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ONP: Dictionary of Old Norse Prose


AM 568 4°ˣ


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AM 568 4to1, 14v-20r (efter rest)12
AM 568 4to1, 20v-26r (efter rest)12
AM 568 4to1, 26v-31r (efter rest)11
AM 568 4to1, 31v-36v (efter rest)11
AM 568 4to1, 3r-8v (efter rest)12
AM 568 4to1, 9r-14r (efter rest)12
AM 568 4to1-1231
AM 568 4to1-213
AM 568 4to1-2656
AM 568 4to1-638
AM 568 4to2, 1r-3r (efter rest)12
AM 568 4to2, 3v-7r (efter rest)12
AM 568 4to2, 7v-10v10
AM 568 4to3-4, 1r-5r (efter rest)12
AM 568 4to3-4, 5v-9r (efter rest)11
AM 568 4to3-4, 9v-13v (efter rest)10
AM 568 4to5, 1r-6v (efter rest)14
AM 568 4to6-7, 10v-15r (efter rest)11
AM 568 4to6-7, 15v-20v (efter rest)11
AM 568 4to6-7, 1r-3r (efter rest)11
AM 568 4to6-7, 3v-6r (efter rest)10
AM 568 4to6-7, 6v-10r (efter rest)11
AM 568 4to8, 1r-4v (efter rest)12
AM 568 4to8, 5r-9r (efter rest)11
AM 568 4to8, 9v-14v (efter rest)11
AM 568 4to9, 1r-2v (efter rest)12
AM 568 4to9, 3r-5v (efter rest)12
AM 568 4to10, 1r-3v (efter rest)14
AM 568 4to10, 4r-8v (efter rest)12
AM 568 4to11-1239
AM 568 4to11-12, 13v-15v (efter rest)10
AM 568 4to11-12, 16r-19v (efter rest)10
AM 568 4to11-12, 1r-3v (efter rest)11
AM 568 4to11-12, 4r-8v (efter rest)10
AM 568 4to11-12, 9r-13r (efter rest)10
AM 568 4to13, 1r-4v (efter rest)13
AM 568 4to13-1416
AM 568 4to13-2626
AM 568 4to14, 1r-4v (efter rest)11
AM 568 4to14, 5r-9v (efter rest)10
AM 568 4to15, 1r-2v (efter rest)10
AM 568 4to15, 3r-4v (efter rest)8
AM 568 4to15-1637
AM 568 4to16, 1r-4r (efter rest)12
AM 568 4to16, 4v-8v (efter rest)11
AM 568 4to16, 9r-12v (efter rest)13
AM 568 4to17, 10r-14v (efter rest)12
AM 568 4to17, 15r-20v (efter rest)12
AM 568 4to17, 1r-4v (efter rest)12
AM 568 4to17, 21r-26v (efter rest)13
AM 568 4to17, 5r-9v (efter rest)12
AM 568 4to18, 1r-4r (efter rest)12
AM 568 4to18, 4v-8v (efter rest)11
AM 568 4to18-2138
AM 568 4to19-20, 1r-4v (efter rest)10
AM 568 4to21, 1r-2v (efter rest)6
AM 568 4to22, 11r-16r (efter rest)11
AM 568 4to22, 16v-21r (efter rest)11
AM 568 4to22, 1r-5r (efter rest)12
AM 568 4to22, 21v-26v (efter rest)11
AM 568 4to22, 5v-10v (efter rest)11
AM 568 4to23, 1r-v (efter rest)10
AM 568 4to23, 2r-4v (efter rest)10
AM 568 4to23, 5r-v (efter rest)10
AM 568 4toAd5

The following is derived from the ONP index table and therefore represents the Old Norse prose contents of the manuscript which have independent textual value.