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Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Torf-Einarr Rǫgnvaldsson (TorfE)

9th century; volume 1; ed. Russell Poole;

Lausavísur (Lv) - 5

Skj info: Torf-Einarr jarl, Jarl på Orknøerne; omkr. 900. (AI, 31-32, BI, 27-28).

Skj poems:

Einarr jarl Rǫgnvaldsson (TorfE) ruled over the Orkneys at some time in the early tenth century. Our knowledge of him derives largely from Orkn, Fsk, and HHárf in Hkr; the relevant part of ÓT essentially derives from Hkr. All three principal compilations incorporate lausavísur ascribed to Einarr which are printed below as his five lausavísur. Additionally, Orkn and Hkr give a brief account of his life and of the events that the lausavísur relate to. Parts of the story are also told in Ldn (ÍF 1, 314, 316) but without the lausavísur (Mundal 1993, 248). His more familiar name, Torf-Einarr ‘Turf-Einarr’, is explained as due to his adoption of peat as a fuel in Orkney (ÍF 34, 11; ÍF 26, 129).

Einarr was a son of Rǫgnvaldr Mœrajarl ‘Jarl of Møre’, his mother being a concubine (see Note to Lv 1 [All] on Rǫgnvaldr’s sons). When King Haraldr hárfagri ‘Fair-hair’ awarded Rǫgnvaldr the rule of Orkney and Shetland in compensation for the killing of his son Ívarr, Rǫgnvaldr initially delegated it to his brother Sigurðr, then to Sigurðr’s son Guttormr, and after their deaths to his own son Hallaðr. Only after Hallaðr failed in the task did Rǫgnvaldr grudgingly assent to Einarr’s offer to take it on (ÍF 34, 10-11). Torf-Einarr established himself as lord of the islands, having first defeated two viking leaders; see Anon (Hhárf). The killing of Rǫgnvaldr, possibly at Haraldr’s instigation, precipitated the vengeance on Einarr’s part recounted in the lausavísur.

Lausavísur — TorfE LvI

Russell Poole 2012, ‘(Introduction to) Torf-Einarr Rǫgnvaldsson, Lausavísur’ in Diana Whaley (ed.), Poetry from the Kings’ Sagas 1: From Mythical Times to c. 1035. Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages 1. Turnhout: Brepols, p. 129.

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Skj: Torf-Einarr jarl: Lausavísur (AI, 31-2, BI, 27-8); stanzas (if different): 2 | 4 | 5

in texts: Flat, Fsk, HHárf, Hkr, Orkn, ÓT

SkP info: I, 129

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Note: The following transcriptions have been entered to aid the editing process. These may not have been fully reviewed and checked and may therefore not be reliable. You may wish to consult the manuscript images. Any corrections can be notified to the database editor.

1. Kx - 70r/19-70r/26
Sekat ec Hrolfs or hendi | ne Hrollꜹgi fliuga | dꜹʀ a dǫla meɴgi | dugir os fꜹþur hefna | en i qveld þar er knyiom | of kerstrꜹmi rómo | þegiandi sitr þetta | Þorir Jarl a mǫri
F - 12rb/13-12rb/16 (VEÞ)
Sekað ek hrolfs | or hendi ne hrollꜹgi flívga dꜹ́ʀ a dolga menngi dvgir óz | fꜹðvr hefna · eɴ i kvelld þar er knyiom at kerstrꜹmi romo þe | gianndi sítr þetta þorir Jarl a mǿ̨ri ·
FskAx - 313/14-313/21 (VEÞ)
Sekaðek ʀolfs or hænnde | ne rollaughi fliugha | dor a dꝍla (dolga) mænge | dughir oss feður hefna | enn i kvæld meðan (þar er) knyium | um (of) ker stroumi romu | þæghiande sitr þesse (þetta) | Þorer Iarl a ᴍære ||
301x - 116r/2-116r/5 (VEÞ)
Sekaðek Rolfs or hænde ne | Rollaughi fliugha dor a dꝍla mænge dughir oss | feðr hefna , enn i kvælld meðan knyium um kerstrou | mi romu þæghiande sitr þesse þorir Jarl a ᴍære |
2. Kx - 71r/6-71r/13
Margr verþr secr um sꜹði | seɢr með fꜹgro sceɢi | eɴ ec at ungs i eyiom | allvaldz sonar falli | hætt segia mer hꜹldar | vid hugfullan stilli | Haralldz hefi ec scarð i scildi | scala uɢa þat hꜹɢvit
F - 12rb/32-12rb/35 (VEÞ)
Margr verþr sekr of sꜹði seɢr m | fogro skeɢi · eɴ ek at vngs i eyiom allvalldz sonar falli · hǿ̨tt | segía mer hꜹlþar v hvgfvllan stilli haralldz hefi ek skarð | i skilldi skala vɢa þat hꜹggvít ·
3. 332x - 12/12-12/19
Ø mvn ec glaþr sitz geirar | gott viɴa þrek mani | boð fikinna bragna | bito þengils son ungan | þeygi dyl ec nema þycki | þar flo grár af sarom | hræfa nagr of holma | hol und vala gelis
FskAx - 314/9-314/16 (VEÞ)
Æ mun ec glaðr þvi (sitz) at geirar | gott er vinna þrec manne | boð fikinna bragna | bitu þængils sun ungan | þꝍygi dyl æc nema þycki | þar flo ar (grár) af sarom | rꝍfa valr um (nagr of) holma | holunda vals (hol und vala gelis) |
301x - 116r/9-116r/13 (VEÞ)
Æ mun | ec glaðr þvi at gæirar gott er vinna þrek manne | boð fikinna braghna bitu þængils sun ungan þꝍy | ghi dyl æc nema þycki þær flo ár af sorom | ræfa valr um holma holunda vals go᷎li . |
4. Kx - 70v/5-70v/12
Rekit hefi ec Rognvaldz dꜹða | en reðo þvi nornir | nu er fólc stuðill falliɴ | at fiorðungi minom | verpit snarpir sveinar | þvi at sigri ver raðom | scatt væl ec honom harþan | at hafoto grioti
F - 12rb/19-12rb/22 (VEÞ)
Rekít hefi ek rog | nvalldz dꜹða rett skípto þvi nornir nv er folkstvþill fallíɴ | af fíorðuɴgi mínom · verpit snarpir sveinar þviat sigri ver raðom sk | átt · vel ek hánom harðan at hafǿ̨tto gríoti ·
FskAx - 314/1-314/8 (VEÞ)
Rekit hævi (tel) ec Rognvalz douða | enn roðo þvi nꝍrer (rett skiftu þvi nornir) | nu er folcstuðill fallinn | at fiorðunge minum | lyðe snottrir sæggir (verpit snarpir sveinar) | þvi at sighri ver roðom (sigr hofom fengit) | scatt væl ec honom harðan | at hofꝍto grioti |
301x - 116r/6-116r/9 (VEÞ)
Rekit hævi ec Rognvallz douða enn roðo þvi no᷎ | rer , nu er folc stuðill fallinn at fiorðunge minum | lyðe snotrir sæggir þvi at sighri ver roðom scatt | væl ec honom harðann at hofæto grioti .
5. Kx - 70v/20-70v/27
Ero til mins fiors margir | menn um saɴar deilldir | or ymissom attom | ósma bornir giarnir | en þo vito þeygi | þeir aðr mic hafi felldan | hveʀ ilþorna arnar | undir hlytr at luta
F - 12rb/26-12rb/28 (VEÞ)
Ero til míns fíors margir menn vm | saɴar deildir or ymjssom attom osmábornir gíarnir · eɴ þo víta | þeygi þeir aðr míg hafi felldan hverr ilþorní arnar vndir lytr ⸍⸍ at standa · |
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This is a backup server for Any changes made here will be lost.