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ONP: Dictionary of Old Norse Prose


AM 551 a 4°


Digitalesamlinger.hum.ku.dk :: Scanned images

AM 551 a 4toskarpe billeder (2v-5v-7v-10v-13v-21v-24v-32v-36v-37v)12
AM 551 a 4to (før rest)1-1024
AM 551 a 4to (før rest)11-20 (20r mangler)22
AM 551 a 4to (før rest)21-3023
AM 551 a 4to (før rest)31-40 (32r-v mangler)20
AM 551 a 4to (før rest)41-50 (42v mangler)23
AM 551 a 4to (før rest)51-53 (53v mangler)6
AM 551 a 4to (nye optagelser)1r-6v13
AM 551 a 4to (nye optagelser)7r-11v10
AM 551 a 4to (nye optagelser)12r-17v12
AM 551 a 4to (nye optagelser)18r-21v11
AM 551 a 4to (nye optagelser)22r-28v12
AM 551 a 4to (nye optagelser)29r-34v14
AM 551 a 4to (nye optagelser)35r-41v11
AM 551 a 4to (nye optagelser)42r-47v13
AM 551 a 4to (nye optagelser)48r-53v14

Handrit.is :: Images

1r 1v 2r 2v 3r 3v 4r 4v 5r 5v 6r 6v 7r 7v 8r 8v 9r 9v 10r 10v 11r 11v 12r 12v 13r 13v 14r 14v 15r 15v 16r 16v 17r 17v 18r 18v 19r 19v 20r 20v 21r 21v 22r 22v 23r 23v 24r 24v 25r 25v 26r 26v 27r 27v 28r 28v 29r 29v 30r 30v 31r 31v 32r 32v 33r 33v 34r 34v 35r 35v 36r 36v 37r 37v 38r 38v 39r 39v 40r 40v 41r 41v 42r 42v 43r 43v 44r 44v 45r 45v 46r 46v 47r 47v 48r 48v 49r 49v 50r 50v 51r 51v 52r 52v 53r 53v

The information below is taken from the index table and indicates the Old Norse prose contents of this manuscript with independent textual value.

□ 1r-53r
c1500Stefán Karlsson 1967 [EIM 7] 39 cat.: c1400-1500

This list only includes citations that reference this manuscript directly or which are marked as variants found in this manuscript. All other citations can be found by selecting the individual sigla for the texts found in this manuscript.

Dictionary of Old Norse Prose