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Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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LundUB 14x (LundUB 14x) - LUB 4to 4

paper; 1772; not skaldic;

Some of the information in this record derives from Stories for all time (FASNL)

Lunds Universitetsbibliotek

contents from the ONP and skaldic databases:

Hrafns saga Sveinbjarnarsonar 2r-28v
Egils saga einhenda ok Ásmundar berserkjabana 122-137v
Grænlendinga þáttr 29r-37v
Dámusta saga 300-315v
Þorsteins saga Víkingssonar 38r-64r
Þorsteins þáttr stangarhöggs 64v-69r
Hálfdanar saga Barkarsonar 69v-77r
Ásmundar saga víkings 77v-106r
Þorsteins saga bœjarmagns 106v-120r
Sjö meistara saga 139r-182r
Sjö meistara saga 182r-195v
Sigurðar saga turnara 197r-210
Flóres saga ok Blankiflúr 212r-127
Hálfdanar saga Brǫnufóstra 229r-240v
Sálus saga ok Nikanórs 242r-261r
Viktors saga ok Blávuss 263r-278v
Jarlmanns saga ok Hermanns 280r-298v
Eiríks saga rauða 317r-330r
Jasonar saga bjarta 331r-350v
Ásmundar saga ok Tryggva 351r-366v
Flóres saga konungs ok sona hans 367r-381v
Arons saga Hjǫrleifssonar 382r-410v
Heiðarvíga saga 411r-423v
Ingvars saga Ölvissonar 449r-487v
Dámusta saga
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