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Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Bragi inn gamli Boddason (Bragi)

9th century; volume 3; ed. Margaret Clunies Ross;

1. Ragnarsdrápa (Rdr) - 12

Skj info: Bragi enn gamli, Norsk skjald, omkr. 800-850. (AI, 1-5, BI, 1-5).

Skj poems:
1. Ragnarsdrápa
2. Ubestemmelige vers
3. Lausavísur

Ragnarsdrápa (‘Drápa about Ragnarr’) — Bragi RdrIII

Margaret Clunies Ross 2017, ‘(Introduction to) Bragi inn gamli Boddason, Ragnarsdrápa’ in Kari Ellen Gade and Edith Marold (eds), Poetry from Treatises on Poetics. Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages 3. Turnhout: Brepols, p. 27.

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Skj: Bragi enn gamli: 1. Ragnarsdrápa (AI, 1-4, BI, 1-4); stanzas (if different): 13 | 14 | 15 | 16 | 17 | 18 | 19 | 20

Full edition, translation and commentary for this verse can be found in the printed volume III, p. 31. See the Brepols website for more information. The text below is from a superseded edition (Skj where relevant). Do not refer to this site when using the text below.

3 — Bragi Rdr 3III

The following text is from a superseded edition and is not the work of the editor(s) named on this page. It is included for reference only. Do not refer to this site when using this text but rather consult the original edition (Skj where relevant).

Knátti eðr við illan
Jǫrmunrekkr at vakna
með dreyrfáar dróttir
draum í sverða flaumi;
rósta varð í ranni
Randvés hǫfuðniðja,
þás hrafnbláir hefnðu
harma Erps of barmar.

(Fremdeles [ses, at] vågnede Jörmunrekk som af en ond dröm tilligemed de blodbestænkte skarer i sværdtummelen; der opstod kamp i Randves faders hus, dengang da Erps ravnsorte brødre hævnede deres sorg.)

texts: FoGT 23, LaufE 35 (251n), Skm 155, Gramm 148, SnE 157

editions: Skj Bragi enn gamli: 1. Ragnarsdrápa 3 (AI, 1; BI, 1); Skald I, 1, NN §§1909A, 2507; SnE 1848-87, I, 370-3, II, 576, III, 59, SnE 1931, 134, SnE 1998, I, 50; SnE 1848-87, II, 208, FoGT 1884, 129, FoGT 2014, 14-17, 77-9.


GKS 2367 4° (R) 30v, 28 - 30v, 30 (SnE)  transcr.  image  image  image  
Traj 1374x (Tx) 32r, 15 - 32r, 17 (SnE)  transcr.  image  image  
AM 748 II 4° (C) 2r, 13 - 2r, 15 (SnE)  transcr.  image  image  
AM 242 fol (W) 113, 27 - 113, 29 (FoGT)  transcr.  image  image  image  
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