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AM 71 folˣ


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AM 71 fol1r-4v, bindets inders, forstatsbl, am-seddel14
AM 71 fol5r-11v14
AM 71 fol12r-18v14
AM 71 fol19r-25v14
AM 71 fol26r-32v14
AM 71 fol33r-39v14
AM 71 fol40r-46v14
AM 71 fol47r-53v14
AM 71 fol54r-60v14
AM 71 fol61r--67v14
AM 71 fol68r-74v14
AM 71 fol75r-81v14
AM 71 fol82r-88v14
AM 71 fol89r-95v14
AM 71 fol96r-102v14
AM 71 fol103r-109v14
AM 71 fol110r-116v14
AM 71 fol117r-123v14
AM 71 fol124r-130v14
AM 71 fol131r-137v14
AM 71 fol138r-144v14
AM 71 fol145r-151v14
AM 71 fol152r-158v14
AM 71 fol159r-165v14
AM 71 fol166r-172v14
AM 71 fol173r-179v14
AM 71 fol180r-186v14
AM 71 fol187r-191v10
AM 71 fol192r-196v, forsatsbl. 4v bagi11
AM 71 folportrætter (efter rest)4
AM 71 folportrætter (før rest)7

The information below is taken from the index table and indicates the Old Norse prose contents of this manuscript with independent textual value.

This list only includes citations that reference this manuscript directly or which are marked as variants found in this manuscript. All other citations can be found by selecting the individual sigla for the texts found in this manuscript.

Dictionary of Old Norse Prose