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Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Anonymous Poems (Anon)

VII. Lilja (Lil) - 100

not in Skj

Lilja (‘Lily’) — Anon LilVII

Martin Chase 2007, ‘(Introduction to) Anonymous, Lilja’ in Margaret Clunies Ross (ed.), Poetry on Christian Subjects. Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages 7. Turnhout: Brepols, pp. 544-677.

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Skj: Eysteinn Ásgrímsson: Lilja (AII, 363-95, BII, 390-416)

SkP info: VII, 585-6

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19 — Anon Lil 19VII

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Cite as: Martin Chase (ed.) 2007, ‘Anonymous Poems, Lilja 19’ in Margaret Clunies Ross (ed.), Poetry on Christian Subjects. Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages 7. Turnhout: Brepols, pp. 585-6.

Refsar þeim að riettum dómi
ríkr herra fyr ódygð slíka;
rak þau braut af sæmdarsæti
snauð og nökt í myrkr og dauða.
Veltuz aum í veslum heimi
víða lands, þar er nær öll síðan
lýða kind af sárum syndum
sendiz fram af Ádáms lendum.

Fyr slíka ódygð refsar ríkr herra þeim að riettum dómi; rak þau braut, snauð og nökt, af sæmdarsæti í myrkr og dauða. Veltuz aum víða lands í veslum heimi, þar er nær öll kind lýða sendiz fram síðan af sárum syndum af lendum Ádáms.

For such faithlessness the powerful Lord punishes them with a just judgement: he drove them away, poor and naked, from the seat of honour into darkness and death. They wandered wretched far and wide about the land in the woeful world, where nearly all of the race of men because of painful sins have been sent forth since from Adam’s loins.

Mss: Bb(114ra), 720a VIII(2r), 99a(4v), 622(26), 713(7), Vb(248), 41 8°ˣ(110), 705ˣ(6r-v), 4892(27v)

Readings: [1] að: með 720a VIII, Vb, 41 8°ˣ, 705ˣ    [2] herra: herran 99a, guð 4892    [3] þau: hann þau á 720a VIII;    braut: burt 622, 713, Vb, 41 8°ˣ;    af: ór 720a VIII, úr 99a, 41 8°ˣ, út Vb    [4] snauð: snögg 622;    nökt: snauð 622;    myrkr: písl 720a VIII, 99a, 622, 713, Vb, 41 8°ˣ, 4892    [5] Veltuz: velltaz 622;    aum: um 622;    veslum: vesligum 622    [6] þar er nær öll: þau veröld 720a VIII;    er: om. 99a, 622, Vb, 41 8°ˣ, 705ˣ, 4892    [7] af: mier 720a VIII, með 99a, 622, 713, Vb, 41 8°ˣ, 705ˣ;    syndum: so 720a VIII, 99a, 622, 713, Vb, 41 8°ˣ, 705ˣ, 4892, om. Bb    [8] fram: út Vb, 41 8°ˣ

Editions: Skj: Eysteinn Ásgrímsson, Lilja 19: AII, 369, BII, 395, Skald II, 215, NN §1522.

Notes: [2] ríkr ‘powerful’: Kock (NN §1522) argues that normalisation by some eds (Eiríkur Magnússon 1870, 20; Cf. Gunnar Finnbogason 1988, 19) to ríkur is unnecessary. — [2] ódygð ‘faithlessness’: The word also occurs in 42/8 and 66/7, where the context suggests that its use here has connotations of Eve’s deceitful speech. — [3] braut ‘away’: Cf. Stjórn: Rak gud hann þa sidan brott af sællifis paradis ‘God drove him [Lucifer] away from the paradise of blessed life’ (Unger 1862, 39). The reading of Bb and 99a is necessary for the rhyme with -sæt- (JH). — [4] nökt ‘naked’: Probably a contraction of nøkkviðr (acc. nøkðan > nøktan), although it could also be nökt, n. pl. of nakinn (JH). — [5] veltuz aum í veslum heimi ‘wandered wretched in the woeful world’: Cf. Stjórn: Se nu i hueria eymd ok uesolld þu ert uolltin ‘See now in what misery and woe you are involved’ (Unger 1862, 36). — [6] víða lands ‘far and wide about the land’: Fritzner cites two examples of víða with gen., both from Stjórn: víða lands and víða veraldar (Fritzner: víða 1; Unger 1862, 490 and 43). — [6] nær öll ‘nearly all’: Mary and Christ were not touched by the sin of Adam. — [7] af sárum syndum ‘because of painful sins’: Sárum is the last word in the l. in Bb: the omission of syndum is probably a careless scribal error. — [8] lendum (f. dat. pl.) ‘loins’: A biblical term translating Lat. lumbus. Cf. Stjórn: konungar ut af þer ok þinum lendum fædaz ‘kings will be born from you and from your loins’ (Gen. XXXV.11; Unger 1862, 189).

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