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Dictionary of old norse prose

As of June 2010 all of the dictionary's unedited slips/citations (en-ǫ) are presented via this homepage, linked through the Wordlist to the text pages from which they were excerpted. In enabling access to selected pages from published Old Norse text editions we have enjoyed spirited co-operation with CopyDan Tekst & Node, as with many colleagues from all over the world, and we take this opportunity to express our gratitude.

The previously published articles (ONP vols 1-3, a - em) are also accessible via the Wordlist.

The User's Guide which previously accompanied each published volume is incorporated in the help file.

As of November 2010 the first new draft articles (verbs and prepositions) are posted (see Recent developments and New articles, updates, etc.).

ONP's website also gives access to a number of indexes/databases which underpin the work of the dictionary (Indexes).

Everything on this new site is open to comment and criticism, contact onp@hum.ku.dk. Future changes in the weblist may reflect these comments, but we are unable to answer personally.