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ONP: Dictionary of Old Norse Prose


AM 40 8°


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AM 40 8vo1-16 (efter rest.)22
AM 40 8vo1-19 (før rest.)17
AM 40 8vo17-32 (efter rest.)16
AM 40 8vo20-59 (før rest.)22
AM 40 8vo33-42 (efter rest.)7
AM 40 8vo43-54 (efter rest.)11
AM 40 8vo55-68 (efter rest.)10
AM 40 8vo60-99 (før rest.)21
AM 40 8vo69-84 (efter rest.)11
AM 40 8vo85-94 (efter rest.)9
AM 40 8vo95-102 (efter rest.)5
AM 40 8vo101-139 (før rest.)22
AM 40 8vo103-114 (efter rest.)8
AM 40 8vo115-130 (efter rest.)12
AM 40 8vo131-142 (efter rest.)11
AM 40 8vo140-179 (før rest.)20
AM 40 8vo143-158 (efter rest.)13
AM 40 8vo159-170 (efter rest.)6
AM 40 8vo171-182 (efter rest.)8
AM 40 8vo180-199 (før rest.)12
AM 40 8vo183-19810
AM 40 8vo183-198 (efter rest)10
AM 40 8vo199-214 (efter rest)9
AM 40 8vo200-239 (før rest.)23
AM 40 8vo215-23216
AM 40 8vo233-25418
AM 40 8vo240-279 (før rest.)22
AM 40 8vo255-266 (efter rest)9
AM 40 8vo267-274 (efter rest)5
AM 40 8vo275-29010
AM 40 8vo280-319 (før rest.)21
AM 40 8vo291-30412
AM 40 8vo305-316 (efter rest)8
AM 40 8vo317-330 (efter rest)10
AM 40 8vo320-359 (før rest.)20
AM 40 8vo331-3428
AM 40 8vo343-3548
AM 40 8vo355-370 (efter rest)12
AM 40 8vo360-396 (før rest.)20
AM 40 8vo371-382 (efter rest)6
AM 40 8vo383-394 (efter rest)9
AM 40 8vo395-396 (efter rest)7

The following is derived from the ONP index table and therefore represents the Old Norse prose contents of the manuscript which have independent textual value.