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ONP: Dictionary of Old Norse Prose


AM 276 folˣ


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AM 276 fol1r-10v33
AM 276 fol11r-20v40
AM 276 fol21r-30v32
AM 276 fol31r-40v26
AM 276 fol41r-50v29
AM 276 fol51r-70v48
AM 276 fol71r-90v43
AM 276 fol91r-110v41
AM 276 fol111r-130v44
AM 276 fol131r-150v45
AM 276 fol151r-170v44
AM 276 fol171r-190v46
AM 276 fol191r-210v82
AM 276 fol211r-226v36

The following is derived from the ONP index table and therefore represents the Old Norse prose contents of the manuscript which have independent textual value.