ONP: Dictionary of Old Norse Prose

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bar·daga·maðr sb. m. [acc. ·mann; ·menn]

Status: excerpted citation slips citation text supplemented structured definitions in Danish definitions in English

kriger, krigerisk person warrior, belligerent

cf. simplex maðr (1288)

Form.: bardagamadr (5); bardagamenn (5); bardagamaðr (4); bardagamanna (4); bardaga madr (3); bardaga menn (3); bardagamann (2); bardaga maðr (2); barðaga menn (1); bardagamadur (1); bardaga mann (1); bardaga manna (1); bardaga madur (1); bardaga maɴ (1); menn ... bardaga (1);

Gloss.: EJ (bardagi); ClV (bardagi); Fr; NO; Bl

Genre. (expected): religious works: 17 (9); romances: 7 (4); historical works: 7 (6); legendary sagas: 4 (1);

Dictionary of Old Norse Prose