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ONP: Dictionary of Old Norse Prose


AM 643 4°


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AM 643 4to1r-3v (efter rest.)14
AM 643 4to1r-v10
AM 643 4to2r-9v18
AM 643 4to4r-8v (efter rest.)11
AM 643 4to9r-13v (efter rest.)12
AM 643 4to10r-19v27
AM 643 4to14r-19v (efter rest.)12
AM 643 4to20r-24v (efter rest.)11
AM 643 4to20r-27v19
AM 643 4to25r-30r (efter rest.)12
AM 643 4to28r-35v19
AM 643 4to30v-35v (efter rest.)12
AM 643 4toPortrætfotografier (efter rest.)6

The following is derived from the ONP index table and therefore represents the Old Norse prose contents of the manuscript which have independent textual value.