); sjá (HkrIIIˣ); sjávar (HkrIIIˣ); skifta (HkrIIIˣ); skilja (HkrIIIˣ); skipafjolði (HkrIIIˣ); skjappa (HkrIIIˣ); skorta (HkrIIIˣ); skúta (HkrIIIˣ); smiða-búðum (HkrIIIˣ); Snjár (HkrIIIˣ); snœrisspjót (HkrIIIˣ); snækǫkkr (HkrIIIˣ); sparn (HkrIIIˣ); sperna (HkrIIIˣ); staðfest (HkrIIIˣ); stikka (HkrIIIˣ); strað- (HkrIIIˣ); svima (HkrIIIˣ); svipti (HkrIIIˣ); sviptir (HkrIIIˣ); syngva (HkrIIIˣ); sýr (HkrIIIˣ); sælægr (HkrIIIˣ); sænum (HkrIIIˣ); tolfmarkaveizla (HkrIIIˣ); tortryggva (HkrIIIˣ); trúnað (HkrIIIˣ); tveggjadagavist (HkrIIIˣ); um (HkrIIIˣ); umbúnað (HkrIIIˣ); umbúnaðinn (HkrIIIˣ); umgerð (HkrIIIˣ); undan (HkrIIIˣ); undr (HkrIIIˣ); ungmennisœði (HkrIIIˣ); unna (HkrIIIˣ); út⸢lagir (HkrIIIˣ); vaða (HkrIIIˣ); valhnotarskurn (HkrIIIˣ); valssløngva (HkrIIIˣ); vefja (HkrIIIˣ); vegssamliga (HkrIIIˣ); verpa (HkrIIIˣ); vert (HkrIIIˣ); viði (HkrIIIˣ); viðskifti (HkrIIIˣ); vikur (HkrIIIˣ); vita (HkrIIIˣ); vitnis (HkrIIIˣ); víkva (HkrIIIˣ); víss (HkrIIIˣ); vænta (HkrIIIˣ); ýrit (HkrIIIˣ); þakka (HkrIIIˣ); þerra (HkrIIIˣ); þorparligt (HkrIIIˣ); Þrœndir (HkrIIIˣ); þversskipa (HkrIIIˣ); þver⸢skytningr (HkrIIIˣ); þvíglíkr (HkrIIIˣ); þvílíkan (HkrIIIˣ); þyngja (HkrIIIˣ); ætlan (HkrIIIˣ); ørvænta (HkrIIIˣ)


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