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Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Vol. VII. Poetry on Christian Subjects

C. Indices of Names and Terms

1. Ethnic Names (MCR)
2. Indigenous Terms (MCR)
3. Personal Names (MCR)
4. Place names (MCR)
5. Miscellaneous Names (MCR)

(Vol. VII. Poetry on Christian Subjects > C. Indices of Names and Terms > 4. Place names)

4. Place names (MCR)

including river names & locations of battles

Aldi, Alden, island in Søndfjord, Sogn og Fjordane, Norway — Kolb Jónv 5/7

Alexandría, Alexandria — Kálf Kátr 5/1

Anteócía, Antioch — Mey 34/1

Bessaíðe, Bethsaida — Pét 10/1

Björgvin, Bergen, town in Norway — Mey 53/7

Danmǫrk, Denmark — ESk Geisl 36/4, Heil 21/6

Ebrón, Hebron — Pét 20/8 (see Note ad loc.)

England, England — Heil 5/1, 8/7, Mey 54/4

Gálílée sjór, sea of Galilee — Pét 15/3

Gallía, Gaul — Heil 10/6 (see also Valland)

Girkland, Greece — ESk Geisl 51/2

Hlíð, lit. ‘Mountainside’, Lia or Lien, farmstead in Bratsberg county, Strinda, Sør- Trøndelag, Norway — ESk Geisl 37/7

Hlýrskógsheiðr, Lyrskovshede, place in Southern Jutland, where King Magnús the Good fought the Wends, 28 September 1043 — ESk Geisl 28/5

Indía, India — Alpost 9/3

Írland, Ireland — Mey 53/2

Joppen, Joppe (Joppa) — Pét 53/5

Jórdán, Jórðn, the river Jordan — Kálf Kátr 9/4, Leið 24/3, Lil 37/3

Jórsalaborg, Jerusalem — Leið 30/4, Mey 15/2

Kápharnáum, Capernaum, town near the sea of Galilee — Pét 9/1

Kolni, Cologne — Mey 54/7

Kompostella, Compostela, Spain — Alpost 5/8

Krists kirkja, Kristkirken, Christ church, the cathedral in Trondheim — ESk Geisl 34/7

Lidda, Lydda — Pét 54/5

Listi, Lista, district in Southern Norway — Brúðv 7/4

Máríukirkja, church of Mary (location unspecified) — Mv I 14/3, Vitn 14/8

Miklagarðr, Constantinople, Byzantium — ESk Geisl 53/2, Gyð 2/4

Nið, Nidelven, river flowing through Niðaróss, medieval name for Trondheim — ESk Geisl 40/3

Párísborg, Paris — Heil 12/5

Persiðaland, land of the Persians — Alpost 11/3

Pézínavellir, Pezina plains, possibly in Bulgaria, location of battle between Greeks, Varangians and Petchenegs — ESk Geisl 52/4

Rín, river Rhine — Kálf Kátr 24/3

Róma, Rome — Alpost 1/4, Heil 11/2, 25/2, Mey 18/1, 30/2, 40/2, 54/4 (see also Rúm and Rúmsborg)

Rúm, Rome — Pl 57/5 (see also Róma and Rúmsborg)

Rúmsborg, Rome — Pl 15/1, 53/3 (see also Róma and Rúm)

Selja (in cpd Seljumenn ‘men of Selja’), Selja, island off the coast of Western Norway — Mey 53/1

Sikiley, Sicily — Mey 26/3, 38/2

Síón, Zion — Mv III 20/7

Skotland, Scotland (or possibly = Ireland) — Mey 50/2

Stiklastaðir, location of battle in Verdalen, Trøndelag, Norway, where King Óláfr Haraldsson (S. Óláfr) died on 29 July 1030 — ESk Geisl 17/1-2, 43/7-8

Sýrland, Syria — Alpost 13/5, Heil 25/7

Valland, Gaul — Heil 26/1 (see also Gallia)

Vík, Oslofjord area of Norway — Heil 22/2

Vn, mythical river — Pl 2/7, 9/4

Ǫlvishaugr, lit. ‘Ǫlvir’s mound’, either Alstahaugen, Trondheim or farmstead of Alstadhaug in Skogn, Trøndelag — ESk Geisl 14/8

Ǫngulseyjarsund, lit. ‘the sound of Anglesey’, Menai Strait, between the island of Anglesey and the mainland of Wales — ESk Geisl 31/7-8

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