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ONP: Dictionary of Old Norse Prose



The Dictionary of Old Norse Prose (ONP) is part of The Arnamagnæan Collection in the Department of Nordic Studies and Linguistics (NorS) at the University of Copenhagen (our NorS page is here). The dictionary is funded through the Arnamagnæan Commission. Read about ONP’s printed publications, orthography, users’ guide, abbreviations and symbols. The word of the day is published on our Twitter feed with a sample definition and citation.

Editors: Aldís Sigurðardóttir; Alex Speed Kjeldsen; Bent Chr. Jacobsen; Christopher Sanders; Ellert Þór Jóhannsson; Eva Rode; Helle Degnbol; James E. Knirk; Maria Arvidsson; Simonetta Battista; Tarrin Wills; Þorbjörg Helgadóttir. Contact: onp@hum.ku.dk. Follow us on:

This interface to ONP generates pages directly from the dictionary’s database. The text generated here is Unicode/UTF-8 and uses HTML semantic tagging where possible. Where a definition is only in Danish it will appear in this colour and when clicked will use Google Translate to generate an English translation. Where there are definitions in both Danish and English, the two versions are separated by //. A green headword in the headword list is one which has been semantically analysed or structured in some form (English and/or Danish definitions, or structure only) and published.

Button icons:  Archived version(s) of page;  Send ONP a message about the current page;  Bookmarks and browsing history [h];  Add/remove bookmark;  Show/hide permalink;  Open page in / switch to alternative app.

Searches: most searches are accent- and case-insensitive and can use the wildcard characters _ (underscore) for any letter or % for any number of letters. The advanced word search is found under words.

API: this site implements the ELEXIS Protocol for accessing dictionaries (1.0).

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ONP Reader

The ONP Reader gives digital access to over 500 editions of Old Norse texts with a parallel glossary generated from the dictionary’s data. The ONP Reader view can be accessed from any citation using the button or click here to see a list of editions with full access.

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Alternative Web-app

The alternative app’s interface is in both Danish and English. The dictionary and indices cannot be browsed as here, only searched. It lacks some features found here.

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ONP’s progress

Semantic editing 1989-2019 (edited citations)

graph of progress 1989-2019
Dictionary of Old Norse Prose