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Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Vol. VII. Poetry on Christian Subjects

1. Contents (MCR)
2. Volume Editor’s Preface (MCR)
3. Acknowledgements (MCR)
4. Abbreviations (MCR)
5. Sigla list (TW)
6. Technical Terms (MCR)
7. The Contributors (MCR)
8. Introduction (MCR)
–. Christian Skaldic Poetry: The Corpus
A. Bibliography (MH)
B. Index of First Lines (TW)
C. Indices of Names and Terms (MCR)
H. General Index (TW)
X. - Changes since printing (TW)

(Vol. VII. Poetry on Christian Subjects > –. Christian Skaldic Poetry: The Corpus)

–. Christian Skaldic Poetry: The Corpus

I. The Twelfth Century

  1. Einarr Skúlason, Geisli ‘Light-beam’ (ESk Geisl)
    edited by Martin Chase
  2. Níkulás Bergsson, JónsdrápaDrápa about S. John’ (Ník Jóndr)
    edited by Beatrice La Farge
  3. Gamli kanóki, Harmsól ‘Sun of Sorrow’ (Gamlkan Has)
    edited by Katrina Attwood
  4. Gamli kanóki, Jónsdrápa ‘Drápa about S. John’ (Gamlkan Jóndr)
    edited by Beatrice La Farge
  5. Anonymous, Leiðarvísan ‘Way Guidance’ (Anon Leið)
    edited by Katrina Attwood
  6. Anonymous, PlácítúsdrápaDrápa about Plácitus’ (Anon Pl)
    edited by Jonna Louis-Jensen and Tarrin Wills

II. The Thirteenth Century

  1. Kolbeinn Tumason, JónsvísurVísur about S. John’ (Kolb Jónv)
    edited by Beatrice La Farge
  2. Anonymous, Líknarbraut ‘Way of Grace’(Anon Líkn)
    edited by George Tate
  3. Anonymous, Sólarljóð ‘Song of the Sun’ (Anon Sól)
    edited by Carolyne Larrington and Peter Robinson
  4. Anonymous, Hugsvinnsmál ‘Speech of the Wise-minded One’ (Anon Hsv) 
    edited by Tarrin Wills and Stefanie Würth
  5. Anonymous, Heilags anda drápaDrápa about the Holy Spirit’ (Anon Heildr)
    edited by Katrina Attwood

III. The Fourteenth Century

  1. Anonymous, Stanzas addressed to Fellow Ecclesiastics 1 & 2 (Anon Eccl 1-2)
    edited by Jonathan Grove
  2. Anonymous, MáríudrápaDrápa about Mary’ (Anon Mdr)
    edited by Katrina Attwood
  3. Anonymous, GýðingsvísurVísur about a Jew’ (Anon Gyð)
    edited by Katrina Attwood
  4. Anonymous, BrúðkaupsvísurVísur about a Wedding’ (Anon Brúðv)
    edited by Valgerður Erna Þorvaldsdóttir
  5. Anonymous, Lilja ‘Lily’ (Anon Lil)
    edited by Martin Chase
  6. Anonymous, Máríuvísur I-IIIVísur about Mary I-III’ (Anon Mv I-III)
    edited by Kari Ellen Gade
  7. Anonymous, Vitnisvísur af Máríu ‘Testimonial Vísur about Mary’ (Anon Vitn)
    edited by Kari Ellen Gade
  8. Anonymous, Drápa af MáríugrátDrápa about the Lament of Mary’(Anon Mgr)
    edited by Kari Ellen Gade
  9. Anonymous, PétrsdrápaDrápa about S. Peter’ (Anon Pét)
    edited by David McDougall
  10. Anonymous, AndreasdrápaDrápa about S. Andrew’ (Anon Andr)
    edited by Ian McDougall
  11. Anonymous, Allra postula minnisvísur ‘Celebratory Vísur about all the Apostles’ (Anon Alpost)
    edited by Ian McDougall
  12. Anonymous, Heilagra manna drápaDrápa about Holy Men’ (Anon Heil)
    edited by Kirsten Wolf
  13. Anonymous, Heilagra meyja drápaDrápa about Holy Maidens’ (Anon Mey)
    edited by Kirsten Wolf
  14. Kálfur Hallsson, KatrínardrápaDrápa about S. Catharine’ (Kálf Katr)
    edited by Kirsten Wolf
  15. Anonymous, Lausavísa on Lawgiving (Anon Law)
    edited by Jonathan Grove
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