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Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Vol. VII. Poetry on Christian Subjects

1. Contents (MCR)
2. Volume Editor’s Preface (MCR)
3. Acknowledgements (MCR)
4. Abbreviations (MCR)
5. Sigla list (TW)
6. Technical Terms (MCR)
7. The Contributors (MCR)
8. Introduction (MCR)
–. Christian Skaldic Poetry: The Corpus
A. Bibliography (MH)
B. Index of First Lines (TW)
C. Indices of Names and Terms (MCR)
H. General Index (TW)
X. - Changes since printing (TW)

(Vol. VII. Poetry on Christian Subjects > 7. The Contributors)

7. The Contributors (MCR)

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Katrina Attwood currently works in the High-Integrity Systems Engineering Group in the Department of Computer Science, University of York, where she advises Rolls-Royce on the design of computerised control systems for civil airliners. She gained a PhD from the University of Leeds in 1997 for a doctoral thesis on the poems of MS AM 757a 4°, and has published several articles on the poems in this ms. as well as writing general chapters on Christian skaldic poetry. She has translated three OIcel. sagas into English (Leifur Eirikssson 1997, one, Gunnlaugs saga, repr. Penguin, 2000).

Martin Chase is a Professor in the Department of English and Center for Medieval Studies, Fordham University, New York. His area of specialisation within ON-Icel. studies is Christian skaldic poetry. He has recently published an edition of Einarr Skúlason’s Geisli (Toronto, 2005).

Margaret Clunies Ross is McCaughey Professor of English Language and Early English Literature and Director of the Centre for Medieval Studies at the University of Sydney. Among her recent publications are The Old Norse Poetic Translations of Thomas Percy (Turnhout, 2001), Old Norse Myths, Literature and Society (Odense, 2003), with Amanda J. Collins, The Correspondence of Edward Lye (Toronto, 2004) and A History of Old Norse Poetry and Poetics (Cambridge, 2005). She is one of the General Editors of Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages and Volume Editor of Volumes VII and VIII.

Kari Ellen Gade is Professor of Germanic Studies at Indiana University, Bloomington. She is the author of The Structure of Old Norse dróttkvætt Poetry (Ithaca and London, 1995) and, with Theodore Andersson, Morkinskinna: the Earliest Icelandic Chronicle of the Norwegian Kings (1030-1157) (Ithaca and London, 2000). Her research interests are in ON language, literature, culture and history, together with Germanic philology and metrics. She is one of the General Editors of Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages and Volume Editor of Volume II.

Jonathan Grove is a Lecturer in Scandinavian History in the Department of Anglo-Saxon, Norse and Celtic Studies, University of Cambridge, where he has taught since 2004. His doctoral work comprised a study of the competitive tradition in skaldic poetics; his research interests currently focus on aspects of Scandinavian history in the late Viking Age and the early medieval period, and constructions of the past in medieval Icelandic narrative literature.

Beatrice La Farge is a wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin for the research project Edda-Kommentar at the Institüt für Skandinavistik, University of Frankfurt. She is one of the authors of the multi-volume Kommentar zu den Liedern der Edda (Heidelberg, 1996-) and, with John Tucker, author of Glossary to the Poetic Edda (Heidelberg, 1992).

Carolyne Larrington is a Supernumerary Teaching Fellow of St John’s College, Oxford. She publishes on mythological and legendary subjects in European literature. Her works on ON-Icel. include her translation of The Poetic Edda (Oxford World’s Classics, 1996) and The Poetic Edda: Essays on Old Norse Mythology, co-edited with Paul Acker (New York, 2002).

Jonna Louis-Jensen retired recently from the Chair of Icelandic at the University of Copenhagen, where she served from 1957 as a Research Assistant and later Lecturer and Professor at the Arnamagnæan Manuscript Institute. Her major publications include editions of Trójumanna saga (Copenhagen 1963 and 1981), a facsimile of AM 66 fol. (Hulda, sagas of the kings of Norway, Copenhagen, 1968), and the monograph Kongesagastudier (Copenhagen, 1977). Jonna Louis-Jensen was awarded an honorary doctorate by the University of Iceland in 2001. An anthology of her numerous shorter papers in the field of ON-Icel. studies appeared recently under the title Con Amore (Copenhagen, 2006).

David M. McDougall works at the Dictionary of Old English Project, University of Toronto. His main area of interest is in Latin sources and analogues for ON-Icel. literature.

Ian C. McDougall works at the Dictionary of Old English Project, University of Toronto. His main area of interest is in Latin sources and analogues for ON-Icel. literature.

Peter Robinson is Co-Director of the Institute for Textual Scholarship and Electronic Editing at the University of Birmingham, UK. He has published several scholarly editions, and lectured on matters relating to computing and textual editing, on text encoding, digitization, and electronic publishing, and on Geoffrey Chaucer’s The Canterbury Tales, and he has developed computer programs used in the making and publication of scholarly editions.

George S. Tate is Professor of Humanities and Comparative Literature at Brigham Young University. His areas of interest in ON-Icel. studies are Christian skaldic poetry and the confrontation of Germanic paganism with Christianity.

Valgerður Erna Þorvaldsdóttir has been a Research Associate (from June 2002) to the project Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages.  Her main area of interest within ON-Icel. Studies is in skaldic poetry, especially that of the thirteenth century.

Tarrin Wills is a Senior Research Associate in the Centre for Medieval Studies at the University of Sydney, where he has been working on the skaldic edition, Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages, since 2001. He will shortly take up a Lectureship in Scandinavian Studies at the University of Aberdeen. His other research interests include OIcel. grammatical literature and the history of the study of runes.

Kirsten Wolf is Professor and Torger Thompson Chair of Scandinavian Studies at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. She has edited a number of ON-Icel. texts, including Saga heilagrar Önnu (Reykjavík, 2001), The Legend of Saint Dorothy (Toronto, 1997) and Gyðinga saga (Reykjavík, 1995).

Stefanie Würth is Professor in Skandinavistik in the Deutsches Seminar of the University of Tübingen, She is the author of Elemente des Erzählens. Die Þættir der Flateyjarbók (Basel and Frankfurt/Main, 1991), Isländische Antikensagas I (Munich, 1996) and Der ‘Antikenroman’ in der isländischen Literatur des Mittelalters (Basel and Frankfurt/Main, 1998).

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