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ONP: Dictionary of Old Norse Prose


AM 119 a 8°ˣ

c1600-1700 & c1700

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AM 119 a 8vo1r-19r (under rest.)26
AM 119 a 8vo1r-21r (før rest.)24
AM 119 a 8vo18v-37r (under rest.)26
AM 119 a 8vo21v-45r (før rest.)24
AM 119 a 8vo37v-54r (under rest.)23
AM 119 a 8vo45v-53r (før rest.)24
AM 119 a 8vo54v-69r (under rest.)25
AM 119 a 8vo63v-81v (før rest.)24
AM 119 a 8vo69v-85r (under rest.)23
AM 119 a 8vo83r-102r (før rest.)25
AM 119 a 8vo85v-100r22
AM 119 a 8vo100v-115r (under rest.)23
AM 119 a 8vo102v-125v (før rest.)26
AM 119 a 8vo115v-125v (under rest.)21

The following is derived from the ONP index table and therefore represents the Old Norse prose contents of the manuscript which have independent textual value.