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AM 187 folˣ


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AM 187 fol1r-6v12
AM 187 fol7r-11v13
AM 187 fol12r-16v12
AM 187 fol17r-22v12
AM 187 fol23r-28v12
AM 187 fol29r-34v12
AM 187 fol35r-38v11
AM 187 fol39r-44v13
AM 187 fol45r-50v12
AM 187 fol51r-56v12
AM 187 fol57r-62v12
AM 187 fol63r-67v10
AM 187 fol68r-72v11
AM 187 fol73r-77v12
AM 187 fol78r-82v11
AM 187 fol83r-87v11
AM 187 fol88r-92v11
AM 187 fol93r-97v11
AM 187 fol98r-101v10
AM 187 fol102r-105v10
AM 187 folAM-sedler14
AM 187 folBlanke blade bagi10
AM 187 folPortrætter11

The information below is taken from the index table and indicates the Old Norse prose contents of this manuscript with independent textual value.

This list only includes citations that reference this manuscript directly or which are marked as variants found in this manuscript. All other citations can be found by selecting the individual sigla for the texts found in this manuscript.

Dictionary of Old Norse Prose