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ONP: Dictionary of Old Norse Prose


The word list represents all words that are (green) or will be (bold) edited as part of the Dictionary. In addition are words collected from various sources that do not fall within the Dictionary’s scope because they are only found as proper nouns, in poetry or runic inscriptions, are only found in younger texts, or are ghosts or conjectures not found in any manuscript. There are also cross-references from alternative forms.

These are equivalent in the search: a/á, e/é, d/ð, i/í, o/ó, u/ú, y/ý, æ/ǽ, ø/ǿ/œ, ö/ǫ, pt/ft. You can also use wildcard characters _ (underscore) for any single letter or % for any number of letters. Results are ordered alphabetically and are limited to the first 500 matching words in the wordlist. The search terms will be saved and open again automatically when you return to ‘Words’ (this page).

Dictionary of Old Norse Prose