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AM 269 folˣ


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AM 269 fol1r-20v (Før Rest.)49
AM 269 fol1r-9v (Under rest.)27
AM 269 fol10r-24v (Under rest.)31
AM 269 fol21r-40v (Før Rest.)40
AM 269 fol25r-38v (Under rest.)30
AM 269 fol39r-50v24
AM 269 fol41r-60v (Før Rest.)40
AM 269 fol51r-60v (Under rest.)23
AM 269 fol61r-70v (Under rest.)26
AM 269 fol61r-80v41
AM 269 fol71r-86v (Under rest.)34
AM 269 fol81r-100v (Før Rest.)40
AM 269 fol87r-97v (Under rest.)24
AM 269 fol98r-109v (Under rest.)25
AM 269 fol101r-120v40
AM 269 fol110r-120v (Under rest.)23
AM 269 fol121r-131v (Under rest.)24
AM 269 fol121r-140v43
AM 269 fol132r-143v (Under rest.)25
AM 269 fol141r-160v45
AM 269 fol144r-154v (Under rest.)25
AM 269 fol155r-168v (Under rest.)28
AM 269 fol161r-180v40
AM 269 fol169r-182v (Under rest.)30
AM 269 fol181r-200v43
AM 269 fol194r-204v (Under rest.)24
AM 269 fol201r-214v28
AM 269 fol205r-216v (Under rest.)25
AM 269 fol215r-332v36
AM 269 fol217r-224v (Under rest.)24
AM 269 fol225r-232v (Under rest.)26
AM 269 fol283r-193v (Under rest.)25

The information below is taken from the index table and indicates the Old Norse prose contents of this manuscript with independent textual value.

Dictionary of Old Norse Prose