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(f. 72, 75 olim
AM 627 4°)

AM 234 fol


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AM 234 fol1r-3v16
AM 234 fol4r-10v15
AM 234 fol11r-17v14
AM 234 fol18r-24v16
AM 234 fol25r-30v13
AM 234 fol31r-37v14
AM 234 fol38r-44v14
AM 234 fol45r-51v14
AM 234 fol52r-58v14
AM 234 fol59r-65v14
AM 234 fol66r-71v13
AM 234 fol72r-76v14
AM 234 fol77r-81v15
AM 234 folBogbindernotat4
AM 234 folPortrætter7

The information below is taken from the index table and indicates the Old Norse prose contents of this manuscript with independent textual value.

□ 1ra-81vb
c1340cf. Tveitane 1968 27
Peter Foote pers. 1988
cat.: c1300-1350

This list only includes citations that reference this manuscript directly or which are marked as variants found in this manuscript. All other citations can be found by selecting the individual sigla for the texts found in this manuscript.

Dictionary of Old Norse Prose