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ONP: Dictionary of Old Norse Prose


AM 35, 36 & 63 folˣ


Digitalesamlinger.hum.ku.dk :: Scanned images

AM 35 fol1r-8v17
AM 35 fol9r-15v15
AM 35 fol16r-22v16
AM 35 fol23r-30v16
AM 35 fol31r-37v16
AM 35 fol38r-44v15
AM 35 fol45r-52v16
AM 35 fol53r-60v16
AM 35 fol61r-68v16
AM 35 fol69r-76v16
AM 35 fol77r-84v16
AM 35 fol85r-92v16
AM 35 fol93r-100v16
AM 35 fol101r-108v16
AM 35 fol109r-115v16
AM 35 fol116r-123v16
AM 35 fol124r-141v16
AM 35 fol142r-149v16
AM 35 fol150r-156v15
AM 35 fol157r-162v15
AM 35 fol163r-170v16
AM 35 fol171r-177v15
AM 35 fol178r-184v15
AM 35 fol185r-191v17
AM 35 fol192r-199v16
AM 35 fol200r-208v18
AM 35 fol209r-218v19
AM 35 folPortrætter7
AM 35 folPortrætter e. r11
AM 36 fol219r-222v14
AM 36 fol223r-229v14
AM 36 fol230r-236v14
AM 36 fol237r-243v14
AM 36 fol244r-250v14
AM 36 fol251r-256v14
AM 36 fol257r-263v14
AM 36 fol264r-270v14
AM 36 fol271r-277v14
AM 36 fol278r-284v14
AM 36 fol285r-291v14
AM 36 fol292r-298v14
AM 36 fol299r-305v14
AM 36 fol306r-312v14
AM 36 fol313r-319v14
AM 36 fol320r-326v14
AM 36 fol327r-333v14
AM 36 fol334r-340v14
AM 36 fol341r-347v14
AM 36 fol348r-354v14
AM 36 fol355r-361v14
AM 36 fol362r-368v14
AM 36 fol369r-375v14
AM 36 fol376r-382v14
AM 36 fol383r-389v14
AM 36 fol390r-396v14
AM 36 fol397r-403v14
AM 36 fol404r-410v28
AM 36 fol411r-417v28
AM 36 fol418r-424v28
AM 36 fol425r-431v28
AM 36 fol432r-438v28
AM 36 fol439r-445v28
AM 36 fol446r-452v28
AM 36 fol453r-459v28
AM 36 fol460r-466v28
AM 36 fol467r-473v28
AM 36 fol474r-480v26
AM 36 fol481r-487v28
AM 36 fol488r-493v28
AM 36 folPortrætter l. baggr17
AM 36 folPortrætter s. baggr8
AM 63 fol494r-500v15
AM 63 fol501r-508v16
AM 63 fol509r-516v16
AM 63 fol517r-524v16
AM 63 fol525r-532v16
AM 63 fol533r-540v16
AM 63 fol541r-548v16
AM 63 fol549r-556v16
AM 63 fol557r-564v16
AM 63 fol565r-572v16
AM 63 fol573r-580v16
AM 63 fol581r-588v16
AM 63 fol589r-596v16
AM 63 fol597r-604v16
AM 63 fol605r-612v16
AM 63 fol613r-620v16
AM 63 fol621r-628v17
AM 63 fol629r-636v16
AM 63 fol637r-644v16
AM 63 fol645r-652v16
AM 63 fol653r-660v16
AM 63 fol661r-668v16
AM 63 fol669r-676v16
AM 63 fol677r-684v16
AM 63 fol685r-692v16
AM 63 fol693r-700v16
AM 63 fol701r-708v16
AM 63 fol709r-716v16
AM 63 fol717r-724v17
AM 63 folPortrætter6

Handrit.is :: Images

1r 1v 2r 2v 3r 3v 4r 4v 6r 6v 7v 8r 8v 9r 9v 10r 10v 11r 11v 12r 12v 13r 13v 14r 14v 15r 15v 16r 16v 17r 17v 18r 18v 19r 19v 20r 20v 21r 21v 22r 22v 23r 23v 24r 24v 25r 25v 26r 26v 27r 27v 28r 28v 29r 29v 30r 30v 31r 31v 32r 32v 33r 33v 34r 34v 35r 35v 36r 36v 37r 37v 38r 38v 39r 39v 40r 40v 41r 41v 42r 42v 43r 43v 44r 44v 45r 45v 46r 46v 47r 47v 48r 48v 49r 49v 50r 50v 51r 51v 52r 52v 53r 53v 54r 54v 55r 55v 56r 56v 57r 57v 58r 58v 59r 59v 60r 60v 61r 61v 62r 62v 63r 63v 64r 64v 65r 65v 66r 66v 67r 67v 68r 68v 69r 69v 70r 70v 71r 71v 72r 72v 73r 73v 74r 74v 75r 75v 76r 76v 77r 77v 78r 78v 79r 79v 80r 80v 81r 81v 82r 82v 83r 83v 84r 84v 85r 85v 86r 86v 87r 87v 88r 88v 89r 89v 90r 90v 91r 91v 92r 92v 93r 93v 94r 94v 95r 95v 96r 96v 97r 97v 98r 98v 99r 99v 100r 100v 101r 101v 102r 102v 103r 103v 104r 104v 105r 105v 106r 106v 107r 107v 108r 108v 109r 109v 110r 110v 111r 111v 112r 112v 113r 113v 114r 114v 115r 115v 116r 116v 117r 117v 118r 118v 119r 119v 120r 120v 121r 121v 122r 122v 123r 123v 124r 124v 125r 125v 126r 126v 127r 127v 128r 128v 129r 129v 140r 140v 141r 141v 142r 142v 143r 143v 144r 144v 145r 145v 146r 146v 147r 147v 148r 148v 149r 149v 150r 150v 151r 151v 152r 152v 153r 153v 154r 154v 155r 155v 156r 156v 157r 157v 158r 158v 159r 159v 160r 160v 161r 161v 162r 162v 163r 163v 164r 164v 165r 165v 166r 166v 167r 167v 168r 168v 169r 169v 170r 170v 171r 171v 172r 172v 173r 173v 174r 174v 175r 175v 176r 176v 177r 177v 178r 178v 179r 179v 180r 180v 181r 181v 182r 182v 183r 183v 184r 184v 185r 185v 186r 186v 187r 187v 188r 188v 189r 189v 190r 190v 191r 191v 192r 192v 193r 193v 194r 194v 195r 195v 196r 196v 197r 197v 198r 198v 199r 199v 200r 200v 201r 201v 202r 202v 203r 203v 204r 204v 205r 205v 206r 206v 207r 207v 208r 208v 209r 209v 210r 210v 211r 211v 212r 212v 213r 213v 214r 214v 215r 215v 216r 216v 217r 217v 218r 494r 494v 495r 495v 496r 496v 497r 497v 498r 498v 499r 499v 500r 500v 501r 501v 502r 502v 503r 503v 504r 504v 505r 505v 506r 506v 507r 507v 508r 508v 509r 509v 510r 510v 511r 511v 512r 512v 513r 513v 514r 514v 515r 515v 516r 516v 517r 517v 518r 518v 519r 519v 520r 520v 521r 521v 522r 522v 523r 523v 524r 524v 525r 525v 526r 526v 527r 527v 528r 528v 529r 529v 530r 530v 531r 531v 532r 532v 533r 533v 534r 534v 535r 535v 536r 536v 537r 537v 538r 538v 539r 539v 540r 540v 541r 541v 542r 542v 543r 543v 544r 544v 545r 545v 546r 546v 547r 547v 548r 548v 549r 549v 550r 550v 551r 551v 552r 552v 553r 553v 554r 554v 555r 555v 556r 556v 557r 557v 558r 558v 559r 559v 560r 560v 561r 561v 562r 562v 563r 563v 564r 564v 565r 565v 566r 566v 567r 567v 568r 568v 569r 569v 570r 570v 571r 571v 572r 572v 573r 573v 574r 574v 575r 575v 576r 576v 577r 577v 578r 578v 579r 579v 580r 580v 581r 581v 582r 582v 583r 583v 584r 584v 585r 585v 586r 586v 587r 587v 588r 588v 589r 589v 590r 590v 591r 591v 592r 592v 593r 593v 594r 594v 595r 595v 596r 596v 597r 597v 598r 598v 599r 599v 600r 600v 601r 601v 602r 602v 603r 603v 604r 604v 605r 605v 606r 606v 607r 607v 608r 608v 609r 609v 610r 610v 611r 611v 612r 612v 613r 613v 614r 614v 615r 615v 616r 616v 617r 617v 618r 618v 619r 619v 620r 620v 621r 621v 622r 622v 623r 623v 624r 624v 625r 625v 626r 626v 627r 627v 628r 628v 629r 629v 630r 630v 631r 631v 632r 632v 633r 633v 634r 634v 635r 635v 636r 636v 637r 637v 638r 638v 639r 639v 640r 640v 641r 641v 642r 642v 643r 643v 644r 644v 645r 645v 646r 646v 648r 648v 649r 649v 650r 650v 651r 651v 652r 652v 653r 653v 654r 654v 655r 655v 656r 656v 657r 657v 658r 658v 659r 659v 660r 660v 661r 661v 662r 662v 663r 663v 664r 664v 665r 665v 666r 666v 667r 667v 668r 668v 669r 669v 670r 670v 671r 671v 672r 672v 673r 673v 674r 674v 675r 675v 676r 676v 677r 677v 678r 678v 679r 679v 680r 680v 681r 681v 682r 682v 683r 683v 684r 684v 685r 685v 686r 686v 687r 687v 688r 688v 689r 689v 690r 690v 691r 691v 692r 692v 693r 693v 694r 694v 695r 695v 696r 696v 697r 697v 698r 698v 699r 699v 700r 700v 701r 701v 702r 702v 703r 703v 704r 704v 705r 705v 706r 706v 707r 707v 708r 708v 709r 709v 710r 710v 711r 711v 712r 712v 713r 713v 714r 714v 715r 715v 716r 716v 717r 717v 718r 718v 719r 719v 720r 720v 721r 721v 722r 722v 723r 723v 724r 724v 725r

The information below is taken from the index table and indicates the Old Norse prose contents of this manuscript with independent textual value.

This list only includes citations that reference this manuscript directly or which are marked as variants found in this manuscript. All other citations can be found by selecting the individual sigla for the texts found in this manuscript.

Dictionary of Old Norse Prose