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AM 928 4°ˣ


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AM 928 4to01V-10R efter rest12
AM 928 4to10V-24R efter rest14
AM 928 4to24V-41R efter rest18
AM 928 4to41V-59R efter rest18
AM 928 4to59V-77R efter rest18
AM 928 4to77V-95R efter rest18
AM 928 4to95V-113R sfter rest18
AM 928 4to113v-131r18
AM 928 4to131v-147r17
AM 928 4to142V-169R under rest28
AM 928 4to147v-165r18
AM 928 4to165v-180r18
AM 928 4to180v-196r18
AM 928 4to196v-214r18
AM 928 4to214v-232r18
AM 928 4to232V-249R efter rest18
AM 928 4to249V-267R efter rest18
AM 928 4to267V-283R efter rest16
AM 928 4to275V-310R under rest36
AM 928 4to283V-297R efter rest18
AM 928 4to286.1-286.10 gl. rep24
AM 928 4to286.11-286.22 gl. rep22
AM 928 4to286.23-286.29 gl. rep23
AM 928 4to297V-315R efter rest17
AM 928 4to310V-346R under rest36
AM 928 4to315V-333R efter rest18
AM 928 4to333v-350r18
AM 928 4to346V-373R under rest27
AM 928 4to350v-365r18
AM 928 4to365v-383r18
AM 928 4to373V-398R under rest27
AM 928 4to383v-391r17
AM 928 4to398V-425R under rest29
AM 928 4to400v-418r18
AM 928 4to418v-425v8
AM 928 4tomatriale fra gl. bind efter rest12
AM 928 4to (før rest)1r-25r27
AM 928 4to (før rest)25v-50r27
AM 928 4to (før rest)50v-76r27
AM 928 4to (før rest)76v-101r28
AM 928 4to (før rest)101v-118r19
AM 928 4to (før rest)118v-134r19
AM 928 4to (før rest)134v-161r27
AM 928 4to (før rest)161v-187r27
AM 928 4to (før rest)187v-214r27
AM 928 4to (før rest)214v-240r27
AM 928 4to (før rest)240v-267r28
AM 928 4to (før rest)267v-285r18
AM 928 4to (før rest)285v-312r27
AM 928 4to (før rest)312v-336r27
AM 928 4to (før rest)336v-363r27
AM 928 4to (før rest)363v-390r27
AM 928 4to (før rest)390v-408r18
AM 928 4to (før rest)408v-425r20
AM 928 4to (under rest)1r-31r36
AM 928 4to (under rest)31v-54r27
AM 928 4to (under rest)54v-81r27
AM 928 4to (under rest)81v-107r27
AM 928 4to (under rest)107v-129r28
AM 928 4to (under rest)129v-161r36
AM 928 4to (under rest)161v-196r36
AM 928 4to (under rest)196v-222r27
AM 928 4to (under rest)222v-248r27
AM 928 4to (under rest)248v-275r27

The information below is taken from the index table and indicates the Old Norse prose contents of this manuscript with independent textual value.

Dictionary of Old Norse Prose